Friday, April 22, 2011

Christ Cult

well, i suppose, since there's no noticable Christian culture out there you'd think it'd be insane to bring out a design to fit that peculiarily devoid market. well, i told ya, i'm no marketeer. i'm not here to please a mass market. that's like calculating an average from a distinctly diverse pool of creative individuals. why do people even think like that? are they only bent on how the nameless faceless masses can be exploited for selfish gain? can't we embrace the individual?

differences are how we define character. if we all wanted to conform to someone's mathematical norm we'd all be the same goon easily maniuplated by the marketing masters to do as they please when they chose. whoopie. robotic adherence makes for absolute obedience. and mass adoption to someone else's direction, subconscious or not, empowers the manipulators. the lowest common denominator (marketing's average Jill and Joe) has been established as stupid, vaccuous, and brain dead. they are easily told what to buy, what to wear, what to think, and eventually how to react to manufactured stimuli. i have much more respect for the individual within the multi cultural communities within SL than that. maybe that's why i fail at defining my success by marketing terms.

i don't know. maybe i'm fooling myself in believing we are not just so much fodder to non disclosure bound uberlords tweaking our earthbound senses. is there a spiritual foundation within the world at all? you would think at this most reverential time within Christian dogma, a spiritual sense of self would wrest from its slumber. all i've seen to date are bunnies and easter eggs. oy vey.

oh well. maybe i should keep my thoughts to myself. nonetheless, as bold or as insane as my life is decreed here's my Easter design from a heart which entwines itself deep within the fabric of humanity. to my ultimate detriment i suppose.

i call it the Blood of Christ necklace. central and core to the cross of ancient hand wrought iron nails is a vial of Christ's pure and Holy blood. the unbreakable orb of glass which surrounds it holds the subtle and glowing essence of a man who's self realized nature outside of the fleshly delights was revealed as a lesson to us all. and there's no end of the story until we all meet him again in our Glory. whatever you do in this life. keep His Story alive.

blessings. be.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Level Up

House of Curios Noir Pumps, colour change HUD, skin HUD, modifiable, copyable, 175L$

i can't count all the times i've been forced to take remedial action to save some poor newbs from continuing their throwaway freebie styling. the assault to the grid and all self respecting fashionistas wasn't something i took lightly. my basic nature, not straying far from the initial warm and fuzzy glow of birth, is to help. full stop. putting someone on the path to beauty, if i can tear myself away from my selfish shopping goals, is a gift i've learned to give from my very first day inworld. there was never any cost, harm, or fail. buy, wear, be happy. win win.

that was the era before primfeet. as things are now i'm not all that inclined to spending a week getting anyone to the point where they, or i, are suitably educated to sharing a positive experience in the fitting, sizing, shading, and editing of some pretties for their feet.

fortunately Guu Nishi has the formula to serve both newbs and oldbies alike. 1. simple, 2. affordable. word of mouth from her growing fanbase has brought a lot of attention to her wares since wading into the competitive field of women's high design shoes. her decidely relaxed character spoken loudly by her funky creations isn't protection enough from the seriously hard core businesses earning and maintaining a real life living from their virtual designs. i shoulda warned her. oh, i did, i did.

it's a shame that her significance to her customers and competitors has been made so damned large since her Noir series (boots, stilettos, and now pumps) hit the grid. going up against big money can kill you dead. and, the grid being the way it is, you never know who done it. this covert spy vs spy aspect can ruin your freedom of expression, your openness, your very being.

your fanbase aren't aware of all the dirty dealings undermining your soul's light. you can take no solace in your sales numbers. serving your own artistic needs, improving and innovating might give you some respite but you should already know you're great and can create anything the big girls are selling at three times the amount you are. of course, their entire lives are invested in protecting that livelihood. hobbyists be damned!

what Guu needs now is a marketing agent with a plan. of course, upping your game to embrace the devil Mammon is a life changer. affording the services of this particularily distasteful sort of individual is something that has removed some fairly admirable artists. unfortunately, the realities of the game can't be avoided forever. if the urges to move up gnaw at just the right frequency, your adventure to get out of your own way (developing a trusting relationship with said publicity jurist) can profit you in the end. maybe. you know yourself. now it's time to reach out in that muddy murky world of marketing mayhem. let them fight amongst themselves.

if i was as good as yourself i'd solicit some well known publicity firms for quotes on their plans. i said Well Known. you know the ones who own the world. can you save your self after they own you? good luck girl, you got the skills. do we need another hero?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Too Real

i was thinking i'd never be able to get my look quite as nice as the graphic professionals showing their skills on the feeds of late. i've been so steeped into making scripts and space ships (wait for it) that when i turned the camera on my self i thought i'd be so disgusted that i'd have to make some dramatic changes to keep up.

well, with another beautiful skin and some work in PhotoShop anyone can look as good. problem is, i don't know who does as extensive PS work as i have here when i see their posts. no one's saying! has the mesh improved so that our nose to face edges have smoothed out so much? how can you get that upper bridge to look like that? is there magic in the Environmental lighting i don't know about?  should i spend my time flitting from vendor to vendor trying on what they're selling or should i do the work i know is impossible inworld in my PS?

the world's no farther along than normal. just the same professional artists using the medium to fulfill their highest ideals of feminine beauty. i've always found it odd that no one purports to being a graphic artist. fashionista sure, but never tell anyone your 2D pixels are not what's really there without working extremely hard achieving admirable results.

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