Monday, April 26, 2010

Natural Birth


i'm seeing more people trying out their atmospheric lighting. good on you. of the 13 most recent artists to do so, each of you is exceptional. as for the jokers and degraders, i'm expecting that some of you will fall behind and attempt to drag us all down with your mind reeling with the perception that you are being left behind. well, puulllease! you know i won't let that happen. no one will deliberately be left behind. this is so easy for everyone. all it takes is a gentle hand, a boatload of patience, and the time for experimentation.

i'm here for ya. here, wipe your tears. i don't want you to just try it once, say you've done it and abandon ever integrating these intensive lighting features into your art again. we're changing the way people perceive our world now, aren't we? no more flat otherworldly 2D snaps. you are showing the world in which we live. as it is. complete, fully realized, and multi dimensional.

now, because i've run out of time (i told you not to trust my scheduling) i'm not going to be able to give you a totally fleshed out lesson. one thing i will get over to you though is to discover just how the two most important sliders function on moving the sun. with or without shadows enabled, if you can orient all the various components into the scene AND place the sun to act upon them as you wish you're farther ahead than 99% of the rest of the field.

so ... fiddle with the Sun/Moon Position and East Angle sliders and WATCH THE SUN when you do. if you have to stand on your head, watch how the sun tracks in the sky when you move your sliders along the entire range of slider movement. you'll become expert in no time. you'll know intuitively and instinctively just how those sliders affect the sun's inworld phenomena. your life depends on it. too much pressure? oh, stop.

pose: Miseria: Pose - 042
hair: AMG BOUDOIR: KYLIE dark (customized)
top: Suicidal Unborn: Gift Shirt! 3
skirt: Blow-Up: MiniSkirt Punky - Black
tights: Sheer: Zebra Black
boots: HoC Industries : Noir Boots
guu nishi's Noir boots are fully Viewer 2 compatible. she's recently sent out an updated version with her resize recolour script that can be deleted [once you've got your backup copies stowed away!].

Friday, April 23, 2010


quick post just to keep my name in the game. i wanted to say something about inworld light settings but it looks like Gogo beat me to it. i don't know why more fashion bloggers don't use fancy settings. whenever i'm shooting any shots for the blog i'm always fiddling with the Windlight. takes me forever finding just the right colours and effects but i love the way i can paint the light/shadows over the landscape and avatar. it can be a real pain though and i keep wanting someone to buzz in to stop me from spending so much time.

most of the fashion bloggers i skim through the feeds don't seem to be living in the same 3D dynamically lit world. some of them add shadows in PS against a flat background, some shoot from inside a textured sphere, others crop out the world altogether. only maybe 2 or 3 out of the multitude add any inworld lighting. :(

i guess i could post a series of some of my discoveries. don't set your watch on me, i'm terrible with schedules. but, you can believe me, the extra ordinary complexity can actually be narrowed down to two of the most important sliders. here's something you can all try, no matter your video card's functionality (ie. the lowest graphics settings). open your Environment Editor in whatever viewer you are using. go the the Advanced Sky Editor > Lighting tab and start playing with the Sun/Moon Position and East Angle sliders. if you can watch the sun/moon traversing the sky and the subsequent effect upon your avi then you've arrived. there'll be a quiz later so learn well.

skin: Cupcakes: CUPCAKES - Allure - Mocha - Dark Brow - Patty!
hair: EMO-tions: VIVIEN ponytail [Hair Only SIM opening freebie]
3D goggles: *BEHOLD* Designs: prototype [notforsale]
choker: *BEHOLD* Designs: prototype [notforsale]
top: Neko Gear: no longer available
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boots: HoC Industries : Noir Boots
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never Before Seen

if the new M run Lab could get the bugs out of Viewer 2 i'd be able to use this keen new feature of projection lighting with relative ease. as it is, i almost killed myself getting this setup photographed. i'm sure if i calm down (i could NOT find ANY WAY to upload an animation [it's in the Sidebar's inventory: File > Upload]) there might be some rather intriquing artistic renderings to come. who knows?

i've had to set my graphics to pre-Windlight days and i find it terribly hampering to have my draw distance off of 512m full ultra pegged. under this new Viewer 2, i'm lucky not crashing at 64m dumb down simple.

