Friday, December 18, 2009

There is a God

well, if i hadna said it it might not have happened. who's to say? soon as i mentioned pixivor Allen might want to alter her pricing or pay off the fashionista mafia for some press she announces a 50% sale at her main store. who'da thunk she'd go that route? good on you pixi.

apparently it's her store's second anniversary. what a blast to finally be able to afford some of her dazzling fabric interpretations, daring cuts and flexi features. i can't afford her top of the line couture designs with my jeans and T-shirt budget. and no, i'm not being showered with faux kisses and lavished with extravant gifts. however much i would adore this manner of treatment (again!) ... gulp, should i say it? it's wrong. your ethics might tell you different. go figure. i'm not opening a debate, just thought "being paid" to blog someone's stuff without disclosing the relationship or monetary rewards of said relationship might be a tad shady. welcome to the world of fashion blogging. doh.

anywho, enough about my personal revelations and moralistic mumbo jumbo. don't forget to check out pixi's accessories and shoe sections. you just might find some stuff virtually free. her build's a little bit deceptive, as in, there are a lot more items there than you would initially perceive. you just have to find your way around to where they are to take them all in. think 3D chess and you'll do fine.

don't forget, the sale's only for the Main Store. along with the sale of pixivor's earlier items there's a new babydoll release with the most fantastic shimmery fabric treatment you could ever imagine. all without threading a needle. ya gotta love Second Life fashion.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i'm not sure why more corporate hype/blogger brand adoption hasn't come pixivor Allen's way. she certainly has some exceptionally sexy and feminine designs. maybe it's her prices. maybe she's not paying due deference (graft?) to the powers that be. i'm not sure. i've never spoken with her as of yet. remind me to mention the panties when i do.

don't tell anyone, but i scooped up this hot little number from her at her main store's location on AlaFolie SIM for nuthin! it is simply in-cred-a'bleh! (this is of course spoken with a heavy French Parisienne accent. who else knows more about women's fashion than the French? the Italians? don't make me laugh. the French know a woman's body and its sensual curves intimately. it's no different with pixivor, who, i'm assuming, comes from a long line of Parisienne couturiers. it's obvious to me. don't you know?

since this dress is a freebie, i can't fault it. i will say i was disappointed in not being able to show off my decolletage (see? it was the French who invented a whole new word for our cleavage even!). i would have liked to have the top on a shirt layer for this purpose, mais, .... nonetheless, the detailed embroidered edge work to the bodice is sufficient to draw a lover's attention without revealing (flaunting?) too much of one's flesh. did the French not invent the word demure? i'm sure they did.

and the panties? who would have dreamed to have found such a deliberately alluring and decorative flourish on one's underthings? the mutliple layers of netting for the skirt flexis, with such an aggressively snappy wind-swept action built into them, begs for a can-can animation. revealing, as i suppose pixivor intended, her deliciously worked delicates' embroidered edges.

i am absolutely positive pixivor will be bringing more attention to herself in the near future. of course, accolades from the blogging sorority may only spring from copious amounts of gifts placed in just the right inventories. any self respecting fashionistas have already found and fallen in love with her. she is there for your discovery.

we await your visit with anticipation: AlaFolie/103/136/39

do you play?

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