Friday, April 22, 2011

Christ Cult

well, i suppose, since there's no noticable Christian culture out there you'd think it'd be insane to bring out a design to fit that peculiarily devoid market. well, i told ya, i'm no marketeer. i'm not here to please a mass market. that's like calculating an average from a distinctly diverse pool of creative individuals. why do people even think like that? are they only bent on how the nameless faceless masses can be exploited for selfish gain? can't we embrace the individual?

differences are how we define character. if we all wanted to conform to someone's mathematical norm we'd all be the same goon easily maniuplated by the marketing masters to do as they please when they chose. whoopie. robotic adherence makes for absolute obedience. and mass adoption to someone else's direction, subconscious or not, empowers the manipulators. the lowest common denominator (marketing's average Jill and Joe) has been established as stupid, vaccuous, and brain dead. they are easily told what to buy, what to wear, what to think, and eventually how to react to manufactured stimuli. i have much more respect for the individual within the multi cultural communities within SL than that. maybe that's why i fail at defining my success by marketing terms.

i don't know. maybe i'm fooling myself in believing we are not just so much fodder to non disclosure bound uberlords tweaking our earthbound senses. is there a spiritual foundation within the world at all? you would think at this most reverential time within Christian dogma, a spiritual sense of self would wrest from its slumber. all i've seen to date are bunnies and easter eggs. oy vey.

oh well. maybe i should keep my thoughts to myself. nonetheless, as bold or as insane as my life is decreed here's my Easter design from a heart which entwines itself deep within the fabric of humanity. to my ultimate detriment i suppose.

i call it the Blood of Christ necklace. central and core to the cross of ancient hand wrought iron nails is a vial of Christ's pure and Holy blood. the unbreakable orb of glass which surrounds it holds the subtle and glowing essence of a man who's self realized nature outside of the fleshly delights was revealed as a lesson to us all. and there's no end of the story until we all meet him again in our Glory. whatever you do in this life. keep His Story alive.

blessings. be.



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