Monday, October 27, 2008


this skirt doesn't come with panties or glitch pants. it's deliciously evil worn nakee. harumph. of course, should you not be so bold, thong's the way ta go. sissy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rezday Gifts for Everyone

i'm two today! YEARS! two years old! Good Lord! i've never done anything this long. it's been the best time of my life. thanks to everyone who's touched my heart. it's been a long road of self discovery and change. i'm not sure i'd be the same without SL.

as a token of my appreciation to the community we share i've set everything i'm selling at *BEHOLD* to 0L$. Lilyana Dryke, Myllie Writer, and Bax Coen's vendors remain at their regular prices. :(


past, present, & future
love you all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

You Are What You Wear

browsing for "accessories" for my pixie outfit (... lifestyle?) has lead me to acknowledge that the absolute prerequisite to entry into the world of fantasy is wings. big wings, little wings, leafy wings, butterfly wings, insect wings; state of the art scripting, particles, and flexis. this is how the beauty of second life is fully enjoyed.

i don't think you can belong in this world without having the snazziest set of wings out there. they have to make a statement. just the right mix of feminine form to fully realized function. since these are the simpler form, not scripted, the movement dynamics are built into the Features properties. these wings work naturally in the environment and veritably spring from hover to full forward. they hold up spinning in from 1000m to land, no worse for wear. my panic abated when i considered the probabilities my wings could be ripped from my body. is there blood and carnage in the underworld?

since i scored big in finding my first set of wings (that's not entirely true, i wore some rudimentary form in my newbie days) i had the time to try some particle clouds. the ones i'm wearing are freebies. they activate depending on the state you are in. walking, teleporting, flying. each has a distinct particle show. the teleport mode has an odd posture on rezzing. haven't looked inside to see just how they did that. i'm unwravelling a hug pose of late, so i'll have to put that teleport thingy on my list. i'm sure it's just a matter of adjusting my AO.

along with my new shroud of sparklies, i added the de rigeur dagger and thigh scabbard. i hear there might be evil wo/men about so i'd do best to keep my guard up. it doesn't take any time to aclimitize yourself to the genuinely peaceful and healing culture i have encountered to date. very little use for any aggression or competition. how nice and refreshing. we all seem quite docile here. serene if my language does not fail me.

i've put the High Rez shot (without text) up on flickr. might make for a nice desktop. i'm repeating myself. again. enjoy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Killing Time

i made this for you
you know who you are
i love you.

the above 'print' @ 3397 x 1869, is available on my flickr page. might make an interesting desktop wallpaper.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nearly Human

this is becoming quite a challenge to put together a fantasy outfit. i don't know anything about the fantasy realm. do we all have to wear wings? speak gaellic? i suppose we're gonna need some more definitions placed on the designs i'm looking for in the *BEHOLD* Contest.

from what i've encountered in my searches it seems like the fantasy world is populated by all manner of strange creatures. maybe it'd be wise to read a bit of Tolkien before you begin your adventure.

hobbits, elves, wenches, princesses, good witches and bad, wood nymphs, gypsies, and the odd noble human. each with their own distinctive life and fashion. you are all welcome to submit your look to the contest. it'd be a pleasure to know of your world.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Slim, Trim, & Full of Notions

that's Valery Benelli yer ogling at. isn't she lovely? i spied her right away wandering through *BEHOLD* while putting up some new fences (with glow!) out back. i really love working in 3D. it is so brain bogglingly incomprehensively obscenely difficult that i'm drawn to unwravel it all. building, scripting, posing, all facets of the creative means available. like a moth to a flame or a kitty to everything. i'm intoit.

so..., i've been getting behind on my reviewing. Julia Merosi, Ms Coen's accessorizer, sent me her latest finery. her continuous stretching of the design boundaries continues to fill the cup. from her belts, then bracelets, then necklaces (micro sculpties), now a remarkable and stunning scarf, hat, and gloves set. you just have to see the natural sparkling affect these embedded diamonds cause upon the eye! so chique!

on sale now for 490L$

Sunday, October 12, 2008


posing is such hard work! what must i do for my art.

i had a customer recommend an adjustment she'd like to the poses she got from me. seems the Qavimator free height for the avi didn't reflect her need to place the pose in her AO (instead of an expected poseball). while my poseballs are set to the height of ground level, the free height poses in the vendors are "unset" by any poseball script. the vendor's choice leaves it to you and your engenuity to be able to position me pose just so's you'd like. my poseballs are sold at a premium 'cause of the script work i did on em. while you cannot look into the script the pose & ball are mod/copy. poseballs are spread throughout *BEHOLD*

anyone else saddled with this AO need just IM me and i'll see to you pronto.

