Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence from Tyrannical Empires

the struggle of a people to free themselves from a form of government which has revealed itself to be tyrannical, onerous, diabolical, ... you name it, is epitomized by the United States of America's evolution to follow their founding father's newly penned Constitution. their Declaration of Independence from Great Britain wasn't made without consequence. the bloody insurrection extinguished many brave lights from both sides of the conflict. the birth of this nation, one proving to be so significant in the life of all of us on this small planet, is an achievement worthy of honourable and reverential celebration.

in a way of showing my respect to those who choose to uphold the Constitution of their forefathers i've cobbled together a few huge prims which simulate Washington's Monument located in the District of Columbia. happy Independence Day America, may your place amongst the nations remain strong and resolute to the foundations of your great architects.

*BEHOLD* Designs: Washington Monument on the Marketplace


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