Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Magic Numbers

i've been spending quite a bit of time in tropical SIMs of late. must be something about my mind turning to sand. i had initially begun crafting a more edgy barbed wire bundle for my newest design but the torus cross sections used wouldn't conform to a perfect circle. so, this is what i eventually wound up with. i should have some more pieces based on this strand now that all the heavy lifting's been done. hell this could be the start of a franchise.

each microscopic circular section was exhaustingly positioned to encompass a perfect circle of silver, gold, and copper metal tubes. explaining just how they were all positioned is beyond my ability to articulate. suffice it to say it's mathematically challenging to get anything correctly placed in this 3D world.

the necklace has a resizing script for those of you who don't share in my slider vision of feminine beauty with which i use to model said art.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


you've lost your way and there's no way out. the world is getting ominously dark and scary. and then you remember your *BEHOLD* Designs Compass necklace in your inventory. you madly search for all your magical *BEHOLD* products and click wear. it appears glistening upon your lovely neck (conveniently attached to your chest attachment point). not only does the cold platinum steel neck piece calm your frantic nerves the effervescent glowing bezel and blinging jewel centerpiece guides your way.

you have nothing to worry about now, save the monsters who reel from your jewelled flash (a frightenly all encompassing .1m particle distance). you can endure the pain and suffering of the cloying multitudes with what little mind you have spared for that purpose. hold tight to it. the night will come again soon.

protect yourself. get your Compass Necklace inworld @ *BEHOLD* or Xstreet.

Hair: Ronja Pera: Kim - black
Skin: Ronja Pera: RONJAS Oily dark - red

Thursday, March 19, 2009


enjoy the delicious pain invoked by wearing your newest *BEHOLD* Design. don't ever forget! yer on this Earth to SUFFER. so bleed!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tears for Tier

it is with great sadness and heaviness of heart that i feel the time has come to tier down. yes, it looks like the dire circumstances of the current American global financial engineering has affected even moi. so, i'm putting what little land i have out for sale. i've sliced up the contiguous section of Choerom into 512m sections. here are the landmarks:

Choerom/239/232/98 SOLD
Choerom/239/217/98 SOLD
Choerom/239/196/98 SOLD
Choerom/239/183/98 SOLD
Choerom/239/169/98 SOLD
Choerom/239/152/98 SOLD

some parcels have odds and ends kicking about, don't let those distract you. all parcels are sold without objects included. the other parcels outside the "strip" are 1024m and are essentially used to overcome my greedy prim limitations.

Choerom/112/174/95 SOLD
Choerom/141/176/97 SOLD
Choerom/147/202/94 SOLD

*BEHOLD* is still where it will remain for the duration at the southern most extent. i've got things sprawled out on two 512 parcels as it is but basically it can all be huddled inside one 512. give them a look, it really is a pleasant aspect to have your own piece of land. wish i would have been able to keep them all but i really can't see putting out $40 yankee dollars for so little return. i can always buy more smokes. i know, sometimes i'm so selfish it hurts.

the prices are set to reflect the current state of the economy. rock bottom, worst it's ever been (guess that depends on your perspective. it really is a buyer's market now). 2000L$ for the 512m plots and 5000L$ for the 1024m properties. who knows, you just might get to liking the neighbours.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Far & Wide

as stated in the earlier review page i was wandering, ... lost again following the breadcrumbs in the dense forest that is Second Life. finding the owner of my journey's desire standing at the entrance of her store was both a surprise and a pleasure. speaking with her, albeit sadly too briefly (be well girl), reaffirmed i was getting ever closer to the orb of warm and fuzzy glow.

exploring my cat nature brought me to gather up some of Mirja Mills adoring Heavy Metal trinkets a little while back. i suspected i broke Mirja's barbed wire necklace since it never had a pendant. i thought about making one and tie it together with hers. didn't have any ideas as to what i'd dangle so i TPd to see if Mirja had anything.

turned out the mace she had (not a pendant) sparked my creative juices. et woila instant aggressive expression. i'd love to tell you how to do it, but then you'd never gain the experience.


Purchase @ *BEHOLD* or Xstreet
(all funds received will be used for illicit and despicable fun)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eye to Eye

i keep running into the most gorgeous women of late. all of them wearing the most delicious "can i touch it" right out of the shower, just blow dried, frazzled ready for anything look. each unsolicited inspection revealed Shylah Honey. i couldn't take it anymore. after a few days of going crazy i TPd to an older landmark for Damselfly but eventually made it to her new island layout.

this hair is perfect. i didn't think anyone could make the dreaded alpha glitch go away! it's impossible, but Shylah's done it. still happens with the longer styles (less densely congregated prims mayhaps) but this length (not to mention the delightful silouette) exites the hell out of me. i don't think i can go on. no, no, no, it's best i not. GET YOUR OWN.

Featured Item
Damselfly Klavdiya Raven
single package contains:
4 tones ~Raven ~Raven Blend ~Raven Cool ~Raven Warm
BaldCapEyebrowShape (pictures taken with *BEHOLD* bald shape)

scripted for sizing (deleteable from second option menu button)

Rachele Delgado's QS Skin Cream Mat Addional for Model (of which, i am, pllllttttt)
EnCore Mayne's: Mace Necklace (inspired by Mirja Mills's barbed wire necklace (Hells End SIM)
Xekollo Shilova's Catfight Girls Tank Top Hells End SIM

Xstreet purchase

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