Friday, July 15, 2011

Hair Fair Machinima

here's the third machinima video i did for my girl watchin' series ("filmed" at the Hair Fair event):


i'm not embedding the code for the vid within this post since one of the feeds it went out through had an "As Seen On:" link attached to it by Google's feed spider. now that link's stuck in the YouTube channel for that video. following that link sends you off to Google's "social/blog" channel for that feed which has a list of videos having absolutely nothing to do with Second Life. anyone "mentioning" a vid on their feed post gets picked up there. oy veh. there's no opt out.

i hope this method works better to remove that peculiarly annoying "feature". of course, clicking the above video link to watch the YouTube video on my channel could still set off Google's damnable machinery to put the "As Seen On" link on it anyway. argh. if you'd like you could always go directly to my YouTube channel and find the latest there. subscribe if ya'd like. all of my vids are taken inside Second Life.

this one is seven minutes long! i culled it down from an obsessively long, flirtatious, and sexy strut fest. the loveliest avatars weren't hard to find and capture at the Hair Fair event where i shot it. forgive me if you would have liked to have more elements within the shops shown. i was camming from a few SIMs away sometimes and i was lucky my video card showed anything. i really have to thank Sasy Scarborough's people for the great build. it was relatively (keyword) lag free and allowed for some nice walking shots along the boardwalks.

anywho, take a look if you'd like. it's got an unedited "trance" tune in it (Big Sky, John O'Callaghan, featuring vocalist Audrey Gallagher) that you might like. i'm not sure how Google does it but they seem to be able to discern the artist and tune when the video's uploading and associate the appropriate links so's you can download official versions. sure hope i'm not reducing his revenue offering up this vid. gulp. i'm sure i'll be whacked if it's illegal. yikes, i might just have to compose my own tunes!!!


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