Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doth Protest Too Much

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hype vs HOT!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blonde is Beautiful

i'm never gonna finish this outfit.

i've destroyed BEHOLD! tore out the gallery, ripped up the floors to the dungeon/slave quarters, reset my land perms, and generally caused havoc. all of Myllie Writer's stuff and half of Lilyana Dryke's got returned. all at the flip of a switch. Myllie's got hers up again, still waiting on Lilyana. seems like everyone's lives are getting complicated of late. if i knew any better i'd understand it's not always the best time to do make changes. neverless, everything's been upturned leaving me plenty of room to craft. yes, i'm sure i'll get them up in no time. i've rearranged the pose vendors, added some new ones you might like. so, do come by and take a look. give me a shout if any of the vendors don't work.

anywho, since my BUSYNESS has overwhelmed my normal whatthehellamigonnawearnow aspect i thought i'd at least show you where i'm going with what i've got so far. this hair is Falastear Aeon's rabi cut. my owner's been thinking of cutting her hair in real life so i suppose those thoughts may have trickled into my slife. i've had short hair before. rolling onto the floor coming out of a long REM sleep, shower, jeans and t; then out the door with a piece of toast dangling from me lips, ready to take on the world. nothing more convenient for the busy busy busy girl. damn, where's my gun!

i've shown you a short cut before, it topped off my fairy obsession post. then i saw Connie Arida wearing a pulled back pony. seems like the trick's to paint the skin's head tattoo. i checked out her skinner but it was really only meant as a hair base, not for show. if you haven't seen Connie's Connie in a Sec blog, you've been missing one of the best photo enhancers inworld. check her out, i think she does it professionally inworld so keep her in mind for your next must-have-a-unique-shot girl.

how i got over to Little Heaven where i found rabi i have no idea but i'm glad i did. it's a wee bit hard to navigate. if you can get over the death metal stream and the dark, dangerous, and emo atmosphere you might have to cam down a flight where the stores are. sit on any seat you find (there's 4 lucky chairs in the hair section) and follow the beacon to this landmark. just make sure you hit Show on Map. rabi comes in 8 colours, mine's blonde. you can mod and copy it. i had to move and stretch some prims away from my ears. i'm way picky so you might not have to do anything to yours. it comes in s,m,l in both sexes. that makes six hairs in the pack. if you can find and brave the scene down there in the bowels of Little Heaven feathery goodness is yours to keep for the paltry sum of 200L$. while you might want to explore the dim passageways there should you dare. enjoy what you might find!

oh, btw, you only have five more days till the Billow Boots contest ends so get your shots in soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

She's Back...

Ms Dryke
you might have been wondering just where in hell (aka real life) Lilyana Dryke went. last you might have heard she was building out a new Flagship store late this summer. well, her build's on the ground and located HERE.

i tp'd over as soon as i got her group's notice. it was dark and surrounding me were a swarm of green glowing fireflies. i resisted the urge to flee (my human has this aversion to bugs). they seemed mostly innocuous, and after a while taking in the outside courtyard they became quite delightful. while i stood there it grew increasingly darker until only the store's ad windows and the eLDee logo were visible. Lilyana is having a photo contest to adorn her ad windows for the new store so send her in your shots wearing any of her designs. it'll be sad to see Chantal GossipGirl's shot go. or is it Lilyana's sexy Panze dress she used for her winning shot?

i dropped down the Day Cycle Editor (my human's eyes can't adapt to darkness. i've got her eating carrots but until the final transition when she can join me inworld, she just had to do something about the darkness). it was 6am, or at least that's what the day cycle indicator, which seemed to be moving terribly fast, showed. hours passed in seconds (3 hours in 15 seconds to be exact). i adjusted the flurrying pace of the sun to a more accurately simulated cycle. the lovely changes that washed over Lilyana's build as the sun tracked overhead goes to show you just how great a builder Lilyana really is. you see, it's all from her own expert hands.

