Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a Girl Watcher

thought i'd try a little something different. instead of a static image of what i'm wearing (i really can't afford all the newest, greatest, hippest stuff out there anyway) i thought i'd turn my camera onto the miriad numbers of lovelies who's personal style isn't being hyped anywhere on the feeds. just your regular girls captured going about their business shopping for more beautiful adornments for their grabass bods. of course, i swear i never laid a hand on any of them, nor did i ever entice any of them to share a more intimate arrangement within my studio. i swear. really. i'm cursing up a blue streak. lol. one day i'm not going to be so shy, wink wink.

so, should you catch my avi out there on the grid seemingly staring off into space my cam just might be on you. stay beautiful all you grid girls. you could be in the next "Girl Watcher" video. who knows, you could be discovered.


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