Wednesday, March 31, 2010


oh, hi.

just wanted to show you the new choker i made to go with the freaky Nikita Fride hair i just got. i'm not going to sing too many praises for this hair. i've never shopped at ms Fride's and i didn't give her stuff much of a look over. outside of its barbed wire banding, goth skull, crosses, oversized hair pins (spikes!) and messy style it took forever to fit.

i saw a version of the hair at VNP Ninetails' blog and absolutely had to have it. (sorry VNP, i was a woman possessed. just playing...haha.) i think i would have been happier with the style she was wearing in that ad. buyer beware, there are 4 different styles for this design. two with bangs/strands, two pulled back. you should get the pulled back style. fitting the stray strands to my odd head shape with this non-Mod style is near to impossible.

it has Wietsche Cassini's resize script, so, yeah, it's semi modifiable. you're "supposed" to be able to size, rotate, and move any and all prims. unfortunately, if your need is to move a prim buried in the mass of prims (add transparency to complicate matters) your day can be a disaster. and, after stabbing the damned menu button for rotating said strands i was never quite sure just which axis it was turning around. the increments were so subtle i lost my focus. what's an axis? oh, how about this "Show Prim" button. is that any reason to overwrite the main menu? which menu should i use now? it was horrible. i thought i was gonna die.

now, i might sound bitchy. am i projecting the real world or are these frustrations ordinarily not encountered in an every day purchase? well, after becoming accustomed to Japanese hair which is fully modifiable and CHEAP (did i mention cheap?) it was a tad upsetting to my little world view (insulated?). and, after spending 200L$ for 2 hairs (one with the bright feature turned on, which i would never use anyway) i had "expectations".

nonetheless, after grumble mutter teeth clenching much editing i was happy wearing it without any need for a head reshape. it looks good at most angles. straight on has a few fugly "does it show?" moments but all in all, i absolutely love it! no, that's not sarcasm. after sweating blood to make this hair fit, it's deserving some admiration.

oh, the choker/necklace is out for sale at my new satelite shop *BEHOLD* Designs Too (link below). check it out, it's a 1024sqm space with relatively little lag. i think it's deserving its 40L$ pricetag. and yes, you can just make out the blood stains in the barbed wire. this is going to be one of a few versions. can't tell you what other features it will have. they're a secret.

hair: Nikita Fride : Gothic Hair III
skin: YS&YS : Zara Groupgift Hot Punk
top: Ala Folie : BOLERO rose clair
accessories: *BEHOLD* Designs : Wire Necklace

*full disclosure: i have never met or communicated with ms Fride. i'm sure she's a great designer with a multitude of personable and attractive features. this "episode" is recounted in an effort to expose my own complete dedication/obsession with my possessions and in no way should it detract from your own enjoyment of ms Fride's excellent work.

i think Wietsche is a genius! i use his resize scripts in all my resizables and freely distribute them with every design i use them in. just because his scripts have changed how the world works (please delete them once you are done!) doesn't mean he's perfect. i've worked with him before to develop a concentrated understanding of his scripts but did not have the time in this instance to resolve my findings. i suppose i should tell him about what i found but i don't have the time. i am not being, nor have i ever been paid to aid in the development of his product. it's a "community" thing and i do it for free.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Frilly Friday

i had thought i'd go along with the crowd and put a green St Patrick's Day outfit together. dangle a sprig of clover from me mug et voila, natural acceptance of the community at large. however, as soon as i ran into Clear Canning's blogpost featuring my ever loving rl peasant girl blouse, the gig was up. yes, i will turn away from the artificial cultural norms in a nonce. Sinead IS Ireland!

now, what i can get behind is Cyberus Noel's generous sprinkling of mini floral patterns dancing over a sheer silk chiffon background. the ribbon edging bounces with effervescence in all its pretty and pink silkiness. the gathered ruffles of the bodice and puffy sleaves, tied at the front with another pretty pink silk bow, is remarkable in its technical and artistic achievement.

this top is drop dead full stop gorgeous. no, i couldn't get over it. and, it's fully modifiable too. it's how most designs should be given out. Japanese artists seem bent on providing us with the best of everything. i didn't have to fiddle with the ruffles too much to follow my bustline but damn, playing with this design full zoom was half the fun. and, at 120L$, you can see the difference between this high quality item and the usual greedy less talented names pushing the price limits to ever higher realms. bargain hunting is so much fun. it's my way of thumbing my nose at the big labels. a girl's gotta eat too ya know. how can i afford Moody on my budget?

as you can see from the top photo, i was happy with just the top. i could lounge around like that all day long. unfortunately, the rest of the world has their own proper moralistic insignificances we must pay attention to. what to wear with it?

i thought about going all boudoir sexy but chose instead to go innocent girl next door casual. i found some capris with cuffs at G Field, again; perfect texturing, perfect sculpting, way affordable. went over to Candy Nails to get some pink nails. had the messy updo from JUNWAVE (hell, just realized i'm going all Japanese with this look!). the only exceptions are my Brazilian flats and Yankee eyes. thank god for reality sized human eyes. the default sized eyes are for deer! i must say, hunting down Ryker Beck's Exodi store in the Gorgeous Yongho complex of shopping islands was a treat. i remember many moons ago when all GoGo had was her Juicy SIM. i am very much impressed with the shopping experience/immersion she offers us there.

et voila. this is how i should appear in the future flitting about looking for this and that. till the next cultural event or that next shiny. happy shopping.

