Monday, August 10, 2009

Many Moons

wow, has it been that long? seems i've scripted a single tome every month. with that type of frequency i'm sure i'll lose all my readers. guess i should tell you what i've been up to in all that time.

well, for one thing i've been designing baubles, bangles, and huge massive monuments. you can see the newest creation on the side panel under *BEHOLD* Designs Merchandise. yes, it's a capitalist's dream. unfortunately, they're all freebies i put up on Xstreet. have a look, pick out something you like. i'm thinking i should keep an inventory of my designs here under the *BEHOLD* tab. fraid i've let go of the self promotion. maybe in between builds.

i've also put some art into an ISSUU magazine format. that's the second edition in the sidebar under "Art". nothing commercial in the second one. just some random shots and typographic exercises really. the first one had some of my design's ads in it though. not sure you can find it from the page you go to. have a look around.

i actually found a 3D program (Wings3D) that i can get my head around. so far i've actually got some sculpties onto the grid. i'm really proud of what i've done. just wish i knew how to do it again.

i've really been letting the blogging go. maybe i'll start sending out some designs to the famous fashion bloggers. oh, wait, aren't they a closed group? no one gets any play less they sell their souls. if anyone wants to send me a review request, i'll consider it. of course, i'll have to dig into your past lives, interview your parents, you know, the normal sec check. don't want just anyone to write up my babies. you might be targetted for extinction! takes a brave girl to go up against the PTB. oh, i've added a few new bright lights on the blogroll down at the bottom of the page. their positions are ordered by time of the last post. send some love their way.

couldn't find any art for this post. seems my alt's fun is all X-rated! gasp. don't tell anyone.

kiss kiss.


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