Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

i've been flipping between YS&YS and FS skins of late. Monicuzza Babenco's group gift skins (when she gave them out for free) fit my shape perfectly without any need for any horrific and/or disfiguring alterations. i am exceedingly averse to making ANY changes to my shape. being an old hand at the game i'm more inclined towards a comfortable and familiar look than having to alter and adjust every damned attachment, animation, and pose i've ever had to suit the newest trend.

i've got copies of my finessed and maximized shape spread all over my inventory marked with the creation date to prove it. 080829 was the last time i made any major changes to it! shortly after having Doofus Mayo make me a custom skin, i pulled and pushed the sliders to form the mesh to his best work and rested on my laurels. i've been happy with her ever since in any of the skins i've had the inclination to wear.

she was as perfect as i could get to depicting my perfect self and i was very happy indeed. i could imagine having her being someone i'd not be surprised looking at when i'm dead and gone to heaven kinda sorta. now if we could just get her to sing and play the piana.

anywho, i got back into looking at new skins around Halloween when i saw aida Ewing giving away a vampire skin. aside from the blood dripping from the lips and its pale tone i would have been happy to wear it as a daily skin. well, that got me to thinking. maybe i could use an update on my tried and true DLicious skin. of course, i wasn't going to spend a 1000L$ for one so whenever any skin designer's group was giving away samples i dropped by to do an assessment.

damned if Desidelia Vella from Free Speerit didn't start dropping some new skins with gorgeous faces on the grid. i wasn't happy with the rest of her bodies but the faces (lips, cheeks, eyes) were lovingly executed. with Desidia's newest release (join her group) i just had to go deep and form a shape to enhance her perfect vision with mine. as it turns out from going through this most arduous task of altering my little baby girl, i discovered that i may have been wearing a wee small pencil head all this time.

stepping back and taking her in seriously i'm sure my head shouldn't have been smaller than my boobs. hmmm. well, all that should be fixed now. gulp. fingers crossed. and no, i made my head bigger! haha. i'd like to offer the shape to [FS] Fiona lovers all over the world but i'm sure if i undercut the market leaders too much i'd be targetted for deletion or exclusion from the sisterhood of the new world order. for all those poor economically deprived or delusionally secure shapeless dollies out there, find some time to try on a demo i'll put out at *BEHOLD* Designs/238/137/100. if you figure the head is too big, or the price too high, please don't hesitate to complain to the management. :) [really, the platform's for interaction. bring it.]

i'll give you all the technical details as to how to align your doll and get your windlight settings perfect for your perfect dollface snap in my next ISSUU mag later on. believe me, if you don't have just the right lighting or just the right camera angle you might just as well have stayed in bed. stay tuned. i should be able to give you some photo tips. of course, walking around, looking as close to Diahann Carroll as can be, you'll have to refine a personable nature expressive of an uptown girl. be the whole package. the woman you know you can be.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


it's not changed much from the old days when big name agencies hinged their reps on their presentation. of course, back then the organizers seemed to want to listen to the spectators, fans, and participants. a corrective strategy against the overwhelming lag amounted to some clever concepts but really nothing's been done to date that can overcome the sea of grey manifested when many avis get onto the same SIM at the same time.

what gives you, anyone who is going to have a pageant (modeling agencies, designers, event organizers and the like) the notion that you are serving an audience if all they can see is grey? not to mention the hard working victims of the scheme who have to be there and present, what's being done to enhance and better the technical and artistic aspect of large group activities?

as far as i can see, nothing. everything's more complex. the builds, the attachments, the scripts, the textures, everything's better and edging towards real life. except you can't have more than a few avis enjoy it at the same time. so what's to be done?

think about it.

first things first. let's live with reality. argh, i know. but really, it's gotten pretty sad when one of the best known promoters of all things beautiful inworld gives a presentation to an unlimited amount of avis to introduce the contestants for Miss Virtual World and all i get to see is, say it with me, a sea of grey.

is anyone listening?

we've had absolute marvels in design make their appearance over the years. shoes and skins, to name a few bright lights. extraordinarily gifted designers are utilizing the most powerful software to give us the most delicious feel to endow our world with beauty. how the hell is it that event organizers hit the same nail with the same hammer year after year with the same result? that's just crazy. something's gotta change.

what's the problem?


break it down. 1. too many avatars in the same place. 2. too many avatars in the same place at the same time.

you can have a massive amount of avatars in one place but not at the same time. does that help? any ideas on how to proceed with that knowledge?

remember, we have a WORLDWIDE audience. so, the presentation should be made available for all timezones to gain the same experience. not everyone's schedule permits them to be at an appointed period of time that doesn't suit anyone but the organizer's schedule. so, throw out an event with a small timeframe window. build the event around a dynamic and immersive event suitable for the worldwide audience to attend anytime day or night. that's all i'll say about that for now, some of my own ideas of how to proceed must remain secret. you can't "borrow" them just yet so unless the advocates of industrial espionage can get their feelers into my head, i win.

secondly the experience of having a massive amount of avis at the event at the same time has to be overcome. you can run the event for an allotted time, 24/7, or for as long as the numbers prevail BUT how do you stop an overwhelming number of avis from attending at the same time? impossible?

think about it.

let's say (simply for example, we'll use the US eastern time just because) a glut of avis, more than the SIM limits will handle all want to be at the show at the same time. each of them have a limited amount of time to attend. let's say 1 hour. should they TP into the SIM and it's horridly laggy, they should be able to come back within that one hour time frame and have an enjoyable experience. does anyone have any ideas?

is there anyway to EDUCATE the audience before hand just what number of avatars attending make for a stimulating and exiting visit? is there any way to inform the idle public avatar of just what that number might be at any given moment? hmmm? is there anyway one might inform interested parties as to just how many avis are there? can anyone script out there? what's a HUD?

think about it.

and, could an alternative be provided for the avatar waiting to TP into an optimally loaded SIM? something which would enhance and focus the avis on your presentation? what might that be? well? huh? huh? huh?

think about it.

Jesus. where are all the CREATIVE organizers? did they slip away with Rezzable or is our world populated with artists just waiting for the marketing team to find them and utilize their extraordinary and innovative talents. you only have to IMAGINE how it can be and you CAN make it HAPPEN! but really, who has the time, money, and network for that sort of thing? we could just throw them all into a black box and watch them wallow in ... say it with me, ... a sea of grey.

i did manage, after only one crash, and half the audience disappearing mysteriously (heehee) to have a decently rezzed shot of one of the most impressive models for the pageant. now if i was only able to take her home.... damn, that just slipped out. aw, go ahead, steal it, it's only an idea.

Butterfli Sorbet
Miss Sweden
Miss Virtual World 2010 contestant

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