Saturday, September 3, 2011

First to Market

they're not the prettiest boots inworld but they're the first i've come across that actually integrate mesh objects with avatar rigging. it's kinda complicated but you can generally categorize mesh into two types. 1.) static, 2.) rigged.

rigged is where it's at. if it's done right you can have your rigged clothing meshes morph along with the built-in skeleton. that means your cuffs for your shorts won't cut into your body when your pose changes, sleeves move along with your arms, and boots can move naturally when your ankles bend! the implications are mind boggling. unfortunately, the technical complexities can be murderous and/or completely frustrating .

static, as is evidenced by LeLutka's newest shoes, are NOT rigged. they're pretty much worn just like old school sculpties but utilizing mesh as the object's form. being that the new mesh format allows for far less restrictions on polygon stuctures and textures, they are superb fashion accessories. nonetheless, they don't move like rigged boots CAN.

GutterBlood Spoonhammer's boots, being sold at Orchid Zenovka's DECO store, are the first example of rigged mesh boots i've seen. i've been waiting/watching for someone (anyone) to bring some more rigged clothing examples to the world. i've been pouring over the feeds, Searching inworld, and filtering for them in the Marketplace, all for naut. hell, i've even dusted off my old Blender to try my unsteady hand. i can see just how difficult bringing rigged mesh to market is. whoever can balance the mesh design, texture, and weight painting (the method used to simulate how the mesh moves with the skeleton) is gonna make a pile of moola.

as it is with GutterBlood's design, and i'm no expert, his polygon structure's a bit too grossly configured for the polygons involved in the morphing to adequately stretch and strain naturally. i'm assuming with a little more refinement to these areas his samples can develop into a great line. the foot shape with such a high platform is also problematic. using the one GutterBlood designed puts the ankle joint too far away and more of the calf morphs than appears he intended. when you don't wear any foot shape it bends far more naturally. of course, without the foot shape you sink into the prim floors. :( oh well, it's Second Life after all and we're not ALL perfect.

rigged mesh movement video clip


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