Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving On & Keeping Up

well, it's not too much of a secret. i've not been doing much inworld of late. i sorta keep up with what's going on in the fashion biz browsing all the pretties on the feeds. i don't pay much attention to the socially inept and exitable types promoting their opinions as the gods they think they are. i really don't have the time to feed them. it's not like we're able, as a collective net presense or a community let's say, to debate issues without violence anyway. all the good fights are won. the empires have all been built. there's no one person that's going to undermine the big networks that have been built up over the years. if yer not inside where it counts yer just sniping for attention. give up. there's just too much good shit out there to quiet your insignificant failings. just mutter to yourself. the world's moved on.

now as for the new mover and shaker in the world (whoever she really is, wink wink), not only does Kiera Seerose organize some super great events for the glorious unwashed she also puts her name on some seriously nice clothing too. i snapped up this little military outfit at her Culture Shock event and after i emptied out all my bags her primwork stood out way above the rest. the grid was acting up at the time, and in editing the skirt i managed to turn her copy/mod skirt to full permission transfer too! don't ask me how that happened. some copy/mod stuff i got from Baby Doll wouldn't let me edit them so i guess it's a trade off. and no, i won't be reselling her work, which, btw, she could have retailed at twice the price she did.

no doubt, this flirty ruffled skirt is unique. it's a sculptie so its static structure won't flow like a flexi. nonetheless, unlike some other sculptie fashion attachments out there, it's shaped so well that your body doesn't cut through it even with the most dramatic animations. the chains on the shoulder prims were a delight to see even though the bolsters themselves could have been shaped better (they tend to stick out from under the arm). i would have spent more time modding them but i was just so smitten with the skirt i had to find some backdrop to shoot it. as life would have it i found Rachel Breaker's SIM "Off the Wall" by teleporting to the brightest green island on the map. i highly recommend visiting Rachel's one-of-a-kind builds there.

Mayden Couture - Tyana black - 230L$ - mod/copy
Magoa - Brigadier Dress  - 140L$ - mod/copy
*BEHOLD* Designs: Pearl Bracelets - 53L$ - mod/copy
*BEHOLD* Designs: Blood of Christ Necklace - 250L$ - mod/copy
*BEHOLD* Designs: Fingernails - 84L$ - mod/copy

Rachel Breaker's SIM


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