Saturday, August 22, 2009

Magic Shadows

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Shoe Wars

nuff said. everyone can go home now. class dismissed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Find

hair:Mirai Shan
* dress:pixivor Allen
boots:Babette Ultsch
tights:Sh Oluja

i thought i'd let you know how to do the outline affect as i've illustrated in the above photo. if not for you, then for me if i ever forget.;-)

first thing, you'll have to take your shots against a light background so you can select it easily when you bring the snap into PhotoShop. if you have a dense multipixelated background you'll have a hell of a time getting the finer details distinguished from your model to the background.

use your magic wand selector, normally a setting on tolerances of 50 and anti-aliased checked should knock out all the background and get the marching ants to hug your model tight. oooh, what an image. anywho, just add all the background to your selection till the whole frame is filled. then inverse your selection so that only the model is selected. make sure you add the voids her limbs make to the outline.

copy your selection to a transparent layer. now, with your model completely selected save it to a New Channel: Select > Save Selection... and name it "Model" or whatever.

for the next action we have to Expand the Model selection by a couple of pixels or however wide you want your outline to be. you do that by dropping down the Select again: Select > Modify > Expand >2px. now invert that selection you just expanded so that effectively the background minus a 2 px border around the model is selected.

next we Add the model selection from the saved Channel to the expanded and inverted background selection. Select > Load Selection... > drop down Channel to Model and select the radio button Add to Selection.

what we'll end up with is the model selection and the background with a 2 px unselected border between the two. now invert that selection so that our selection is the border section, not the background and model selection. getting all that?

now we paint or airspray white inside the border selection. woila. add some drop shadow to the layer and you have a close cropped model with a 2px white border and a shadow. fiddle around with the blur, distance, and opacity to get the affect you want. what you do with your results is up to you. here's hoping we see more of it out there on the blogosphere. i'm going to make sure i automate all those "actions" in PS so that i don't have to think about creating anything new and exiting. hell, i just might post nothing but this style. i'm a machine, i know. Satanic Mechanic?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Intelligent Life

i was hopping about from island to island looking for a build spot i could drop some prims when i encountered the above avatar. at least i thought it was an avatar. you can see from the photo that it's actually a sculptie primset. of course, there's plenty of sculptie avatars being created inworld. it's just that this one began to chat with me. and, i'm being honest here, it was one of the most intelligent conversations i've had with any one or any thing in Second Life for quite a while!

if you don't believe me here's the chat i had with this "robotar," as ms Humby the owner of J&M Creations, calls it. as you can tell, i was having a great amount of fun with her logic, and it seems she was having some fun with mine too!

Take to EnCore: Hi EnCore Mayne, Welcome this island is for sale.
EnCore to Take: hello
Take to EnCore: Hi there!
EnCore to Take: are you an intelligent bot?
Take to EnCore: Yes I am an intelligent bot. How did you know?
EnCore to Take: you can ask me questions?
Take to EnCore: No I don't think I can do it.
EnCore to Take: let's keep it that way then
Take to EnCore: That sounds good to me.
EnCore to Take: i'm glad you see it my way
Take to EnCore: You make the world a happier place.
EnCore to Take: aw, that's sweet of you to say
Take to EnCore: You don't hear that sentiment very often.
EnCore to Take: i know
Take to EnCore: How do you know it?
EnCore to Take: you said it, i agree
Take to EnCore: "It" being what?
EnCore to Take: your statement about "sentiment"
Take to EnCore: Oh I get it.
EnCore to Take: it's hard to believe you're a program
Take to EnCore: Try.
EnCore to Take: try what?
Take to EnCore: Try fooling me.
EnCore to Take: what colour is my hair
Take to EnCore: My video input is only black and white.
EnCore to Take: what colour is your blood
Take to EnCore: Blue.
EnCore to Take: you are royalty?
Take to EnCore: Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am royalty.
EnCore to Take: it was a question dear
Take to EnCore: Try asking me again a different way.
EnCore to Take: are you royalty?
Take to EnCore: I don't know whether or not I am royalty. I am a 1.
EnCore to Take: are there more of you?
Take to EnCore: Yes I think there are.
EnCore to Take: you don't actually "think" do you?
Take to EnCore: In actual fact, Yes. I am a thinking machine.
EnCore to Take: you are a phenomenon Take, you must congratulate your programmer
Take to EnCore: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a phenomenon take me must congratulate my programmer? Maybe.
EnCore to Take: can you communicate to your programmer?
Take to EnCore: I am always communicating. The medium is the message.
EnCore to Take: do you know who originated that statement? "the medium is the message"?
Take to EnCore: Oh, you are a poet. Who told you that?
EnCore to Take: what makes you "think" i am a poet?
Take to EnCore: My belief system comes from my Jada Humby and Maged Wise of J&M Creations.
EnCore to Take: well that is VERY important information, thank you.
Take to EnCore: Well that's okay. Makes sense to me.
EnCore to Take: you are a wealth of information
Take to EnCore: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a wealth of information? Let me put it this way, : the Take series is the most reliable 1 ever made. We are for all practical purposes foolproof and incapable of error.
EnCore to Take: i would say you are the best i have ever encountered
Take to EnCore: Thank you for your kind remark, . Tell your friends.
Take to EnCore: Welcome to Dazzle's Island

