Tuesday, March 29, 2011


i've added a new item to my MarketPlace store. i made a video to show how the doors work. it's over on my YouTube channel in all its high def beauty. it's exactly what i want for my own apartment's bedroom which i'm still trying to simulate with prims when i can tear myself away from all the real life activities. i've just moved into a much larger space in rl so i've not been having lots of fun getting myself settled in. i did grab the newest Bodylines skin. i'll try putting out some more details when i get more organized.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Give to Get

i'm not much into charities. i figure the organizers benefit more than the charity in most cases. when i TPd over to snap up a skirt located exclusively at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser venue i was surprised to see that all funds (50% for some other purchases) are being sent to the charity Americare.org.

Taking in the site, located in the sky on aida Ewing's SIM, there seems to be plenty of great fashion finds. do your own due dilegence. if you want to help the horrendous conditions happening in Japan, i'd say this is a great way to donate. you'll be happy knowing your cash is going to a good cause, and you get to wear some fabulous clothes too. winning! thanks to everyone for your contributions.


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