Friday, October 29, 2010

The Price is Right

i normally see something i'd like to try when another blogger puts it up on their blog and it wends its way onto my feed reader. sometimes i'm pleasantly surprised, as is the case with Coco Nikita's .:Glamorize:., but sometimes spending the time to TP over for an inworld looksee leaves me mentally noting never to trust that blogger again. the problem in doing that is that there are just so many damned bloggers out there. pushing their friend's stuff, their designer's gifts, their group's latest, etc, etc.

making the clothes or accessories jump out from the page amounts to two things, at least in my case. style and affordability. too often, the flavour of the moment (brought to us by the big money campaign artists) overwhelms the real choices the grid has to offer. we (most of us) follow trends and seasonal necessities based on real world marketing impositions. going against the stream makes for a brilliant, exiting, and dynamic milieu. confoming to one's familiar "image" can get tired pretty fast. having everyone adopt the style of the newest craze is just that, crazy. i'm not going to wear what everyone else is wearing. i don't have a single LeLutka or Truth item in my inventory!

finding those designers who've not been hyped up the kazoo by the marketing machinery (failing to see that as a detriment to our self expression or individuality) is what the game's all about to me. unfortunately, with the amount of time i have available to me now, i have to rely on the younger, more energetic and passionate bloggers who've not yet sold out. let's just say there are still a few jewels mingled amongst the coal.

i wish i could name them all for you. some of them stay true to their unique ability to dress as we all might like without "being told". subtle social pressures abound in this world, alike the real one. please, if someone asks you to blog their stuff, someone you are unfamiliar with, or a starting designer; take a closer look. tell us what you think. we're not all pushers for the machine. or are we? your input in describing and showing off these lesser known designers can be just the encouragement they need for them to reach another level.

now that i've alienated the small but agressive minority who want an exclusive right over what you should wear and what you should spend it's going to be hard to describe this quick outfit i made from Coco Nikita's store. i can't tell you much about her outside of her birth date puts her in the newb category and her stuff is all really really affordable. it consists, suprisingly enough, of items all from the same designer (save the shoes). the way sexy dreads (modifiable) drew me in and if i wasn't running out of cash i would have filled my wardrobe with everything she had. simple, casual, and sexy. all priced to sell to the majority of women who wear what they buy to look and feel beautiful.

let's not forget who our readers are. (hint: no, they're not your blogger sistahs.)

dreads: Glamorize 20L$
bra/blouse: Glamorize 3L$
Jeans: Glamorize 2L$
earrings/necklace: Glamorize 20L$
heels: SKIFIJA 149L$
skin: BODYLINE (priceless)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Test of Time

i've loved Queue Marlowe, designer for Analog Dog hair, well, like forever. if the name of her store is any indication as to just what type of love-struck puppy one becomes from first encountering her it's a fair description of the feelings i had then. and now. throughout the ravages the grid simulates as its own style of online social networking she's always been a rock in the tempestuous seas of those clamouring for success.

the debate as to just who it was that brought the world its first flexi hair (Queue or Stumbelina) hasn't brought out any confirmed winner. the originator for the entire world's first stab at such a creative innovation isn't given enough emphatic praise by the newbs crowding the sims and blogosphere. knock offs, wannabees, and copiers eventually crowd into the market and we mostly forget what genius was climbing out to the small end of the branch for the sweetest fruit. Queue Marlowe's one of those extraordinarily brave designers on the grid who has given us all a full cornucopia of love.

now, if that's too much hyperbole, just go gather up her latest do's. i won't tell you there are some subtle bubble vendors where you can have them for free. i'd really love for you to explore her little island and discover some nuances outside of the retail push and shove. while yer there, check out her Sale vendors which carry some styles that endure the test of time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four Years of EnCore

it might not mean anything to you but i've been expressing my self inworld for 4 years now. this very day, way back in 2006, i signed up for what has been the wildest ride of my life. it's been heaven and it's been hell. each spontaneous episode, in their own measure against my character, has tested and trained me for accepting and adapting for more.

i've met a lot of people and made a lot of them my friends. there have been a few people i've loved so unabashedly that my giddiness at their connnection was demonstrably palpable. i've learned so much about my self through their love, generosity, candour, respect, and attentiveness that i could die right now and be happy with the gifts they so freely gave. i hope my own attempts at being one tenth of their reflection is looked upon with fondness and wistful longing for those special moments we shared. i love(d) them all with a passion and creative exhuberance that stressed my ability for more.

each of these women, most now gone from the game, have a special soft and warming place in my heart. there's not a day that goes by i don't think of them. i'm not so sure i'd be able to play like we did. it's rare rl would allow me to spend the countless hours inworld as i used to. (as i'd like to.) their memories are sweet and invested in my art. sharing those once guarded passages of love (hey, i live in the real world too, i've got my scars) has illuminated a far wider and etherial plane to more.

