Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Not Living in the Real World

i've been enjoying the real world of late. i know! who'da thunk it. it's astoundingly fun once you forgive everyone for their judgmental bigotry and live with the knowledge that not everyone has benefited from undying love. hmmm, go figure. yer not me.

anywho, just wanted to put this out onto the feeds so no one still playing inworld will ever forget me. i'd like to say a few things about N-core's new shoes but since this is being composed on my mom's computer i don't have access to all my image files. i did manage to include one detail shot into blogger before i left the confines of my palatial home. once i get back to the Mayne world i'll try to tell you more.

as it is, i really like the idea of having the stocking's textures match the sculptie footprim textures. not only that, the textures are super detailed with seams around the toes and heels. not sure if anyone else is able to do what Claire Messenger has done. each design she comes out with just keeps getting better. she's really earned her place in the pantheon of innovative shoe designers.

my only criticism, you'll see what i mean if you enlarge the small pic below, is the HUDs (not just for N-core) should include a cursor in the palette that indicates where in hell our colour choice is. i'd do it if you asked. :-(

hat/hair : *ARGRACE* : Beanie "Long Straight" ~ (Platinum)
skin : BODYLINE : SARA (group gift)
necklace : Caroline's Jewelry : Tough Diamond Cross (modded) -no longer available
bangles : Ibizarre : Ibizarre Bracelets (gold/brown)
top : Acey Moe : *A&S* jacket (Black/Red)
skirt : Lo*momo : L*m_skirt
stockings/heels : N-core : OBSESSION XtreemHeel II *Galaxy*
body glitter : Masks & Feathers : MF Eyes, Leg, mouth glitter
eyes: *HAYSURIZA* : HSU*Natural_Eye(HUD)

Blondie: I'm Not Living in the Real World -youtube

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life is an Illuminating Art

no. this photo is not something i shot inworld. well, half of it was. i overlayed my avi and the Advanced Sky Editor window on a rl snap i took from my rl mother's garden.

as you can see in the real life shot i used for the background, and in any naturally lit real life shot, the sun plays an extremely mportant role in photography. it defines the shapes and colours of what appears on the 2D image plane of your monitor. not so much so in SL.

in SL the sun's light is mathematically simulated. before the Lab purchased Windward Mark Interactive (the creators of Windlight) we didn't have very much control over just how we could fiddle with the sun. of course, if you didn't want a lumpy and cavernous void showing between your breasts you had to orient your avi against the sun just so. facelights helped alleviate some ugly light-to-mesh issues as an innovative artificial workaround but with the implementation of Windlight the entire "natural" world changed.

not only could the Sun be manipulated but the sky, the clouds, even the water fell within the new rendering capabilities. Windlight gave us incredible power to realize our artistic visions inworld. if our machines could handle the hardware requirements, and many fell by the wayside with less graphically invested computers, a more vibrant and immersive experience awaited. should our cards be cutting edge, system software up to date, and the latest drivers installed; awe inspiring fantasmagorical scenes were ready to grace our eyes. if not. well, it was time to upgrade.

and, as it is with such extraordinarily complex changes, the Lab, designers, and users took a fair bit of time to understand and manage the new features. some never have, haha. too funny. as it is with everything in SL, it really depends on you. how much do you have to invest in yourself in time and learning? yes, it's simple to invest Linden dollars. how many of us can spend the time on our knowledge?

hopefully, i might be able to facilitate that need. hang in there, i'm sure i can find something you can use.

glasses: Frameworks: heart shaped glasses
skin: Free Speerit: Fiona Gold -Shaved, No Hair
hair: Innovations: Anita - Bronzed
bathing suit: *CANDY HOUSE*: Western khaki
coverup: ::eLDee: defunct
flats: In Her Shoes: Bows Brown Suede
poses : Oracul

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