Tuesday, January 4, 2011


there's nothing as stimulating to a woman's body as the fine fur hide ripped from a dead animal's carcass. aside from getting over the psychologically debilitating imagery of the trapping used to dispense with the life force of the numerous fur baring animals in question, the bloody gore of the degutting, the entire tanning process, really; you'd pay a fortune to have someone craft such a sensuously luscious pelt as that simulated here from Himeko Ninetails.

of course, confronting the finished pelt hanging from the LaRosa display rack, one's selfish indulgence might turn to nuzzling the fine furry follicles deep in your cheeks as if the inhumane horror to bring it to market was somehow less real. i sure did. but i'm kinda funny that way.

i must confess, even in the real world, i have this unrepentant and unforgiving attraction to fur. my last visit to me ma's brought us to a local furrier whose designs were so decadent i wouldn't leave till they took my deposit on a plum $4000 Cdn sheared beaver jacket. it's only money, right?

political correctness is like the wind. why be a sheep when you can slaughter them and wear their coats? muahahaha.

LaRosa Fur Coat
Himeko Ninetails/design for LaRosa

Long Fur Cuff Boots
Cerberus Noel/*G Field*


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