Wednesday, September 7, 2011


well, that's interesting.

i've been fiddling with the basic SL avatar mesh inside Blender to see how much finesse i can put to the Lab's vertices. i've actually been able to bring in some weighted meshes with the configuration i've cobbled together. i wish i could thank someone for their help, unfortunately, the present tutorials out there are so advanced that it just caused more confusion. simple? i think Gaia Clary's site has helped me the most. i'm using Domino Maramba's weighted avatar as a starting point. getting his avatar to the point where anything you build onto it is HELL and i'm not going to dare tell you how i got it right...if it is. however you do it, you'll have NOTHING but love for what you've done. keep at it.

the rough avatar's foundation has never been very attractive to my eye, no matter how well the skinners can smudge over the issues, the concave chest and protruding back is really really something you'd want someone not to notice. maybe i shouldn't have told you?

nonetheless, i thought i could tweak the vertices on the back so the hump was somewhat diminished. it's looking pretty nice so far. i'll send up a pic soon as i can give you an A-B comparison. getting the lighting just right so it illustrates what's been done is quite a hassle. every single point inworld seems to be lit distinctly. you'll see. the backbone's pretty close to normal now. anything's better than what the Lab did. i'm happy with what i've done so far. oh, i also found that a 1024 texture works well on the basic avatar mesh. this could be fun!

anywho, i pulled a few of the vertices at the arm seams and was super suprised that there were duplicates overlaying one another. hmmm, is that why it's so damned predominant when you put a texture onto it? i wonder. since i remembered Gaia's video tutorial for removing doubles i thought i'd give that a try. yikes, 342 extra vertices. sure hope i can still bring it inworld now. stay tuned.

Double Vertices on SeamDoubles Removed

yup, works as expected. sweet.


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