Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gimme Face

i don't normally do hunts BUT..., when Nedeko Kohime of bodyline is giving away a one of a kind face for her Sara skin (yeah, the one the entire grid is wearing!) i just get a bit exited. so much so i think i started the hunt a day early. go figure.  yeah, i'd line up for this one. thanks Nedeko.

i'm wearing some multi-coloured facelights in this photo so you might not be able to achieve the same affect as i have on yours.

Hair: [!SyDS! Hair] Je t'aime... moi non plus - Raven >(80L$) -mod/copy
Skin: bodyline Sara >(hunt gift) -copy
Shorts: r.icielli - Eleanor highwaist shorts/sea >(free group gift) -mod/copy
Heels: N-core - N-core OBSESSION XtremeHeel II "Galaxy" >795L$ -copy
Nail Polish: Ibizarre -glitter orange >free inworld gift
Pose: *BEHOLD* Designs Grab Ankle >20L$ -copy/mod

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Body Talks

in keeping with the softporn nature on the feeds of late (keep it up girls!), i thought i'd show you what Pompeja Rossini of Damiani (rebranded as LaVie) has been up to lately.

when i saw the ad on the LaVie blog come up on the feeds i immediately bookmarked it for later perusal inworld. well, as luck would have it, she provides a few samples of this skin (Demi V2) as a group gift on the LaVie SIM where i tried it on.

i was immediately struck by the cleavage which showed nicely in the lowcut cami i was wearing. no need for a bust enhancer on this skin as it is built right in. however, with my Shape > Breast Size at 60, at a distance and without any top, they seemed unnaturally pinched. i played around with Appearance and found that setting the Shape > Breast Cleavage to 0 resulted in an astounding improvement.

i have this thing about prominent tanlines. that's what attracted me to Demi so much. the bikini shaded area's tonality on Pompeja's skin was muted suggesting the model's tan had included some nude sunbathing exposure. a subtle level of thoughtful detail much appreciated in immersive roleplaying situations. (don't ask.) since the tanlines weren't all that apparent fully dressed i had to find a place for some further inspection.

for some odd reason, there appears to be stretch marks on the tummy! take a close look (click for larger image). i have no idea what's behind that idea. i thought my monitor was smudged but from every vantage point, they were there. i thought maybe it was part of the tanlines for a complex suit but the teeny bottoms are clearly visable.

and, it might not be so glaring in this shot of my legs on the right but if i could show you the 360 degree pan around you'd see the heavy use of highlight painting with no appreciable blending to speak of. they stand out so much they looked like stripes! no amount of lighting tricks would make them go away (unless maybe midnight settings).

now, as to the face: the philitrum (that indented area between your nose and mouth is called the philitrum) is suffering from the same highlight saturation. in this example its highlights are way too pronounced and it doesn't narrow at the nose. i couldn't adjust my shape to manage it whatsoever.

i don't know whether the full retail skin (1400L$) has the same flaws as the group skin. if it does, it's wholly unuseable. sometimes you can get away with hiding a defect with clothing. i could live with hiding the legs and the belly but how do you go about hiding the face? if you can live with that philitrum yer all good. in my case, i'm out 1L$. you? maybe you learned a new word.

Romeo Void

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seriously Mad Skills

now that's a HUD! oh, the shoes are pretty keen too, but the HUD, isn't it everything you had ever wanted?

guu Nishi of House of Curios (HoC) has laboured long and hard on adjusting her UI scripts to not only providing 9 skin tone presets for her sculptie toes, she's actually managed to integrate a target on her "Fine tune" palette so you can now know exactly where that skin tone pixel is among the ~17 million available! let's be discernable shall we? Yay guu!

in the grand scheme of things it's a brilliant little feature that is missing from the majority of skin HUDs out there. i think SLink has something similar but i'm not doing an A-B comparison here. and, Siddean Munro's been in the shoe game longer. the only remaining feature from my earlier requirements (to meet my extra ordinary needs for perfection) is a selector in the brightness gradient bar. if you don't know just where you are in that, it's hard to get it right. getting the skin tone is better. now, we tweak the brightness. we have to know where we have selected on the scale/range bar.

i'm sure she's got it in her mad scripting skills to give it to us. should i ask her directly? she outrageously suggested not having demos was okay. omg! i'm not sure i'll ever talk to her again. not everyone buys everything you release hon. give em a chance to see them in 3D. i'm not even averse to tossing a 1L$ for the privilege.

as it is, for the development of her user interface i'd give her 4.6 out of a possible 5. i'm sure she's reading this or we are sympatico in a seriously serendiptitous way. does she know i speak for the entire community when i point out these needs? i'm sure she does. she's really really SMART!

