Thursday, August 11, 2011

You're Welcome

i'm not all that much exited about putting outfits together anymore. it's not like i don't appreciate the tremendous amount of work others do to jazz themselves up. hence my video series on avi watching. there's really plenty of creativity inworld. the vast majority of avatars i encounter are dressed to the nines and awesomely animated. i guess i'm just too lazy or too cheap.

i really can't afford the newest of the new market wares strutted out on the feeds. inherent in getting anything new remains the all too frequent experience of being disappointed. whether it's the fitting, the textures, the permissions, the PRICE!, etc, etc, it's all too common that even the highest rated and hyped brand winds up being just like all the rest. toss it or hide it away in inventory.

having a simple, in this case ricoHELLOworld's sculptie dress, to throw on without any worry as to how easy it is to wear and how it works with my Oracul animations is a real find. while it's fully modifiable i didn't have to edit a thing. glitch pants, skirt, and a shirt layer texture; that's it. i'm ready for anything, anywhere, anytime. really, i'm wearing it on the beach as i write this.

i think ricoHELLOworld, a relatively new Japanese artist, deserves a second look. she's got a great photogenic build tucked away on a little parcel far away from the madding crowd oh, it's free too. win win.

dress: Pop Textile OP(Flower) mod/copy free
creator profile: https://my.secondlife.com/ricohelloworld
hair:  Lemon Cherry mod/copy free
creator profile: https://my.secondlife.com/queue.marlowe


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