Friday, November 26, 2010

Snowman Avatar

just put together this cute little snowman avatar for your fun and enjoyment. it's at *BEHOLD* and on the Marketplace for a scant 80L$.

grab a copy (it's copy/mod), drop the folder on yer self, and bring joy to all the children everywhere you go. (sheesh, i should do this for a living. hallmark cards here i come.)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love Lost

this might get sappy so scroll away now if you are in any way emo squeamish. i don't know where this might go, so hold on if it hits you where you live. there's no turning back once you've committed to stay.

there's something i've not been able to articulate for some while now. i've been staring at the screen waiting for the voices in my head to go away. yeah, it's a big one. the sisters at the sanitarium have tried their best to quell the most persistent and pernicious hallucinations. my power to reject all their unctions may soon fail. i hope this letter reaches you.

i've lost the greatest love i've ever had in my life. it's eating away the foundation of my being, upheaving my firmament like a volcano. there's nothing to hold on to anymore. it's like i'm falling into a deep chasm of negative emotions, ugliness, and ruin. my life, what little i imagined i was living, is being extinquished thought by thought as i am pulled deeper into a hopeless abyss. every beautiful thought, tied as they are to a continuous thread of experiences, are gradually being torn from my mind. leaving me with nothing.

are my words and pictures enough to depict my suffering? are the nuances of the language sufficient to denote a revolution in my mental state? can the vibrations within the music connect you to my soul? does anyone get it?

as dour and critical some would make of it, the refuge i make of Second Life has eased what sad and sorrowful pain reality has foisted upon my undying soul. the overwhelming power of other's violent and suppressive reality hasn't totally removed my ability to make and give of my love. thank you Philip. your Love Machine has continuously filled the hole reality tears at my heart.

death is not the end. i am reborn into the Spirit of Only Love. Give it. --Love-- no matter the cost. it doesn't matter the reflection. harsh or soft. their love is still. don't be afraid, guarded, or withdrawn. take your hits. get up and shine.

Love Lost Playlist

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Follow Your Heart

i started putting this outfit together by begging Jareth McMahon for a review copy of her Afrika boots. she didn't have a Demo for them and i didn't want to be disappointed finding out the lickable vendor's graphic was not depicting what the prims would look like inworld. she was very nice about my annoying her and after gradually wearing her down she graciously threw a package on me.

what struck me about these boots was the distressed suede texturing. on first rezzing them they exceeded the package's come-hither pix. their luscious matte and broken-in creases smacked of real world comfort an oft worn standard would give you. just the kind of casual everyday attire i'm drawn to.

i had some trouble fitting them to my calfs (she uses the Scripts-r-Us resizer scripts) but the textured socks and full perm Amesha Jewell invisprims made hiding any poking out bits relatively easy to ignore unless you were super zooming/perving. there were some issues with the foot to calf joint and the calf's invisiprim but ordinarily, with such stunningly applied textures, who but myself is gonna be that picky?

skin: Amesha Jewell: HeartSick: Enchant, Mirage, Onyx: 10L$ Anniversary Hunt Find: copy
hair: Zuul Destiny: Destiny Dreadlocks: Shy Dreads: 175L$: copy/mod
top: Kaliha Noel: Xplosion: *X*plosion WollPulliBreak brown: 50L$: copy
skirt: nyanchi Eel: MNK*SHOP: Chiffon_flower midi skirt: 90L$: copy/mod
boots: Jareth McMahon: FJ Design: Afrika: 599L$: transfer
photoshoot location: Amesha Jewell's Viana Square

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Art Show

of the fifty to sixty thousand people logged on to the grid the other day only thirty of the truely fashion forward gave themselves the treat of enjoying the JM Models sashaying designer pixivor Allen's dynamic new couture bonbons.

Jewell Munro's production team pulled off a lag-free fully rezzed presentation with an emotionally evocative stream (tunes spun by Felizitas Barbosa), and a well appointed build (Villy Enyo). the new pixivor gowns, with her rich tropical colours and trademark shimmering textures fairly popped off my screen. it's so refreshing to have such bold colours adorning our pixel representations. and, each dress is beautifully complimented with pixivor's choice of shoes and accessories for an easy no stress dressing experience.

pixivor, a real life painter, has the lightest, most feminine fabric textures of any designer i've seen on the grid. her technical abilities to turn blocks of plywood into the most sensuous and flowing material is just awe inspiring. i should wear a landmark to her store when i wear her designs since i get complimented so many times. thank you for making me the sexy and attractive lady that turns heads every where she goes pixivor.

enough gushing. here's some pix of the elegant and luscious new pixivor Allen designs:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What We're Missing

i've been working on my own set of prim hands. no, they're not for mass consumption as of yet. looks like Siddean from SLink's beat me to market. oh well. as soon as i get the nails, textures, HUD, scripts, animations, tone matching, etc, etc, etc perfected the grid will finally have the hand gesture it's so missing. not that i would ever use it. teehee.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Honesty Pays

okay. thank the Christ the pagans revelling in their holy days have crawled back into their dark caves. not that i don't admire all their Plutonian influences they bring to the world (haha). but, really, an entire month solely devoted to wretched and decadent displays of ugliness! why delve in such depraved imagery with such loquatious glee? a complete misunderstanding of the tradition can't be made to be so wide spread without an over arching impetus forcing everyone to sing the same tune. who's to blame?

now, as for what is left for the rest of us to revel in, i've been hunting for some prim foot/shoes to point my newbie friends to without their needing to go through the ritual of breaking their piggy banks. as luck would have it, Talena Carissa of Delights by Talena has a few examples at her store that do just fine.

you may have seen these heels offered to the grid before. they are full perm sculpties sold to retailers/assemblers to sell as their own. no, they're not Ten Dexler's. i'm not sure if they are sold fully textured so cudos to those who have stretched their skills in applying their brand's features onto them. unfortunately, the full gamut of prices and marketing deceptions designed to fool the consumer have also been applied. i won't name any names. we wouldn't want them to cackle too loudly over their cauldrons at your expense.

setting herself apart from the exploitive few, and including an exceptionaly honest explanatory note in her Picks tab for us, Talena's got these shoes out at her shop for nothing. she's not asking anything more than for you to stab her Subscribo sign to receive them for your pleasure and the pleasure of everyone's senses that are assaulted, as mine are, by our system feet's pixelated horror.

she's got some other 10L$ samples at her discount shop too. the scripts are all simple drop down menus which changes the size, skin tones, and sound. i would highly recommend you turn the included sounds OFF. click the Right shoe to bring up the menu options. no matter which sound option there is, none of them work adequately for any reasonably simulated step synchronicity. whether there needs to be more refinement in the script's timing or a complete remake of the awful sounds, it's best for now to just turn them off.

when i tried these freebies on for the first time the heel textures were different for both shoes. so, i was forced to read the information notecard supplied. i know. terrifying, but true. in that, just in case you are faced with the same problem, you can access the heels texture-change function by typing "/26 metal 1" in local chat to have both heels turn to gold. i think there are 5 separate metal types. the studs and buckle textures change along with that command.

so, if everyone's telling you to get new prim foot shoes and you've never been able to afford them, Talena's is the place to go. she gets my consumer's Mark of Affection. thank you Talena.

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