and what a beautiful example to apply it to. just the right time for summer sandals. and there's not a better pair of open sculptie toed wedge sandals out there. i could have used a cork texture, but i'm certain she's got that on the way. there are plenty of options to choose from now, maybe the next version's iteration, if she reworks any of her items (she's moved her Noir boots to viewer 2 alphas so i don't see why she couldn't rework these). seems like it'd be a snap to add another cork texture. huh? huh? huh? love you long time....

of course, if i have her attention, i'm sure adding an entire sculptie foot would be far too much to ask. (where's your todo list?) if that's in the works i would recommend, from what i've seen so far on the toes for these "Yay wedges", that the ending vertices grouping be moved off to another axis so that they are not front facing. it's a minor point (who really looks on feet as some sort of erotic fetish anyhow? oops, did i just give myself away there? hey, it's not a fetish if it's not an obsession!) but one that may need revisiting along with the ending vertices for the nails.

am i asking too much? i don't think so. in this 3D mesh crafting world you are always challenged by the next big thing. breaking your back with so little reward (okay, in my case, not sure about guu's) is just par for the course. to rise above the rest, as i think she has with her pricing for such exceptional results puts her in a different class altogether. and, she exists there exclusively (otherwise i would be writing about them!). no one can meet her overall skills in sculpting, texturing, and scripting at such affordable prices. she's eventually seeing an improvement in her demand, hence the adjustment in price for these sandals (just 199L$) but she deserves your support/love/Lindens. these shoes could be "marketed" by the conglomerated whores for exhorbitant fees they are known to push.

i'm sure we'll be seeing lots of these all over the feeds. it's not like any two will be the same with so many options. thanks for making beautiful shoes affordable guu.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*BEHOLD* Designs: Rubic Cube Bracelet

whoever said sculptie making was easy? haha, well, they were wrong. i've poured over a gallon of blood, sweat, and tears to bring this to market. i have the bucket right here. i'm not sure i'll ever recover. you'd be right to feel awful for me. not so much as you'd ruin your day, but hey, keep me in your thoughts when you get really depressed.

converting this design from a primbased one, which just didn't give me the challenge i was looking for, got me developing my Blender skillz. making the mesh was pretty easy, not sure how to get the edges sharper. the hard part involved painting the 128w x 64h targa so the lines acting as borders for the cubes fell in just the right places. thank god for the Aditi preview grid. i have no idea where any of those pixels put on the 2D image would go onto the 3D sculptie without eyeballing them on the test grid and with uploads being free, well, what more do i need to say?

you'd think a perfectly square cube would have a square texture to map to it. i'll have to try that sometime after i get myself some pleasureable company. as it was, the Blender bake gave me that size so who am i to argue? as you can see by the cut, it looks ridiculously easy. that's after 30 or 40 tries of adding a line here, a block there, then filling everything in black. (the tests were in colour so i could distinquish just where things went.)

the mesh i made from Blender was supposed to simulate a beveled surface coming off the base square on all 6 sides. whoa, is that even possible? who the hell even thinks like that let alone articulate it?

after i've fought long and hard with the program to do what i've imagined (staunching the rivulets of cerebral fluid trickling from my ears) i'm stunned. i like that Blender allows you to start up any sculptie mesh with any number of vertices. Wings3D doesn't allow you to add vertices once you start. i'll have to give that a try in Blender once i find that tutorial.

i had thought i might script in some rotations too but hey, i'm no genius. anywho, here it is, the newest frustratingly intense design from the caffeinated mind and arthritic fingers of one tired Second Life resident designer.

you can find this premium quality design at any of these fine locations for your shopping pleasure:

*BEHOLD* Designs, Choerom
*BEHOLD* Designs, Tahiti Magic (full 3Dimensional display object)
Xstreet Marketplace

Friday, June 11, 2010


well, that was fortuitous. i just logged on and got a popdown from pixivor Allen's aLaFolie group about a fashion show taking place some time, some where, by some one. i didn't know much more than that, as the notice supplied a single landmark to SIMODE International fashion fair on the Made in Jura SIM. i had no idea what was on but being the brave little avi, still in my casual wear outfit, i TP'd over and landed at their central landing point. i flew over to the mass of dots surrounding the catwalk and caught what remained of the show.

apparently, from what i was told by Annah Cham, the host of the show, it was put on by Lalabel Demina's Evenementia organization for SIMODE. if you haven't heard about the SIMODE International fashion fair check out their website. looks like there's going to be daily events for the entire month of June! here's their calendar of events. they've got plenty of shops on the sim if you want to browse.

