Monday, October 12, 2009


well i suppose you've seen everyone else's review on Your Skin & Your Shape by now. of course, not knowing the criteria for "reviews" that the fashionistas hold so dear they're all lucky they're still alive. having any designer promoted who is outside their complete and utter control for exposure in the world of fashion (call it a marketing campaign) would be antagonistic to their corporately driven agenda. so, it's with complete disregard to their elitist occult parameters that i write my own review of what i found at the new YS&YS. plllttttt.

catch a look in that mirror. now that's cleavage! this decolletage is made for every skin tone sold at YS&YS (you may be able to find one for yours, demos are free). it's on all layers and there's a tintable variation for those skeery oddly coloured skins. 50L$ for the bunch! take that LAQ. i was so impressed i made up my own version of the "pencil test" to show how tight they are. you can get it at Xstreet.

enjoy your tittering. heehee.

Monday, October 5, 2009

AO Heaven


remember that name. it's daiz Papp's brand of extra ordinary animations and poses with a premium quality fluidity of motion. now, you would think these animations should enter the market at an exhorbitant price level commonly attributable to the motion capture crew. not so. daiz has chosen to provide us all, including the poor hapless newbs who come to the world to play and have fun (not to make it a professional or commercial venue). and what extraordinarily fun animations they will find too.

if you don't want your avi to stand there looking like an LL system dork you have to have some animation overrider. daiz provides her own, fantastically priced too, but i prefer carving my own. it's easy. i've customized Francis Chung's freebie AO (you can score mine over at my place). i've added Antoinette Lioncourt's sexywalk animation to start you off.

here's all the system animations you can override with Francis' script. go to Oracul and fill your AO up. warning, give yourself lots of time cause there's plenty there and all are so scintillating and varied you'll be there for a while. (mind you don't get duplicates as some of the poses are in more than one stand.)

Turning Left
Turning Right
Hovering Up
Fly Down
Standing 2
Standing 3
Standing 4
Standing 5
Soft Landing/Landing
Standing Up
Sitting on Ground
Swimming Forward
Swimming Up
Swimming Down

to get your AO to work, just open your "*Default Anims" notecard from within the object delivered to you (either at Francis' place or my own vendor box at Choerom. i've named mine *BEHOLD* Designs: AO. Francis' is called Wet Icon) and type in the animations name into the slot you want to override. of course, you have to drag the animation from your inventory into the Content tab for the object too. they are copyable and modifiable (you can rename them) so no worries, it won't disappear from your inventory when you do.

now since i've made my AO object transparent (so you can wear it on any attachment point, including as a HUD) you'll have to turn on your transparency viewability so you can get inside for the notecard. holding down all three keys simultaneously: Ctrl-Alt-T allows you to see transparent objects, hold Ctrl-Alt-T again to turn that mode off. you'll have to zoom in pretty close to see mine, it's a 0.01m transparent cube. learn to cam girl!

you don't have to fill in all the system animation slots, of course you can! try it out with all the variations available to you at Oracul if you want. she's conveniently named hers to match the system animation they override. oh, and did i say they were cheap, cheap, cheap? okay, inexpensive then. for 4L$ you can't get a better stand pose. in other words, making your own customized avi show is not going to break your Linden bank.

my only complaint/bitch (see photo above for the professional B girls) is that the animation priority for most of the stuff i've tried is set below 4. :( this means that when you click on anything or edit anything your avi gets distorted by the system level animation and it sorta breaks the immensely entertaining joy your daiz enabled avi gives to the world.

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