Thursday, December 30, 2010


i don't know how i got here but i don't ever wanna leave.

i've worn Amesha Jewell's skins before. i'm not sure why but i keep returning to FreeSpeerit or BODYLINE for the definitive /me. sure, i'm curious (and envious ... LAQ) about other skins but most are so far away from my teeny budget i can only try their Demos. of course, if any Affordable and beautiful faces appear on the feeds, like Pitty Checchinato's post of Amesha's HeartSick freebie, i'll drop all my primwork and go and see.

when i arrived in Amesha's little shop i was stunned to find an entire wall populated with 50-75L$ skins. and they're all gorgeous! why she's making them available to the vast majority of gridgirls is anyone's guess. am i still dreaming?

HS : Enchant : Obsidian : Very Berry (copy)
Amesha Jewell/Heartsick Skins

Claudia (copy/mod)
Zeev Dinzeo/LollipopZ

Friday, December 24, 2010

All of Us

Happy Christ's Mass everyone

EnJoy the Gifts of YOU

Pink Floyd - Breathe

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Me and My Shadows

i've been reading how some of you are having trouble getting the Windlight environmental lighting features working to a point where you aren't pulling out what remains of your increasingly thinning flexi hair follicles. to aid in the endeavour to help when i can, i've installed the latest Official release (Second Life v2.4.0 (216989) Dec 15 2010 06:48:45) on my main system.

i  have to tell you. i abandoned v2 shortly after the M-run Lab threw it onto the grid. learning the dark Lord's occulted program features revulsed my highly intuitive sense of right and wrong. it was horrifying to me what the outsourced code monkeys did then and it's still an out and out nightmare now. seriously, it's really completely useless for anything more than this one shot i was able to grab.

this viewer is absolutely ill prepared for prime time. any help i was planning to give turned into a frustrating and confused stumble into more pain and suffering than i can reasonably endure. snagging the above shot and subsequent PS alterations completely destroyed my faith in being able to help anyone but myself. :-( yer on your own. suffer for your art!

Skin: FreeSpeerit, Fiona Gold
Hair: LollipopZ, Secrets, modded
Earrings: *BEHOLD* Designs: Burmese Hoop Earrings

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pricing Pressure

found these little rei2 Aya beauties (from R2 Fashion) the other day. it's so refreshing to be able to buy such quality goods at such reasonable prices without consulting my financial planner. while the top designers inch the bar ever higher into the once outrageous prices set by the real life millionare Stiletto Moody there are still some quality manufacturers out there whose considerable talents can be enjoyed by the struggling masses. the fact that everything i'm wearing is modifiable should add to their attraction. Lord love em.

boots: Pumehana L Black, rei2 Aya, R2 Fashion, 249L$
hair: *2MB SOPHIE, Midas Blazer
dress:  Tinsle and Joy, Ravenlynn Templar, Lvs&co, 10L$

photoshoot location

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