anywho, about the show: there were four designers showcased. Smaller Rossini (SMALLER LOVE FASHION), Pixivor Allen (AlaFolie), LaRosa Kohime (LaRosa), and LadyCatherine Fairey (ButterFly EffectZ). the models didn't seem to be having too much trouble firing their poses, most of their clothes rezzed in time. i would have liked them to stay on the target a little while longer for me to get some better shots. i shouldn't say, but pixivor was in another class altogether from the other designers. there was a real stand out among the models: Anne Auer. i resisted the urge to ask her what she was doing after the show. am i getting old or just jaded?

the organizers supplied a live audio stream with Summer Deadlight lending her fabulous voice to describing all the outfits while Lalabel's avi supplied a scripted text in both French and English. i didn't recognize any of the audience, outside of Summer, but Patty Cortes of Glance International Agency was the one fashion luminary in attendance. all in all, a nice presentation. i'll be looking out for what else SIMODE has to offer. surprises like this are just fine.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


when i'm working on some precision placements for a fantasy object such as these body spikes i usually have to go into Wireframe mode. zooming in on any particular prim doesn't remove any of the grid lines such as the sky and water (here shown as a blue and white grid. there are only so many lines i can register in me wee little brain without data overload. after a while, i don't know what line belongs to what.

so, should this ever happen to you, you can always turn them off if you drop down your Advanced menu > Rendering fly out. uncheck the Sky and Water rendering types. you can see the peaceful shot without all the busyness below. click either of the images to study the details. (the large images are hosted on my freeforums site. if you can't access them let me know. i'll soon be opening the forum to guest browsing/registering soon but you should be able to at least see the pix.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marketing vs Realization

i really used to love Milla Michinaga back in the day when she had her styling blog. her every look (and her frequency was prolific) was picture perfect. if only by following the blog some of her fine sense of colour, tonality, and coordinate selections would rub off on me. she never entered into any drama (well there was that one Sofia incident) but essentially her content pretty much stuck to short descriptions of the look. her formulaic post style (split image, 2 full length shots) was a consistent format that i'd come to appreciate among the other eclectic (wild?) bloggers. her active commenters (before Sofia) seemed genuinely interested and engaged with the fashion she showed so well.

then she professed to hitting a brick wall on blogging anything. she had reduced her frequency of posting before that time so i was itching for anything she might bring to us. along with her ending-the-blog post she announced she had been making clothes. well, i was completely surprised but exited too. if she could somehow bring her styling sensibility to her clothing....

she opened a shop and put a small amount of samples out that i immediately asked to blog. well, that's where the love affair ended. i can understand, being a newbie designer without a history of having any particularily noticeable PhotoShop skills that her first designs might need some adjusting. i assigned my co-blogger at the time, Minx Arashi, to put out a nice post on the small gifts Milla was nice enough to give us. i really don't write up things i don't absolutely adore for their technical or artistic accomplishments. Minx was all waggy tailed and big eyed so she was happy blogging anything. but, they were really far from the main stream.

i kept an eye on her new releases every now and then, but eventually lost interest. i wasn't really interested in any of her styles, they all seemed pretty plain. she just didn't seem to be developing into a top line artist who brings one of a kind art to the world. not so with her marketing though. her adboards, store, blogs, and promos all felt Big Time and her latest design idea really hit me. hmmm, i'll give her another try. click on the small images below for more detailed illustrations of what i found.

i really wanted to make this design work, really i did. i didn't know how Milla would react. she had only mentioned my name in a public forum once as far as i know. she'd always been nice to me in comments i'd made on her styling blog.

she wasn't on when i wanted to tell her about the defects. i'm not sure there would be anything she could do about the seams not meeting but the unmatched front panels and sides are not technical limitations. i have no idea how much work it took to get this idea so far but it's just not ready for the high end market she seems to be addressing. it's out now and i have no idea how many people bought them. how many could live with the flaws (maybe cover the seams with a belt, sash, jacket, etc...). i just didn't have the time to style it. i wanted to show off the entirely sexy "idea".

i hardly have any highwaisted leggings in my inventory. wah, you don't know how bad i felt. i tried every combination in the folder. all of the tops mismatched the bottoms. i threw them all out. i hope when she reads this she'll be able to respond to her customers. by bringing out these flaws i'm hoping she'll be able to rectify what i think is a fantastic design idea into a quality realization she might or might not know how to do technically. i await her response to this challenge. i expect, and i assume her customers expect, greatness from you.