if anyone has the nuclear arsenal to enable this feature on their graphic cards good luck. if you need any help with the required settings check out Opensource Obscure's excellent video for the poop.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Victim Statement

i've been putting SL into perspective over the last little while and it's really jelled of late. the firm and stable data coordinating all the various confusion and hubbub of the world is money. simple as that. it all surrounds and revolves around money. as it does in real life too i suppose. yeah, i know, it's me again. we're going deep.

of course, being who i am, i've never had very much respect for people killing one another over maintaining a livelihood that can't be supported through other far more transparent means than to undermine another's innocent pursuit of happiness. and that's where the twain never seems to meet. if you get in someone's way between their goal of fame and fortune you had best be prepared to die or suffer untold torture for your puny impertenances. through whatever means are at their disposal, and there are many, you will feel their wrath.

i came to this game to escape. i suppose i'm still here because the drugs that traditionally took me there are getting fewer and far between. one can only expand their mind so much until you "get it". and that's the realm of thought that i approach in my daily life. it's gotten me to where i am today, and i'm very content with who i am. different, yeah. but still happy in my own delusional way. and, as Stuart Smalley would say, and that's okay.

nonetheless, my own slant on life is to love every body and every thing. funny, i know. but meeting, greeting, role-playing, and just generally hanging out with who knows who is really quite a treat for me. from one day talking politics with someone from South Africa to making love to a Czechoslovakian school marm (and that's RL people not their personas inworld. at least, that's what i was made to believe! you don't think...? ) it's really been quite extraordinary.

the whole world and its entire social strata can potentially be at your fingertips. or not. it can all be make believe too. however you see it and experience it, elaborate stories and fantastical adventures are merely an avi away. but i digress. i keep losing the stable data that i ensure you drives the world.

no matter how immersed and bathed in the world of fantasy and imagination, no matter just how fleeting or enduring the images and emotions painted onto the pallet of the mind are; i have to get real. and that reality, is, as it is in real life, just another illusion. a trap at best, but it's how the present culture has chosen to be lead to their imminent and infinite demise.

yes i know, you're feeling light headed and terribly confused. bear with me, it won't last long. have another toke[n] of my appreciation.

now where was i? oh yes, the way of the world: in reality, as opposed to an innocent (some would say ignorant) point of view, we base the world on money. people who "play" this game and who stay in the game (under whatever guises befit their needs) are here for one purpose and one purpose alone. always keep that in mind and your awakening into a new level of consciousness will be that much more easier for you to live. i'm here to help you.

so, did that make sense?

here, i'll give you a practical example of just what it is i mean. don't rely on statistics that are supplied to you from the Lab. they're not going to be telling anyone how they make their money. just like everyone else. even if they were forced to under pressure of law, they won't ever tell you what's what. that's a given. stop looking there. you have to use your own imagination. here's what i've come up with.

let's say for example you are a skin designer. you're a starving artist who can whip up a UV map that far exceeds anyone's vision of loveliness and beauty. it's a natural wonder and it's technically possible within the game to sell thousands of them any time you choose. say for example you're Trickster Boucher (that's Bouch-ay' emphasis on the ay). now, you're not famous just yet, we have to get you to that place where your every release into the world is met with extreme awe and giddy schoolgirl enthusiasm. Mr Boucher, whoever that may truly be, has done that for himself. and good on him, i'm certainly not diminishing him his due.

so, let's say you've gotten your brand and product to the point where it is met by the community of ignorant and anointed as the next best thing. the hype and launch brings your island to a standstill. and still they keep coming. now, this is where it gets real. and, sorry to say, that means mathematics, spreadsheets, data, and formulas. don't worry, i've got it all figured out and distilled to an executive summary. you're spared all the heavy lifting.

let's say that the arrival of this most beautious virtual adornment is being sold for 1000L$. the economy is tending to creep up the prices so it might be a tad more dear but for simplicity sake, let's round it to 1000 Linden dollars. so, each and every transaction from however many sources inworld and on Xstreet gives you, as the designer/artist/business one thousand Linden dolars.

now, what type of frequency of sales would that top-of-the-line, grid-wide hysteria command? well, i'd say that the island, as an example of one stream of revenue, would hold 50-80 avatars maximum. if the community is whipped up to a sufficient frenzy one would estimate that in an event horizon of such monumental magnitude the island would be filled to capacity. that means each 24 hour period would provide 50-80 avatars access to the product inworld. and that's a sustainable level. all the avis are constantly replenished by new avis coming and going. it's not a static number. you have to account for what is called "churn". i love that word.

