Monday, January 31, 2011

Field of Dreams Desktops

thought i'd release another set of desktop pieces d'art. clicking any of the images will take you to the uncompressed bitmap i have stored on the free FileAve image hosting site. download as you will. aside from fuzzing up some of the moon texture the shot is all inworld effects. location: MiaSnow Myriam's Twomoons Island SIM. it's hard to find a spot that's Not Beautiful. oh, there's shopping sites there too. EnJoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Noir Stilettos

Guu Nishi, designer/owner of HOC Industries has followed up her Noir boots with these scrumptiously textured Noir stilettos. how she manages to simulate such brilliantly lit fabric for the sculpties around the toes and the tight fitting heel is just phenomenal. she hints at how her set up allows for her to perform such feats of graphic accomplishment on her recently launched website hocindustries.net. she's got a great fun-loving personality that really shines through. check out her photo contest for her pickle obsession (fetish?).

whatever combination of software she uses, there's not one in a thousand who could bring it all together like she has. and, with her fancy colour change HUD you can have your choice of nine different hot colours (not including the three animal print textures available to group tag members). incentive enough to join her group. you just won't believe how superb her alligator texture is! i can't get over how expertly she paints her polys.

i would have enjoyed a more mirrored surface to the steel stiletto and more work on the foot texture but i'm so smitten with the fabric lighting i'll forgive her anything on this occasion. the skin matching HUD, separate from the colour HUD, is a snap to use. like her other fun designs in her little mainland shop they're fully modifiable too. she's certainly an up and coming star and will most likely be bringing us more sexy footwear and women's fashion as she continues developing her brand.

i wanted to show all the variations in colour, textures, and toenail polishes but i didn't want to steal all the bandwidth so i put a video together with some shots. click the image below to grab it from YouTube.

Noir Stilettos, HOC Industries, Guu Nishi, 175L$

Friday, January 21, 2011

Interior Design

i'm not so sure i'm ready to welcome anyone into my home as of this point. i've really not got all that much creature comforts installed to speak of so you might have to just mill about. i do have a very nice door constructed now but it's a bit prim heavy. it has to be since i've made it as detailed as the corresponding real world example complete with peep hole (with spyglass) and working hinges. i think all in all it's up to just under a thousand prims and that's pretty empty save my desk. i'm bringing in the textures with my digital camera. (tiling is hard!)

all the rooms are being designed to my avatar's proportions so it's a lifelike simulation of the real world. as an example, the "office" window (designed for a dining space actually) comes up to my real world body's sternum (look it up) so the inworld example is placed to coincide exactly to real life positioning. boring as hell i know but once it's done you can see where i live and it should feel like you are visiting me in my actual home! you might have to wait a while for your invite, i'm a bit finicky when it comes to building. i might put some of the parts out for sale so keep an eye on my Marketspace channel.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lords & Ladies Dancing

i don't know about you but i had a hellishly fun time at the opening events for Voluptia's Grand Opening party held on the weekend. the Lady (LadyVanir Dragovar) has put together a fun and friendly crew. can't say putting my video together with brand new software was anywhere near as much fun as the conga line at the Sublime Ball Room. some people have a real knack for entertaining. i never thought gathering for a virtual dance could be so fun.

i'm real happy LadyVanir Dragovar and her partner LordVanir have made it over to SL from their longtime devotion to designing for IMVU. i'm looking forward to much more from them whether it's through the Voluptia brand, Sublime Ball Room, or any number of their other creative and entertaining venues. they are certainly a pair to watch.

welcome to Second Life Lord and Lady.

if you are so inclined to peek in on the earlier goings on, click the image to see my YouTube video i managed to cut together from some clips. let's just say there's a little wiggle room for improvement. meh, i'm sure the feel will come through. enjoy. if i ever tame this software, there might be some more.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sensual Delights

if your slex life is anything like ms Mayne's you'll be needing all the help you can get to entice your partners to open up in sharing their most intimate and private sexual musings with you. adorning your avatar's svelt form with Voluptia's Parfait lingerie set will stand you in good stead should your environs allow for a commitment to dance.

LadyVanir Dragovar's attention to detail and expert implementation for the Parfait set i'm wearing should heighten your tantalizing allure. your partner's fixation, at least in my mind's eye, is handily won with the seamless melding of the cinch upper and full panties style. there's a trailing lace skirt included with the set but i didn't want to obscure my curvaceous derriere her high cut panties accentuate so deliciously. there's a thong included too but the cinch band with the full panties was what attracted me as unique to the grid. i was relieved she chose it as a review selection without my resorting to an uncharacteristicly lamentable pleading. :-)

each piece comes in a multitude of layer choices so you can feel confident it will fit with whatever clothing or tattoo layers you have. i'm not sure about you, but hiding this or any of LadyVanir's other delicate and sensuous handiwork would be a sin. they are definitely designed for a girl with indecent motives. you should be so lucky to have Voluptia do your bidding, and; at 349L$ for everything in the package your pleasure won't be ruined if they get tossed about.

as it is, there's an opportunity to get to know more about the Lady and her partner's businesses in the form of a Grand Opening Event Saturday the 15th of January. if you haven't gotten your invite pop on by the Voluptia sim and explore what more there is to see and imagine. i feel there's a lot more exiting sensuous delights in store.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


there's nothing as stimulating to a woman's body as the fine fur hide ripped from a dead animal's carcass. aside from getting over the psychologically debilitating imagery of the trapping used to dispense with the life force of the numerous fur baring animals in question, the bloody gore of the degutting, the entire tanning process, really; you'd pay a fortune to have someone craft such a sensuously luscious pelt as that simulated here from Himeko Ninetails.

of course, confronting the finished pelt hanging from the LaRosa display rack, one's selfish indulgence might turn to nuzzling the fine furry follicles deep in your cheeks as if the inhumane horror to bring it to market was somehow less real. i sure did. but i'm kinda funny that way.

i must confess, even in the real world, i have this unrepentant and unforgiving attraction to fur. my last visit to me ma's brought us to a local furrier whose designs were so decadent i wouldn't leave till they took my deposit on a plum $4000 Cdn sheared beaver jacket. it's only money, right?

political correctness is like the wind. why be a sheep when you can slaughter them and wear their coats? muahahaha.

LaRosa Fur Coat
Himeko Ninetails/design for LaRosa

Long Fur Cuff Boots
Cerberus Noel/*G Field*

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