looking back over all the pix i've saved from the four year long journey has filled me with an incredible awe for the trip i've been on. i had no idea an online "game" would be so emotionally satisfying and creatively stimulating. sure, there were times i wanted to give it all up. everything i did could be, from a different perspective (rl friends and family) a very valid rationale for a mental health intervention. and still i crave for more.

the attraction (addiction?) is really a simple one. its fulfillment, at least for me, was and always will be a desire for the joining of hearts, minds, and souls. no matter how it's clothed, no matter how it's masked, no matter how it's manipulated or distorted; it's merely another form of human interaction. and, should you know the truth, an enhanced and highly specialized form of that playful dynamic indeed. tapping into those imaginative baubles of our minds, to those who can, has always been an elusive honey for me in real life. taking "make believe" to the heights only SL has the capacity for is sheer genius (thank you Philip) and deserves nothing less than more.

i will continue to live and laugh and love in SL as i always have. it is so much a part of me that it would be impossible not to acknowledge its impact on my rl awareness. SL has provided me the spark to that dying ember of joy rl events have caused. no, this is not a suicide note. allow me my enthusiasm and passions. reaquainting my rl self with my sl self has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. yeah, go figure. was there a special class you missed? have you been wanting more from your own second life?

it's not that my real life hasn't been less fruitful or open to my online pleasures/indulgences. i could be writing about my real life with the same openness but this is my SL time. i've had my time in rl pursuing avenues for living, albeit with less candour for my true life needs for freedom, playfulness, and tolerance. i've learned to make compromises to the fulfillment of my dreams. but still i crave for more fantastical visions of who i want to be.

the people who question my rl sexuality, my lifestyle choices, my associations, my communications, assertions, etc., etc. are just more hidden in their influence. in SL, where we all live in a far smaller fishbowl, your neighbour's judgements/opinions have far more lasting affects. getting over "peer" (i laugh) pressure in SL has been a far more injurious matter than i could have imagined. i suppose that speaks to a time when competitive members poisoned the game to serve their own pecuniary or degraded concerns. meh, how ya gonna tell everyone reading the nonsense spewers that they're all proud liars and sad clowns? rumours and secrets are a measure of the teller, not the told upon. don't feed your "spectator" status. i'm an open book. crack the cover, it's what leads to more, should you stress your ability to socialize in a civil manner.

i do hope you can all relate to the world in front of you. it's what got me hooked on SL. maybe it's my curiosity for the joie de vivre. i guess you'd have to be open to learn about others far different from your self or closeknit community. i'm absolutely sure your life wouldn't be so boring if you said hello to that Gorean slave, that BDSM mistress, or that attractive stranger dancing at the same club as you. and, of course, as was recounted constantly from everyone who knew: be careful. learn well and don't be greedy for more. just look for a soup├žon of EnCore.

oh, for the literately challenged, i put up some of my more memorable pix spanning my SL time into a Flickr Set. i've still got more to put up but it's an arduous task culling them from the massive amount. i should be adding more to the set as time allows. as it is i think i'm up to 2008. they're in no particular order (damned software) so the stories they invoke (each one a lifetime of learning) will have to be sorted another day.



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fashionable Pistol Whippin'

there's a time and place for abrupt and aggressive action. and there's absolutely no reason why you have to be unlady like when you whip out your *BEHOLD* Designs: Pistola. it's designed with the fashionable hitgirl in mind. comes complete with wearable fingernails!

the replica M106Z automatic Krugerfenderoffen comes fully loaded with my modable sculptie primnails. when you wrap your pretty fist around this baby's platinum handle you don't have to sweat your manicure is up to the task. take care of business without a thought.

now at:
*BEHOLD* Designs Inworld & Marketplace

Monday, October 4, 2010

Light My Fire

i've been working on a facelight HUD of late (among some other projects). i thought i'd release what i've come up with on the HUD so far, take a bit of a breather, and revisit it when my pain threshold for learning the Linden Scripting Language is somewhat assuaged.

i've been avoiding crafting my own scripts (making my designs twitch the way i conceive of them to act) far too long now. cutting and pasting what's already out there works to a certain degree but i'm finding myself increasingly hindered in fully expressing my mind's ideas. with this HUD i've stressed my knowledge to the point of breaking, she says, tamping a slight trickle of viscous fluid emanating from her ear....

as i had thought, each button Should illustrate for the user just which level of illumination they are using. that particular scripting exercise proved just too daunting for me given the exiting timeframe of keeping up with the exhuberance of the feeds. so, this version will have you relying on your feel for what the lights do on your face. i must say the Levels of each light serves the purpose i had in mind. explaining it, there's a Help notecard included, is always a treat especially putting myself back into newbie teaching mode. best case scenario: everyone who buys one will figure it out with usage. i keep mine on all the time. really comes in handy taking snaps.

works for me!


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