what that means is turn over. when one avatar leaves another can TP in, ad infinitum. if everything is presented correctly the sea of grey will reveal a clickable product and a transaction in one minute. so in one minute's time you have 50-80 avatars churning through at a transaction rate of one per minute. continuously! throughout the entire marketing campaign. if yer that good.

so, you have a given access to your product for 50-80 viewers at any given time throughout your event. any one of those people, staying for however long can mean a sale. if one person standing there is not going to buy, you can be damned sure one of the other 50-80 will. and that's continuous. ding ding ding. churn!

now take that rate and put it into a 24 hour day. there are 60 minutes to each hour. 24 hours x 60 minutes = 1,440 minutes. each minute = 1000L$ sale. in one 24 hour day you, as the business/designer/creator, can make 1,440,000L$. multiply that over a 10 day period (for the sake of easy math) and that's 14,400,000L$. exchange that into real cash at the going rate of 265L$ to 1 US$ and that grosses you $54,340. that's real hard cold yankee dollars. and however long it took you to create/hype/launch/sell; let's say you toiled over this one product line for a whole year, that's not a bad return. and there's plenty of other lines to bring out during the year equalling even more donero. the sky's the limit. use your imagination.

this game is not a trivial matter. you see how important it is to those designers who have it in their minds to become successful. it can be the only thing on their minds. and; controversy, contention, and drama just means more sales. fact. we're dealing with mass marketing here people. nameless faceless churn.

people make this game their livelihood and you'd best regard who's who with due deference. oh, and btw, the socializing and manipulating the press is cake. there's enough freebies and samples for everyone. so the next time anyone asks you to work for candy, or for free, maybe this perspective might help.

if you aren't part of the massive juggernaut you're simply fodder. god help you if you get in the way. they'll make an example of you that might not picture you like you want people to see you. however wrong that image might be, you have to live with their depiction. bullying? i don't know. i'd say it's an aggressive business practice all too common in my time.

i'm not surprised seeing some vile (violent) image makers out there selling themselves as supporting the anti-bullying cause. if you had your entire life turned upside down and thrown into the net for the sharks to ravage (by some of the top designers/businesses/bloggers inworld i might add) you might have a different point of view. i've been there. i know what it's like to be victimized. they want you dead or silent. just stay down they say. under their control. along for the ride. owned.

i'm just one voice among thousands. telling it like i see it can't possibly shake the world to its foundations. or does it take a thousand voices? my goal for everyone: speak your mind...without fear, intimidation, bullying, banning, belittling, or censoring. what do they have to fear? your freedom? let me answer that for you. yes.

peace out.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The End of an Era

i had a number of methods conceived for expressing my admiration of these lovely sculptie boots by Guu Nishi of House of Curios. i think this soft and sexy approach works well enough to serve my initial intent. i found the lightbeams in a role playing SIM called New Wonderland and had some fun bathing my avi in their etherial glow. i think it turned out kinda like one of Connie Arida's shots. hope she hasn't patented her look.

i had originally thought of showing you the difference between ms Nishi's new Viewer 2 version boots (with the alpha mask clothing layer) and the ancient method (using invisiprims) but it seems as if the stability of the platform is exceedingly rare of late. i have been repulsed from adopting the new viewer since it seems that EVERYTHING in it was changed, moved, hidden, or deleted. the Lab seems to have forgotten that the viewer is/was the portal to an immersive experience in which we conceived, played, and interacted in an almost palpably intuitive way. then again one can always spend their time dressing up a look, shooting some pix, then logging off. [oh god, they are turning us into Facebook....]

now that i blinked and see that the viewer's out of beta i've forced myself to try to learn it. EVERYTHING has changed, and i mean EVERYTHING! it's going to take another century to relearn the entire world. i'm really quite literally stunned with all the changes. it's like starting from zero all over again. i'm too old to start all over. there's just so many jarring bugs, confusing and unintuitive navigational paths to once familiar functions and completely bizarre technical glitches where once there was a facile process leading to productive output. i'm really stunned. the future is not bright.

it's sad there's so many great things stuffed into the new viewer too. everything but the kitchen sink. if i knew the wizard's shortcut for that i'm sure it'd pop out too. it's all so overwhelming. i don't know when the tears are going to ever stop. i am trying, tho. i'm really not taking the punishment well. please excuse my utterly blank and silent stare.

short shorts: N-core : Denim mini short light blue
tatts: Andrasta : Flowers
boots: HoC Industries : Noir Boots
animation: Oracul

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