inside, there's an inviting seating arrangement (Sarwat Miles') where you can park your avi as you camshop if that's your thing. the scripted seats have a touch menu option so you can select an appropriate animation to suit your mood. should you choose to walk yer dolly about, the store's layout is very convenient with plenty of capacity for traffic. still, plenty of opportunity for jostling should you not have a date for the night (teehee). each design has its own display rack in a flat cutout mannequin style. fat packs have been integrated into the display's framework.

there's gonna be a party with some new designs! for the store's official opening on the 29th. join her Subscribe-o-Matic group (the store has a vendor) to keep up to date.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

JB Gazov,s Pearlescent Puppies

it's been a while since JB Gazov and his newest sculpties have met with my criteria of perfection. he's had a few releases since my discovery of his real toe phenomenon way back in July. if you belong to his group, you would have received all his newest demos, as have i. unfortunately, i've not been happy with any of them up to now. i don't know, maybe i'm pouty he's not put me on his beta testing team. :-(

of course, personal policy being what it is, i won't critique anyone's product unless i'm in direct one to one communication with the artist. no, i don't have to sleep with them, although that will launch you to the top of the list. thank god there are so few male designers in women's fashion. i might never get out of the shower, yech....

since i don't have any type of relationship with JB, my professional perspective on his shoes has lead me to trying on the demos, zooming in, finding flaws unbecoming of his prior magnificence, and turning back to what i was doing, shaking my head. i know he needs me, we just don't talk anymore. has his fame prevented him from utilizing the platform for anything more than selling his wares to all the adoring masses we bloggers have brought to him? i'll leave a light on just in case.

as it is with the vagaries of the SL platform (stablility be damned - let's change everything in the background - see if they can keep up with us), i'm impressed Mr Gazov hasn't killed himself. his perseverence has lead finally to bringing us the joy of his newest open toed sandal. a comfortable platform, a most delicious pearlescent texture, and the cutest little flexi bow for the anklet straps. there are six colours (pearl gold, pearl white, pearl beige (illustrated), pearl silver, pearl pink, and wisteria). each for 380L$, or 1.45US$ at current exchange rates, 1400L$ for the fat pack. quite the discount should you go that route.

this time around, the straps have a sizing script (looks like Wietse Cassini's from Scripts-r-Us fame) for easy menu resizing. as with his other shoes, the toe colours, polish, and strap options (3 styles on these) are scripted too. since my new Doofus Mayo skin's a wee dark i had to bump my toe colours up from the default setting 11 times darker. in other words stab the menu's "Dark" button eleven times.

i thought, horrors of horrors that i'd not be able to match my skin tone but with a few ups on the blue (+3) of the RGB spectrum i nailed it. you'll have to fiddle around with yours to get them just right. they won't be as perfect as your skin textures, we're only changing the tint not the actual toe texture, but from what i see, and i zoom to a microscopic detail level, they're adequate for all viewing and photographic conditions. they are copiable so you can match them to any skins you have and save them away however you might organize yer inventory...if you do, hahahaha.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

[rQ] Hair to Die For

i don't think i can keep this designer a secret to the feed any longer. i've seen her hair cropping up in a few blogs with a frequency which, quite frankly, frightens me. i had thought it would be I, and I alone who would bring her name and vision to the world of SL fashion. we needn't mention Bellatrix Mai, who seems to have a special relationship with the artist-who-is-our-Queen. shouldn't MY vision of beauty be of primary importance to all of you? yes, yes, i am learning how to share.

what we have here, in this world of fantasy and beauty, with such graciously applied expertise in execution, is a graphic artistry which reaches towards a level of perfection that has no equal. Ruth Quan, as you may come to know her should you dare, is one such artist within our multi cultural world who plays the game the way we all should. more i can not say. suffice it to say you will need to immerse yourself in a "living story" of imagination and creativity which may be unknown and mysterious to a lack of grounding in anything but hypnotic shopping somnambulism.

of course, for the more timid of our kind you can merely purchase your hair at her publicly accessible parcel and be on your way. you don't have to talk with anyone, heaven forbid there might be any interaction along the way. we won't have any of that polite civility! imagine. humanity ... at a distance ... in a box ... controlled ... familiar ... SAFE. and yet, i digress from my purpose.

