Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lover's Treats

what speaks to us more of Valentine's Day than slinking into some inticingly delicious and sexy lingerie? the newest Lady of Lingerie to embrace the grid, LadyVanir Dragovar (owner and designer of the Voluptia brand) has put out some new dainties ready for your viewing pleasure. if any of her models are buzzing about the store (or chasing butterflies, riding their pegasus, tricycles, etc., etc.) just ask if you could see something on their adorable shapes. they all seem more than pleased to indulge your every wish. well, not every one, please try to keep your play to some proper limits. :-) think of the children!

this little number i'm modelling is Voluptia's Ravish Teddy. you might not be able to see it all that well (i got all artsy with the Windlight settings -Snowglobe's Sheer Surreality) but when the Lady goes high-cut, she's not kidding. i had to accentuate her vision by bumping out my hips a tad for that added fleshly delight. the cut on the back and the fabric pull denotes an extra ordinary attention to detail and a wicked eye for stimulating fashion.

everyone have a sexy and loving Valentines Day. i'm off to languish in a bubble bath.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Those Were the Days

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