Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Serious Design

two new examples from some well known SL designers have hit the grid.

Siddean Munro's crafted her second mesh item since her gift last week. she's applied her expert texturing and modeling skills to bring us the sexiest, most sensuously formed polygons, with the most exceptionally weighted rigging there is. i'll suspend gushing any more superlatives, you'll get a sugar high. but really! putting it all together, as Siddean has, is no small feat. and, what better a choice to show off the new mesh rigging technology than skin-tight thigh high boots?

anyone who's tried the triple piece sculptie attachments for their thigh high dreams have finally nothing to be embarrassed about. the embedded youtube clip shows just how sinuously these SLink boots move (was that another superlative? oh god, i can't stop!). try her DEMO, it's free. 700L$ to buy.

Cattiva Vita of CheerNo is the second designer bringing a knit textured mesh dress with half sleeves to the grid. remarkable to this design within the mesh field is its integrated sleeves. you can get Cattiva Vita's dress for 75L$ at My Second Wardrobe's little shop. i wasn't happy with the deformation of the bodice around the neckline, both front and back. upper body movement seemed to accentuate the horrible underlying structure of the Lab's avatar mesh. not to worry, someone's working on a finer avatar mesh we can form fit our clothing to. i'm sure. you can only do so much. i'm not sure Cattiva's defining weights could improve this condition.

another thing i noticed as a criticism on both designer's samples were their alpha layers. i'm wondering if there could be more flesh showing inside the designs. maybe it's just me but i like to super zoom onto all these delectable treats. having a transparent section of the body where the design meets the flesh is a bit of a frown. there's plenty of volume for movement with Cattiva's dress, not so much with Siddean's since they're designed to simulate skin tight leather. it's a bit of a trade off as to whether the avatar mesh will poke through when you allow for less transparency. picky picky picky. i know. :-)


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