Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lords & Ladies Dancing

i don't know about you but i had a hellishly fun time at the opening events for Voluptia's Grand Opening party held on the weekend. the Lady (LadyVanir Dragovar) has put together a fun and friendly crew. can't say putting my video together with brand new software was anywhere near as much fun as the conga line at the Sublime Ball Room. some people have a real knack for entertaining. i never thought gathering for a virtual dance could be so fun.

i'm real happy LadyVanir Dragovar and her partner LordVanir have made it over to SL from their longtime devotion to designing for IMVU. i'm looking forward to much more from them whether it's through the Voluptia brand, Sublime Ball Room, or any number of their other creative and entertaining venues. they are certainly a pair to watch.

welcome to Second Life Lord and Lady.

if you are so inclined to peek in on the earlier goings on, click the image to see my YouTube video i managed to cut together from some clips. let's just say there's a little wiggle room for improvement. meh, i'm sure the feel will come through. enjoy. if i ever tame this software, there might be some more.


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