Friday, January 21, 2011

Interior Design

i'm not so sure i'm ready to welcome anyone into my home as of this point. i've really not got all that much creature comforts installed to speak of so you might have to just mill about. i do have a very nice door constructed now but it's a bit prim heavy. it has to be since i've made it as detailed as the corresponding real world example complete with peep hole (with spyglass) and working hinges. i think all in all it's up to just under a thousand prims and that's pretty empty save my desk. i'm bringing in the textures with my digital camera. (tiling is hard!)

all the rooms are being designed to my avatar's proportions so it's a lifelike simulation of the real world. as an example, the "office" window (designed for a dining space actually) comes up to my real world body's sternum (look it up) so the inworld example is placed to coincide exactly to real life positioning. boring as hell i know but once it's done you can see where i live and it should feel like you are visiting me in my actual home! you might have to wait a while for your invite, i'm a bit finicky when it comes to building. i might put some of the parts out for sale so keep an eye on my Marketspace channel.


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