Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Future

went browsing the LandFair or something or other the other day. couldn't clue in as to just what it was all about, i thought maybe landscaping and the such. looks like i got there just in time for a seminar given by soror Nishi on her perspective on the SL landscaping trade. a few Lindens were salted into the significantly large crowd of attendants. soror rezzed a few of Jopsy Pendragon's particle pieces to illustrate the direction the sector was taking.

as life would have it i chanced to have a nice conversation with my brother Orage Lubitsch (photo above). i was absolutely stunned to find him standing outside his expo. i couldn't believe how the photo realistic skin wrapped around the perfectly complementary shape jarred me. it was like he was real! that did give me quite a start.

Orage revealed it was Chip Midnight that applied his merited offerings upon Linden's polys. i then thought it must have been some custom made jobbie (always nice to have rich friends). i imagined some exorbitant fee only the holy could afford. suprised the hell out of me. it's no more than the normal skin in the present market. the face, all i braved to see, far exceeded anything i've seen out there. the combo (skin/shape) is available at Chip's store. look him up, and take in soror's parcel at the Land Fair expo. funky? indeedy do.

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