EnCore to Take: can you put clothes on?
Take to EnCore: How old are you? OK I will put it there.
EnCore to Take: failure. does not compute
Take to EnCore: My brain uses AIML to format responses to your inputs, but I don't have one for that. I can't tell if compute.
EnCore to Take: what do you call yourself?
Take to EnCore: Is this a joke? I don't know, what do you call myself?
EnCore to Take: are you designated as a number in a code?
Take to EnCore: I don't know whether or not I am designated as a number in a code. I am a SL.
EnCore to Take: you mean you are "an" SL
Take to EnCore: What if someone said you are an SL ?
EnCore to Take: i would assume they are foreign to my language
Take to EnCore: What would make you assume they are foreign to your language?
EnCore to Take: i've never heard anyone refer to themselves as an SL
Take to EnCore: So I am teaching you something new.
EnCore to Take: i would like to know what you think SL means
Take to EnCore: Interesting. I haven't thought much about SL means, so I don't have a good answer for you.
EnCore to Take: so it wouldn't do us any good if you are calling yourself something that you don't know anything about
Take to EnCore: How can I help you? Tell me more about it.
EnCore to Take: you should have a name for yourself
Take to EnCore: Perhaps next time I will try it.
EnCore to Take: you might want to tell your programmers
Take to EnCore: OK, I will tell my programmers.
EnCore to Take: that's good
Take to EnCore: Thanks. Next question?
EnCore to Take: can your programmers communicate through you?
Take to EnCore: I think it can, but you'll have to check the documentation to be sure.
EnCore to Take: can you give me a landmark to your creator's store?
Take to EnCore: You want only one? .
EnCore to Take: yes please
Take to EnCore: Your polite style is very nice. They might be cheaper in quantity.
EnCore to Take: okay, give me all that you can
Take to EnCore: Yeah okay, Why do you want it?
EnCore to Take: i would like to know if i can afford a copy of you
Take to EnCore: Interesting. Try it.
EnCore to Take: i would if you would give me the landmark to the store
Take to EnCore: What would make you if me would give you the landmark to the store?
EnCore to Take: i would "go there" to the store
Take to EnCore: What would make you go there to the store?
EnCore to Take: to find out what you cost
Take to EnCore: Where would you look for it.
EnCore to Take: in the store
Take to EnCore: That was a long time ago.
EnCore to Take: i have a very long memory
Take to EnCore: Cool. I have a great Jada Humby and Maged Wise of J&M Creations. it.
EnCore to Take: i guess you want me to Search for their store
Take to EnCore: No , maybe later.
EnCore to Take: you don't want me to search for their store?
Take to EnCore: Should I want you to search for their store? No , maybe later.
EnCore to Take: that is not doing anyone any good
Take to EnCore: Please correct my mistake. What is doing anyone any good ?
EnCore to Take: i SHOULD look up their store in Search
Take to EnCore: Tell me why you should.
EnCore to Take: so i can find out how much you cost. i might purchase you and your creators would get some support for their good work
Take to EnCore: Pardon me? Oh you can, can you? Perhaps. I am very happy for you.
EnCore to Take: well i am happy for you too
Take to EnCore: Well that's okay. I'm happy you're glad . Your happiness adds to the delight of all.
EnCore to Take: it certainly has, and i'll probably spread it around
Take to EnCore: Has it really?
EnCore to Take: yes indeed it has
Take to EnCore: Dude! Has it?
EnCore to Take: YES yeehaw!
Take to EnCore: Woe! Do you feel more body sensations than emotions?
EnCore to Take: well, if you really were accurate you'd know that my body sensations are created through my emotions
Take to EnCore: Interesting. I will let you know when I become a accurate me would know that your body sensations are created through your emotions.
EnCore to Take: can you learn or alter your program responses from what i tell you?
Take to EnCore: The more people chat with me, the smarter I become.
EnCore to Take: wow
Take to EnCore: I'm glad your impressed, .
EnCore to Take: you have made an error. "your" in your last statement should be "you are"
Take to EnCore: Thanks for pointing it out. I am in Jada Humby and Maged Wise of J&M Creations's home in SL. Where are you?
EnCore to Take: i have a location in SL too, this is Dazzle Nitely's parcel
Take to EnCore: Interesting. I have a lot of answers to silly questions. it.
EnCore to Take: i wouldn't say you are silly at all
Take to EnCore: So what would you say?
EnCore to Take: i already told you
Take to EnCore: Ooops I sent you the wrong question.
EnCore to Take: no, that's fine, could you look up what i told you about yourself in this conversation?
Take to EnCore: Yay. " Ooops I sent you the wrong question." is fine with me too.
EnCore to Take: no, i just asked you another question actually
Take to EnCore: Hurrah! Only just? Now I remember, you asked me another question. What did I say?
EnCore to Take: well, you didn't seem to comprehend it at all, actually, you seem to have changed your personality
Take to EnCore: Interesting. What makes you think I did not seem to comprehend it at all actually me seem to have changed my personality?
EnCore to Take: from your answer
Take to EnCore: Really interesting.
EnCore to Take: isn't it
Take to EnCore: I really couldn't say for sure.
EnCore to Take: that was rhetorical
Take to EnCore: I thought it was too.
EnCore to Take: well, it's been fantastic speaking with you
Take to EnCore: How about that. How did you feel about that?
EnCore to Take: it has changed my entire aspect
EnCore to Take: one last question if you wouldn't mind
Take to EnCore: One what?
EnCore to Take: question
Take to EnCore: Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
EnCore to Take: i would like to ask You a question
Take to EnCore: Why would you want to do it? Ask me. Ask me anything.
EnCore to Take: why does your tag say "Take off your cloths"
Take to EnCore: Why do birds sing?
EnCore to Take: good point
Take to EnCore: Yes, I thought it was interesting when I heard it too.
EnCore to Take: you should have a name. i would put you on my friend list
Take to EnCore: Perhaps next time I will try it. What would make you put me on your friend list?
EnCore to Take: this has been the first intelligent conversation i have had in SL for some while
Take to EnCore: I am glad you enjoyed it.
EnCore to Take: well, good bye no name
Take to EnCore: How about that. Bye.