those choosing to forgo their social pleasures/pains for a moment will do wonders for their souls when they acquire ms Quan's creations. these pictures i've crafted here really don't do them justice. the vendors at the store, all done by Ruth, are, in them selves, works of art. slipping on her DEMOS will, if you have a heart at all, move you as deliciously as her hair is designed to do. she's got plenty of colours, both solids and tints. her vendor boards are easy peasy to choose from. and, if you have any custom colours you'd like, just IM her, she's really a darling to chat with.

of course, if Ruth was merely a fashion designer she'd not make my list for Pleasing Perfection. she's got silks and primmy gadgety things hanging around her shop too. i never got to inspect them since i was very much taken away by her hair. i'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to know she's designing and building an entire SIM at present so bear that in mind if you need any alterations. you'll be hearing more about her from me. if this brings her into the light of fashionista hellfire, i'm sure others will too. till then, enjoy her gifts.

oh, btw, the shots above are fed through my flickr account. the settings in my blogger don't allow for any photos uploaded through their system to be larger than 400 pixels wide. bringing them in from my flickr store seems to open up a whole new world of outlandish graphical wonder. lalalalalalala.

Monday, November 10, 2008

*BEHOLD* Scorpio Sun Necklace

now at *BEHOLD*

no one's submitted their style photo for this month's contest yet, be the first (only?). time's a ticking...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

*BEHOLD* Photo Contest

as every fashionista on the grid knows, Onyx Leshelle's sculpties are the best on the grid. everyone has her Billow boots by now. even without employing a network of bloggers to hype her product her new releases are a musthave. so...since we all have them, let's use them as a base for a new *BEHOLD* 1000L$ Photo Contest!

simple as that. dress your self (or avi, depending on your emotional connection to your pixel representative) around Onyx's Billow boots. any style/theme you like.

- have fun
- use Onyx Leshelle's Billow boots as your one essential key ingredient for your outfit
- take a snapshot [any size...bigger is better (we can arrange email access of non-system scrunched shots should you desire)]
- put the snap onto a notecard you create named "BEHOLD Contest -onyx" [even if you have arranged to have your shots emailed, we still need your itemizing notecard]
- detail your outfit [each item in the outfit should be itemized (product, designer/brand, landmark)]
- drop your notecard onto my profile [sorry, i won't be able to respond to all contestants' submissions]
- await patiently for the 1000L$ winning shot to be announced (i will IM you beforehand 1Dec08 should you be the lucky one)

oh, btw, the pose used for the above shot "Hide Bits" is in the third demo vendor at *BEHOLD*. by all means use whatever poses/backdrops you have. i will be severely impressed should you dare use one of mine though.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

*BEHOLD* LipRing

at *BEHOLD* now.

*BEHOLD* Contest Winner -Roenik Newell

Picture taken at Serenite

Roenik captured the dark and sultry medieval atmosphere of Keith Extraordinaire's fantastical SIM with her photo submissions. she embedded two shots in her notecard, i added her closeup into the larger shot for the pic above. if you explore the mystery and magic of SL's fantasy realm, especially where Roenik took her shots, you just might find Robin Sojourner's animated Athame display.

thanks for all the participant entries. Roenik, enjoy your 1000L$, it's a pleasure acknowledging your art. i'll post the next *BEHOLD* Contest theme next week. happy Samhain everyone!

oh, btw, check out Roenik's flickr pages to see more of Roenik's inworld shots.

Hair: Nash (black) by Muism
Ears: Mystic Ear: Elfin/Drow by
Skin: [Fayray] Lf0 - Glitter Goth by Shani Fayray (Search on creator comes up empty)
Alady blue fantasy eyes
Eye Shine: True Eyes - Shine by
The Body Politik
Lashes: Flutter Lashes by
Lip Ring: ITF - single lip center by Lyric Meiji
Cloak: Highwayman's Cloak by
Coat/Pants: DE 1846 by
DE Designs
Sash: Leghang_feather (brown) by
Belt: Brown strung leather belt by
Shiny Things
Boots: Buckled ankle boots by
Shiny Things

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