blouse : G FIELD : *GF* Off-shoulder Chiffon Tops shirt -flower/pink-
capris : G FIELD : *GF* Capri Jeans -light blue-
necklace : BEHOLD Designs : *BEHOLD* Designs: Craps Necklace
nails : Candy Nails : Candy Nail #P000 Basic Nails Pink03 L10
flats : MaBaby Burner : Unique[closed]
skin : paper.doll : {paper.doll} Sophie-DeepTan-Cleavage-WinterSpecial
eyes : Exodi : :: Exodi :: Look Into My (Green)(Sm/NV)
poses : Oracul

full disclosure: i have no relationship with any of the above named designers (aside from my self, whom i love most dearly and will have children with one day). name dropping GoGo and Ryker does not presuppose any foreknowledge or prior arrangements to focus attention on their ongoing commercial enterprises. neither are on my friends list on this or any other social network. any private communication i have had with either was wholly unsolicited and yet fully unwarranted to be crudely exposed in a public forum for her gang's lulz.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Black & White

seen this little number on slupergirls while browsing/obsessing on the feeds [note to self: apply to have more feeds carry the MayneLineFashion world]. it is being marketed under the brand Rihanna Couture (owner Rihanna Goldflake). full disclosure: i've not met, nor do i know Rihanna in SL or RL and i am not currently associated with her or her creative or business partners.

since the slupergirls' link sent me Close (argh) to the shop, (here's the link to the vendor) i was forced to cam around looking for the dress in a field of boxy odds and ends. i didn't browse the designer's other items, the mall build and ad displays surrounding the jewel of my eye seemed contrary to the extreme quality i found in her chiffon dress (a free group gift btw). if you're interested in a more immersive experience i'd tp to the shop Rihanna has on Seagull Islands SIM. not only will you find the shop easier, the full sensuround experience there (if yer into European fishing villages) should send you over the top.

as to the dress...wow! just wow. the skirt is no mod without any sizing script. my digidoll is quite slim and 2m tall on her tiptoes. anyone with a larger frame might have some trouble fitting their shape into the skirt. there's some room, its shape is very narrow front to back, so you might have a chance. worst case scenario, wear a skirt shape. in my case i didn't have to change from my every day full butt version.

the bodice and sleeves are fully modifiable even to the point of editing linked parts (for those fussy types who have to fiddle with everything). i would have liked to have hidden the collar more so the sheer material would have revealed more of my nude back but i couldn't position it any better than how it came right out of the box. i won't tell you how long i played with it before i reverted to my saved box copy. no matter how you position all the various pieces, they work well on their attachment points through all of the poses/animations i put them through.

the outfit comes with stockings on the underwear layer (which i declined to wear) with glitch pants that i thought were a little high so i swapped them out for longer ones. another reason for the longer pants is that the sculptie parts built up near the center leave that area a little too revealing for my liking. looked kinda like when yer shorts ride up. i'm sorry for that mental image. putting on some opaque clothing (ala longer pants) seems to solve that. see for yourself what i mean in the before and after photo below (or is that after/before...left shot=longer glitch pants):

the jacket and sleeves primwork is a collaboration amongst many artists. Kitty Smithson, jessi freck, Sebbi Neox, and Cryogen Crimson all had their hands on them at one point. i'm glad the individual creator attributes remained upon inspection. i'm struggling with some ethical practises that have come up recently with some designers whose primwork "appears" to be their own but are really nothing but an assemblage of parts from a BIAB designer. it's a hot button political issue that i'll try to address in another post with as much perspective/impact statements from well known designers as i can provide. i've put out some feelers for feedback so we'll have to give it some time for their responses. until then, happy shopping.

The Rest of the Story:
Hair: ((JUNWAVE))Luca*Black*
Skin: Nuuna's Skin Black stripe
Accessories: *BEHOLD* Designs
Heels: Skifija Super Sexy High Heels (Antelope of the King)
Poses: Oracul

Friday, March 5, 2010


i really don't know what's good for me. sure, sex, sand, sun, and sandals are givens, but outside of that, really; i'd rather not even begin to bother. putting my energies into mundane rl realities isn't a heck of a lot of fun. nursing is not my career of choice. let's face it, there's only so much you can deny yourself in real life before some ugly reality wants something you're not prepared to give up. first to go is one's self respect. compromise is not something i like to argue. i've killed people with my best guesses. responsibility sucks.

time spent on indulging my fantasies in SL seems so much more appropriate a place for my energies. i know it's wrong, disassociative, escapist fantasy. it's unhealthy and utterly fruitless. and i love it.

i don't know how often i'll be posting now but should you see me in passing, i'd love for you to stop and take a look. it's really nothing all that fancy compared to the pros. i've learned everything i know about graphics from being here in SL. the blog's a little limiting sometimes so you might see me post to my ISSUU channel every now and then. i hope you find the pix pretty and the words provocative.

if my reviews look/feel like a paid advert at any time, please kill me. promptly. i'm serious. i make absolutely no money whatsoever from this blog. i do not have any non-disclosure agreements preventing me from telling you the truth. i am not part of any corporate network preventing you from believing your own good senses. i don't have any Linden friends or Lab employees who can power trip on you. i blog what i like and what i think needs appreciation. i don't ever get what i want, but i still try to give what i can. if anyone gets hurt, it is not my intent. long live Second Life and selfish indulgence.

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