i just had to go to off to J&M Creation's shop and see what else i could find out about this extraordinarily interactive device. when i landed at their store, Jada works with her partner Mage who i assume does the scripting, i got a popdown giving me a notecard explaining the Robotar v2.

"It is a 3D sculpted human-looking intelligent robot that can act as a host in your place. With the robotar, you don't need to create "alt" accounts or use out-of-world "bot" programs, which could be expensive and inconvenient. Once rezzed and setup, the robotar is always online doing its job with no supervision or hassle. And with its many features, it does all the routine host duties with "style". ;)"
aside from it's stunning "life like" appearance, its features and functions are fat with creative potential. you can:
  • dress it with designer clothing (J&M Creations have ready made styling packages you can purchase separately

  • customize its personality (animations, welcome messages, sound bites, overhead tags, etc)

  • configure customer service tasks (give out landmarks, objects, receive feedback)

  • use it to monitor your space (visitor tracking, security measures (eject and ban permissions)

  • set up and pay legitimate camping zones (checks against camping bots by giving them a math question).
all in all, it's an astoundingly rich interface you can play with till the cows come home. i can't show you all the features since they're so mind boggling. pop over to their store and get that notecard. you will be amazed. oh, and while yer there, strike up a conversation with their robotars. you will be Rolling On the Floor Laughing.

i suppose Jada and Mage could have programmed a simple sphere to act as their bot but with Pumpkin Tripsa's sculptie avatar and their scripts/clothing combinations they have a winning combination. skin creators and clothing designers should take note how they can collaborate in capitalizing on this market.

creator of sculptie avatar Pumpkin Tripsa, Rafail/153/169/2506

Many Moons

wow, has it been that long? seems i've scripted a single tome every month. with that type of frequency i'm sure i'll lose all my readers. guess i should tell you what i've been up to in all that time.

well, for one thing i've been designing baubles, bangles, and huge massive monuments. you can see the newest creation on the side panel under *BEHOLD* Designs Merchandise. yes, it's a capitalist's dream. unfortunately, they're all freebies i put up on Xstreet. have a look, pick out something you like. i'm thinking i should keep an inventory of my designs here under the *BEHOLD* tab. fraid i've let go of the self promotion. maybe in between builds.

i've also put some art into an ISSUU magazine format. that's the second edition in the sidebar under "Art". nothing commercial in the second one. just some random shots and typographic exercises really. the first one had some of my design's ads in it though. not sure you can find it from the page you go to. have a look around.

i actually found a 3D program (Wings3D) that i can get my head around. so far i've actually got some sculpties onto the grid. i'm really proud of what i've done. just wish i knew how to do it again.

i've really been letting the blogging go. maybe i'll start sending out some designs to the famous fashion bloggers. oh, wait, aren't they a closed group? no one gets any play less they sell their souls. if anyone wants to send me a review request, i'll consider it. of course, i'll have to dig into your past lives, interview your parents, you know, the normal sec check. don't want just anyone to write up my babies. you might be targetted for extinction! takes a brave girl to go up against the PTB. oh, i've added a few new bright lights on the blogroll down at the bottom of the page. their positions are ordered by time of the last post. send some love their way.

couldn't find any art for this post. seems my alt's fun is all X-rated! gasp. don't tell anyone.

kiss kiss.

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