Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rigged Mesh Walks the Grid

the first mesh clothing, done by none other than the most innovative designer Siddean Munro of SLink, has hit the grid. grab her boot cut jeans for free over at her SIM and fall in love all over again.

youtube video demo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

You're Welcome

i'm not all that much exited about putting outfits together anymore. it's not like i don't appreciate the tremendous amount of work others do to jazz themselves up. hence my video series on avi watching. there's really plenty of creativity inworld. the vast majority of avatars i encounter are dressed to the nines and awesomely animated. i guess i'm just too lazy or too cheap.

i really can't afford the newest of the new market wares strutted out on the feeds. inherent in getting anything new remains the all too frequent experience of being disappointed. whether it's the fitting, the textures, the permissions, the PRICE!, etc, etc, it's all too common that even the highest rated and hyped brand winds up being just like all the rest. toss it or hide it away in inventory.

having a simple, in this case ricoHELLOworld's sculptie dress, to throw on without any worry as to how easy it is to wear and how it works with my Oracul animations is a real find. while it's fully modifiable i didn't have to edit a thing. glitch pants, skirt, and a shirt layer texture; that's it. i'm ready for anything, anywhere, anytime. really, i'm wearing it on the beach as i write this.

i think ricoHELLOworld, a relatively new Japanese artist, deserves a second look. she's got a great photogenic build tucked away on a little parcel far away from the madding crowd oh, it's free too. win win.

dress: Pop Textile OP(Flower) mod/copy free
creator profile: https://my.secondlife.com/ricohelloworld
hair:  Lemon Cherry mod/copy free
creator profile: https://my.secondlife.com/queue.marlowe

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Managing Lag

well, that pretty much handles all the freezing and crashes whilst i wander and interact inworld. if you're having some trouble managing the sl viewer 2's bit stream you might want to try what i've done for my installation. if you enlargen the pic above you'll notice i was testing on a SIM with 23 active agents. i was able to maintain a surprisingly fluid feel to my avatar's movement with relatively devoid of hiccups and freezes. prior to tweaking the cache and bandwidth settings i was lucky to stay inworld for very long without total viewer freezeup. dancing about at 20 frames per second with shadows, smoothing, projection lighting and ultra graphic features on really brings life back to the world.

i had initially set the Setup > Maximum bandwidth to an obscene 10,000kbps (with subsequent complete failure). reducing that firehose pressure to 1,000kbps provides me with a more usable and satisfying amount. trying to up the maximum incrementally seems to bring back the lag spikes. i'm happy with what works even if it's not ubermax.

my second tweak was to reduce the cache size. i had usually set it to consume 1Gb of my HD. that never seemed to be much of a problem with Snowglobe or any of the other regular viewer's before v2. since viewer 2 has completely different cache files i thought i'd do away with its constraints on the entire system load as much as possible. i'm not sure if reducing the cache to the viewer's minimum (64 Mb) adds to the happy functionality, aside from the bandwidth pleasure, but it sure doesn't appear to diminish any value it might have provided.

oh, i also turned off the HTTP Textures and HTTP Inventory from the Develop menu. but at this early stage of testing i've not done an A-B comparison.

if anyone's having trouble with their lagging/crashing, this might be cheaper than chasing the elusive tail of the "i've got to get a new computer" solution. making these simple changes has certainly saved my sl.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Virgin Viewing

this pic might not look like much is going on but it represents a transformation in my second life's viewing/playing pleasure. i've finally committed myself to using the Lab's viewer 2 technology. i can't tell you how frustrated my sl had become with their deprecated Snowglobe. needing to upgrade from my fried 8800gts video card to a newer one gave me the idea i might wanna see just how well v2 ran. after much twiddling with the multitude of Advanced features i was semi-happy, almost to the point of thinking the Lab's code monkies had actually fixed things to the point where it was ready for prime time.

that was before the lag spikes strangled my frame rates from a lovely 30-50fps to a disfunctional 1-2fps for seemingly no reason whatsoever. oh well, for the 15 or 20 seconds the stream actually worked there were some fairly nice graphic elements i could grab. of course, i had expected to maintain a high rate, what with the new card's 1g ddr3 memory and all. sadly, those rates were only available if i were all alone on a relatively sparse private island SIM. the moment i ventured into any populated areas revealed what i had feared the most. SL has reverted to its pre-beta software.

oh well, since the Lab's starting from scratch (again) i might as well be on the same level. i'm gonna embrace the new/undeveloped software and begin the journey of making life beautiful all over again. btw, the simple depth of field shot above was accomplished by flipping the variables you see in yellow below. you might want to click on it to see the details. uhuh, we're still living/creating in a nuclear physics labratory. to achieve a sensible/useful frame rate you'll have to revert to a configuration that disables all the highlighted features used for the "simple" snapshot.

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