Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leather, Lace, and Lore

we were once many. legion in fact. now we live our lives in darkness shunning the light of the Sun. we are still many, but scattered throughout the Earth along the four cardinal points. we subsist within small enclaves of loyal companions sharing what little we have freely and without limit. our bond is our sorrowful plight against a common enemy. Man.

hunt or be hunted. our strength is governed by our resolve in honouring the hidden truth.

all things considered, beyond our own sight, our lives are still free, secure in the knowledge of Man's ignorance. we will live among them without fear. our rightful place as their masters is written in the stones of their Churches. the veil that keeps them blind to our rightful place will fall. our way cannot be denied.

the ritual blood sacrifices burgeoning our numbers will continue to embrace the children. go ye and enfold the unguided and faithless minds into your circle. free them from their slavery of death. awaken their souls to eternity.

Outfit: Skifija: Absinthe (includes ankle boots): 499L$ -mod/copy
Hair: JUNWAVE: Luca: 30L$ -copy/resize script
Skin: Bodyline: SARA (hunt gift)
Teeth: *BEHOLD* Designs: Vampire Fangs w/HUD: 50L$ -copy
Earrings: *BEHOLD* Designs (Xstreet) (inworld): Nail Cross Earrings: 50L$ -copy

Location: Dragon Rose Bay 39/212/43

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vampire Fans

i've had a penchant for biting people for some time now. setting my incisors into a fresh carotid is just so righteous. i'm not ashamed of it. it's natural. well, it is for me anyway. some people squirm and wrestle with their fate. i don't know what they're thinking. usually anyone that struggles completely ruins the experience for themselves and others. you have to let go at some point. why fight? go with the flow. it's not all about your needs.

over the intractable course of endless time, i've had to give due respect to the changing times and culture of the day. the decision i've had to make to only show my fangs when feeding has not come easily. the pride in being an immortal and undying soul has no purpose in today's pc world. now, when i'm out and about, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between me and the commoners. the consumers and the consumed. if they only knew.

i've made it easy on all my Vampire family followers. your fangs with HUD are out now at *BEHOLD* Designs @ Choerom and Xstreet.

wannabees, fakers, and followers of fashion ... Beware.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pleasure From Pain


Prim Fingernails (more exclamations warranted to emphasize the revolutionizing fashion coup of the century. please fetch yourself a cuppa while i consult the thesaurus for more superlatives...).

i couldn't write about how guu Nishi could improve her latest shoes without torturing my severely limited expertise in all things sculptie so i came up with my own nails. as i suggested to her in my blogpost, i thought the "poles" for the 3D mesh could be rotated off the front facing view axis. (the first thing in learning any new technology is the funky terminology. makes me feel all above the common plebians it does. not that i don't adore their "huh? wha? say what?" i'm not elevating myself away from you, i'm just hurting myself learning is all. not like you can't do it too. you have to abide the endless pain tho.

i really love my Candy Nails but i got to thinking their business model is failing poor ole me. when i have to buy a new set for every colour change i need i'm sure to go broke. so, after wrestling with Blender to form the damned things (oops, vestigial frustrations abound) i thought "what would i want as a consumer?" one set of nails i can tint for every outfit and occasion is what. so, there you go. EnJoy.

oh, btw, the snapshot's affects in this post are wholly inworld Windlight settings with a dash of dynamic shadows thrown in. you get what you see. 80L$ for a lifetime of pleasure. find them at these locations:

Xstreet Marketplace

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