Milla suggested the seam issue doesn't occur with the jacket layer. it did show on every combination i tried (and believe me, i tried: underwear/shirt, underwear/undershirt, pant/shirt, pant/underwear, jacket/pant, jacket/underwear. i even tried multiple layers. of course, since i've deleted the folder, i can't revisit her excuse. that's all i can do for now since i've tossed the entire folder. they won't work as separates.

unless she passes me another copy (no thanks) there's no way she can prove her argument. every quality item i own meets at the seams. [i'll put together a top/bottom set to prove the seams are not a technical issue and will post here as a further update.] even still...what is she saying about the front panel mismatch and side seams? you don't want to know and i won't be printing out personal communications no matter how awful they are. plllttttt. oh, how i've matured.


the image above shows a shirt and top without any texture applied. and, yes, there is an issue where the top doesn't have a distinct clean line which should meet the top exactly. the image below shows art applied to the top and bottom. i used a pattern i had in my inventory as opposed to making a new one. i don't have my PhotoShop on this computer and i have no idea how Gimp works, argh. suffice it to say, and i'm no expert in clothing design, the top adequately meets the bottom without any glaring gaps.

does the simple act of adding a texture fix the issue? does painting outside the line do it? what's this alpha thing everyone's talking about? i don't know. all i know is that all of my tops join all of my bottoms in all the clothing i buy. otherwise, i throw them out. :(


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Never Asked You Your Name

Gordon Lightfoot

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pointy Face

i don't know how many people use the zoom option for their fashion shots. if you haven't you should give it a try. the photo on the left uses the zoom feature and the one on the right is using the normal every day viewing mode.

all's you do is hold the Control key and then stab the 0 (zero) key as many times as you want (maximum 14 times) to zoom in as close as you want. you can move the camera with Alt-click drag to frame the shot. hit Control and 9 together to snap back into normal viewing again. voila, no more pointy face.

oh, btw, that's my Wire Necklace with Iron Cross (the cross is a sculptie made with Wings3D). it's out for sale now at my *BEHOLD* Designs Marketplace store for 80L$.

Friday, June 4, 2010

New *BEHOLD* Shiny

i've done it again. now you have 3 choices available to fill all your fashion needs. one barbed and bailing wire wrapped necklace with plain, iron cross, or star options. they're out at my second *BEHOLD* Designs location now. they are copyable with sizing controlled by script. i should have them up on Xstreet soon. maybe after they've completely overturned the applecart (again). as for right now, they're being displayed in glorious 3D so you know what you're getting before committing.

i should have some more options on this design later. i'm working on making the sculpties in Blender now. the iron cross was made in Wings3D. i initially shied away from Blender's UI but since watching a number of video tutorials it's gonna be my sculptie program of choice.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ugly to the Bone

just wanted to show you what a perfect hair i found for my Bodyline/AlaFolie outfit after completing my latest post. i have no idea how i found this shop, !SyDS!, but it sure smacks of serendipity. i suppose random TP forays into the ~30,000 islands on the map comes up aces every now and then. and, like most Japanese designers, their designs are way reasonably priced! nothing splashy, big marketing pushes; just quietly going about making SL beautiful. and they're fully modable!!!

why some of you blogging tards choose to form your avatars into ugly moronic looking visions of spindly malnourished twisted sisters is really beyond repulsive. i'm glad you've found an avenue for your vision and thankfully you seem to stay amongst your own kind ... out of public view. i have yet to see one example of the stretched and pointy bag-a-bones (save Kensie Craven) in all my wandering inworld. 99% of every other avatar sighted is an incredible depiction that blends in to the rich and beautiful visions we all make. what you see all around you, if you ever play, is still "Our world. Our vision." no matter what you see on the internet feeds. go out and explore. interact. play. expand your mind.

as a blogger and SL player i'll never align myself to any group trying to make a political statement. there are far too many ways in the real world we can distinquish ourselves from being together. yeah, we're all different. not ONE of us is alike the other and no one should fall into someone else's way.

far too many of us are shy (or should i say afraid?) to interact. it's really not very difficult and won't cost you any points on your aggregate score. :-) come on sisters, let's get out there and show us you're beautiful.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


whenever i feel like rewarding myself i always stop by pixivor Allen's AlaFolie store. if i were richer or more worthy i'd be there all the time. as it was, i was pleasantly surprised this outfit was on sale for 50% off her normal price. had i known the package contained EVERYTHING i'm wearing, including accessories and shoes, i'd have parked there to await her putting them out. and, while i was there taking these shots on her beautiful tropical island paradise, pixivor and her marketing agent Anette Bernard showed up. i wasn't close enough to overhear their conversation but i'm sure they were talking about me!

black skins can be very difficult to light so i altered the blush light i have up on Xstreet. the one i've made for this shot is out for free at a new shop i'm creating on the Tahiti Magic SIM. it's modifiable so you can change the light features to your own needs should you choose.

ensemble : AlaFolie : LOLA courte
skin: BODYLINE : SARA_m1 (group gift)
facelight : *BEHOLD* Designs : Blush Light

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