Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spike Collar

no, it's not your traditional collar, although i suppose you could fill it with your favourite slave scripts (it's modifiable) should that be your kink. it's my latest sculptie design which has been formed to precisely fit the avatar's neck, or at least my own slider mix. there are no god awful gaps between the neck and the necklace. seems easy enough don't it? well, when you know where all the mesh vertices for the neck are (22 of them) you can design the Blender object around those points, it's easy.

the other innovative part of this design is that it's designed to be attached to the mouth. unlike the chest or spine attachment point for necklaces, hanging the collar off the mouth shows a lot of real movement. as the head moves so does the neck (along with the dynamic feature the collar accentuates). i have a lot of head movement in my Oracul AO. i don't want my necklace to remain static through all those motions so ... it seems to work just fine. don't know why i never thought of this before.

now that i know how to design for a slice of the avatar's mesh i'll try to put out some other "tight fitting" bands. mayhaps the thigh, forearm, ankle, etc. sheesh, you'd think the Lab coulda made our contours round. no matter, back to wireframe.

oh yeah, this collar is now at both my inworld location at Choerom and in Marketplace. uncompromisingly affordable at 35L$ a pop. slurls below:

*Behold* Designs InWorld

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Ideas

i just became aware that my Bloglines reader is going away. i know. don't try to console me, it just won't work. staring into space seems appropriate at this time. i'm not sure i can go on. let me get over this in my own way.

all better. newsblur.com seems to bring in all the feeds i had on Bloglines with full preview mode. only problem is i can't save any posts that i like for later. oh well. gotta mix the good with the bad. i like the feature of one click to get to the next unread post. i don't have to page through the posts that seem to post an endless stream of photos. you know who you are.

i can't tell you much how fun it is discovering new designers. like, yer not me, so what point would there be to articulate the joy of unpacking the myriad amount of freebie parcels i gathered up from the Modavia Fashion Week boutiques and Hair Fair vendors?

discovering a new hair designer (at the Hair Fair no less! go figure) who has the audacity to provide the venue and its patrons with gorgeous and fully modifiable hairs led me to check out her inworld shop. Zeev Dinzeo's LollipopZ Hair Styles is located on her own SIM. they have plenty of styles and shades to choose from. for any one style you get a scripted resize version as well as a modifiable one.

i of course relished twiddling with every flexi follicle, sculpted strand, and accessory. she's got the cutest little sculptie bobby pins. so i thought i'd try my hand at making some of my own.

i fired up Blender and came up with an extruded cylinder that i bent and pummeled into my own simulated version of the real thing. applying the texture (as good as i am with wrapping complex shapes, hahahahahahaha) amounted to accomplishing adding the black ends, woohoo.

now all i have to do is have everyone beat a path to my door to have them in their hair. if you have modifiable hair that is. you could always be creative with them.... i'll put them in my "BEHOLD updates" group. look it up. it's a ghost town (i really should put out more there) but you don't have to stay for the quippy reparte. grab the latest notice attachment and skidaddle.

one other designer of the two that stood out from all the giveaways was Barbarella Cioc of B! Fashion. i had a few issues with her little black dress so i wrote Barbarella for her take. she was nice enough to write back a notecard explaining what i was seeing. the great thing about her flirty little number is it's modifiable. i toned down the length of the sleeves a bit and fiddled with the edge textures just to make it my own. one thing you should be careful of is the panties (on the pants layer) are very slight. one of my skins revealed just a little too much of my naughty bits so i had to put some other panties on underneath. most of the skins i tried didn't have a problem but fair warning.

i couldn't find this dress in her main shop so if you want a copy get over to her Modavia boutique (not too sure when they'll poof) and get one.

all in all, while i came away with some creative ideas and some nice apparel, you'd think of all the designers being highlighted at the two venues there'd be more great finds. two out of what had to be a hundred (best guess) is not a great average. i'm not sure your results would be the same. who knows.

i'm certainly not going to stop going to these events. thank you very much to the organizers for giving us this yearly opportunity. they are something to look forward to. i hope more designers will be starting some new designs they'll reveal just for these events. of course, they'd all be FREE!

Friday, September 17, 2010


it's not all that often i slip out of my N-core heels. i've really never found anyone who can come close to Claire Messenger's slim and sexy sculptie foot/shoe combination. i'm always on the lookout for some heels that are of a similar quality and insanely attractive (Extreme) heels at a price i can afford. i'm trying very hard not to spend all my earnings on shoes. really i am. of course, i've run into some situations as i pursue more "reasonably priced" designs.

more often than not what i assume is being advertised as a designer's shoe winds up to be full permission sculpties resold under the advertisers' brand name. now, i'm not saying that's bad. the quality of the products from people who choose this business model for themselves is exceptional. why they don't brand them as their own is a decision derived from their own experiences. from what i've seen from the retailers of Ten Dexler's shoes (as just one example i've found for full perm wholesalers) there is quite the fluctuation of quality applied by the retail "assemblers" of his wares.

technical things which complete the whole package; shoe bases, skin HUDs, resizing scripts, invisiprims, branding elements, etc. (all features left to the retailer to enhance and personalize their copies) might be better left to the creator. i'm thinking in order to ensure the excellent standards set by the sculptor the integrity of the whole should be overseen or directed by the original creator.

i'm not trying to pick on any of the retailers whose best attempts have given me a frustrating number of issues (i'm pretty laid back when i encounter trouble from a relatively unknown brand's offering). i've got the skills/experience/patience to put things right. i'm not so sure about what fair considerations would be given to the reseller by less knowledgeable residents. of course, knowing what i know i can stress the retailers to the highest standard of competency. i'm not so sure we have that many consumer advocates on the grid. would you just throw out a pair of shoes that's resizer doesn't work properly? working with the designer retailer to excel in all their consumer products has provided me with shoes that are equal to the best designs out there at a fraction of the price our top brands ask.

my route to foot nirvana isn't for everyone i suppose. there's just no comparing how pampered one feels when buying the complete and consistently maintained user experience a professional designer like Claire Messenger provides to her customers through her shoes. i hope, knowing the excrutiating pain the platform can deliver at the best of times, some of these new accounts will wend their way to a similar success. not just from reselling or packaging but from creating their own gorgeous and quality products.

Ten Dexler's full perm heels 1999L$
*BEHOLD* Designs: Burmese Jewelry Set (necklace,earrings) Marketplace, InWorld
*BEHOLD* Designs: Fingernails Marketplace, InWorld
B! Fashion InWorld
LollipopZ InWorld, Hair Fair

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Modavia alaFolie

all images for the alaFolie show from the Modavia Fashion Week are screen caps from my dual monitor system. click any of them to show a full sized high rez shot that spans my Snowglobe viewer over both screens. depending on your browser you might have to click the new image again to get the full 2950x950 sized image.

all models were wearing LeLutka skins and shoes. the neutral toned organically sensuous build for the runway venue was expertly accomplished by Charlotte Bartlett. pixivor's floral patterns looked fantastic against Charlotte's muted interior textures.

each of pixivor Allen's gowns you see in the above shots were elegantly presented by the models. a descriptive narrative as to pixivor's creative process was given by Dahlia Joubert against the background tunes spun by Tatianna Faulkes. all designs shown are for sale outside at the alafolie boutique. there are plenty of 0L$ gifts scattered amongst some of the designers' open air boutiques. so many i'll have some great time discovering some new finds.

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