Thursday, January 27, 2011

Noir Stilettos

Guu Nishi, designer/owner of HOC Industries has followed up her Noir boots with these scrumptiously textured Noir stilettos. how she manages to simulate such brilliantly lit fabric for the sculpties around the toes and the tight fitting heel is just phenomenal. she hints at how her set up allows for her to perform such feats of graphic accomplishment on her recently launched website hocindustries.net. she's got a great fun-loving personality that really shines through. check out her photo contest for her pickle obsession (fetish?).

whatever combination of software she uses, there's not one in a thousand who could bring it all together like she has. and, with her fancy colour change HUD you can have your choice of nine different hot colours (not including the three animal print textures available to group tag members). incentive enough to join her group. you just won't believe how superb her alligator texture is! i can't get over how expertly she paints her polys.

i would have enjoyed a more mirrored surface to the steel stiletto and more work on the foot texture but i'm so smitten with the fabric lighting i'll forgive her anything on this occasion. the skin matching HUD, separate from the colour HUD, is a snap to use. like her other fun designs in her little mainland shop they're fully modifiable too. she's certainly an up and coming star and will most likely be bringing us more sexy footwear and women's fashion as she continues developing her brand.

i wanted to show all the variations in colour, textures, and toenail polishes but i didn't want to steal all the bandwidth so i put a video together with some shots. click the image below to grab it from YouTube.

Noir Stilettos, HOC Industries, Guu Nishi, 175L$


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