Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Xstreet New Products

well thankfully i have this blog to post my Xstreet wares. seems the New Products forum has poofed over at the new forum. if it's there, it's useless the way the forum is configured. meh. who needs thousands and thousands of hits?

anywho, the animation is a simple idle stand having your avi move her weight from side to side. i did a video of it's movement so you'll get a better feel for it. i think it works well. it's built with Qavimator using 30 frames to construct the whole scene. it runs at 7 frames per second. (only took me three uploads to get that right).

i configured the "ease in" to be 0.2 sec and the "ease out" at 0.6 so it transitions from one animation to the other nicely. you know how some animations "snap" from one to the other? it's the ease in or ease out settings to blame for that. IM me if you would like it customized to your own needs. i won't trash the other .bvh's on my desktop just in case. have fun.

it's a freebie on Xstreet with the copyable version at the *BEHOLD* Designs shop on Choerom.

oh, that's the Loch Ness monster in the vid. seen on the Scotland SIMs. lookitup.

Highlight not Floodlight

in my wandering of the grid i'm encountering an increasing number of avatars that attach some ungodly floodlights to themselves that not only light their beautiful faces but the environment too. maybe the beta Snowglobe viewer's shadow settings over emphasize the lighting features. turning OFF the shadows (renderdeferred=false) seems to improve this situation but hey, who wants to live in a world without shadows? come on people, turn down your facelights. it's really a simple task.

there are 3 settings to any light. intensity, radius, & fall-off. fiddledy sticks. keep your radius within reason. the default feature is 10m radius. how's about you take a look at changing that to fit the intended design. you are not trying to light the whole room. or are you?

here's my subtle attempt. both pictures (on/off) taken under midnight settings.

you can find the freebie (xCopy/xMod/xTrans) on my Xstreet account and the copyable version at Choerom.

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