Bob Dylan:Infidels:Union Sundown (1983)c


*BEHOLD* Contest -Fantasy Theme

i'm on a faery kick. i've been searching the grid (using the handy dandy Search tool) and have been discovering an entirely different mindspace. i had been thinking i'd make this month's photo contest theme an image of feminine gentility from this culture's time and place. living in a forest, cave, cottage, village, castle; a quieter time, a simpler life. perhaps a pixie sparkle catches your eye, an elfen princess encountered deep within the forest. perhaps a drow in the arch of a hand cut stone bridge. the magical kingdom is wide and vast.

where are all the faeries of the forest? where are their icons of fashion!?

i will, over the next days of the this month, till the 31st, be taking Notecards from contestants for the 1000L$ *BEHOLD* Outfit Photo Contest prize. same rules as the last one (see below). no relaxing of the extraordinarily grievous detailing dictates. we have to know who the top fantasy designers are. gimme gimme. (i may even post all the designers we find.)

the only artistic change for submissions is: snapshots can be any size (post processing definitely okay). IM me if you would like to arrange transferring a high rez file instead of the inworld snap.

- have fun.
- jazz yerself up in your best faery, elf, medieval, mythical, mystical gear
- take a snapshot
- put the snap onto a notecard you create named "BEHOLD Contest"
- detail your outfit*

*this is where you earn your Lindens. each item in the outfit should be itemized unless they are part of the boxed set. ie. skin, hair, shoes, etc.; hell, eyelashes if you want extra points. provide landmarks.

- drop your notecard onto my profile
- await patiently for the winner to be announced (i will contact you personally)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hairspray 2 Find

Hair : Skippy - Bleached
Designer : Bryce Tully
Found @ :
Bryce Designs

Eyes : PERSONA Eyes new edition - strong green (small)
Designer : Myllie Writer
Found @ :

Skin : Eva A Dark DEMO
Designer : Heather Beebe
Found @ :

Mayne Line Fashion blog has just been added to Carissa Crimson's Fashion Feed of SL. she's having a wee problem associating each of our blog author's by-lines to their distinctive posts. not sure if it's happening with anyone else's but i thought i might be able to help the situation from my side.

i have no idea what i'm doing but there's enough resources out there to build a house if you look for it, so; into the breach of XML code. as i looked around i noticed a fix for the Fashion Planet feed's (noreply@blogger.com) addie getting appended to the post's link. seems like if you switch to an Atom feed (i've changed mine over to Feedburner's) it's supposed to correct that. here's hoping that fixes both irritating anomolies.

update: so far i've managed to bump Eleanor's first post up the Fashion Planet queue. i swear all i did was redirect the blogger RSS to Feedburner. please, don't shoot me i'm merely fondling the keys.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Introductions All Round

i'd like you to welcome a new blogger to the Mayne Line Fashion blog. the one and only Eleanor Balbozar, winner of our first ever *BEHOLD* photo contest. you will absolutely love her stylings. having the talent to itemize her whole kit & kaboodle for a blogpost is just so much cake. her world seems filled with jewels. no pushing now, i'm sure she has plenty to share.

we'll get her posting soon as the back office meanies re-schedule everyone's output. i'm sure i got everyone sufficiently confused so i can just post them whenever "I" want to! muah ha ha. no matter, it's great having such wonder filled women to form your Mayne Line Fashion point of view. if it's not perfect ... take it back.

brutal? you aint heard the half of it. love ya girls. stay beautiful.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Sunday, October 5, 2008


Bad Company (YouTube)

A Song in PicTours™

comin or goin?
My All
8 Pixels
I Do!
Porcelain Doll
My Everything
Next best thing
You said...?
Burning Life

Bad Company

Always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun yeah
I was born six gun in my hand
Behind a gun
I'll make my final stand yeah

That's why they call me
Bad company
I can't deny
Bad company
Till the day I die oh yeah

Rebel souls
Deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the soul
Now these towns
They all know our name
Six gun sound is our claim to fame yeah
Well I can just see them say

Bad company
I can't deny
Bad Company
Till the day I die
Watch it now


Hey hey hey
Bad company
Oh yeah
Bad Company
I can't deny
It's what i said
Bad company Oh whoa whoa yeah
Bad Company alright
Just a lonesome cowboy yeah
Took a ride in the rain
Oh god yeah
This desert's my home
Oh yeah ... and I'm free
I'm Bad company
So bad

New Fashion Resource

looks like we have a new fashionista resource being brought to the world: not sure how long it's been up but there's a few members in their group (1312 at time of post) that might know more about it than i do. i'm always the last to know.

check out their website at: Fashion-R-Us Online. looks like they're providing opportunities for designers who won't or can't pay the FashCon dues. Honey Fairweather and Sasun Steinbeck should be commended for their service. their organization is an example of the best; rife with elements denoting real intelligent design. i don't use it but there are people who swear by it. wished they had a way of not piling up the constant posts while offline. maybe an extra button to Stop/Start notices at receipt point.

of course, FashCon's new scripted kiosk system costs 1000L$. i think Fashion-r-us is free or 200L$. it was a while since i went over to their site, you'll have to check her site for any details. the Fashion-R-Us people don't require the designer to use a kiosk. the public can join the Fashion-R-Us group for free. only hitch is they started out "open enrollment" but now it's through invite or recommendation. i'm assuming if you don't know anyone in the group just pick one from the group names and IM them for a recommendation. what and how many notices are sent a day/week is unknown. could lead to some new finds.

good luck to you Rosablanka Allen (founder of the service).

Saturday, October 4, 2008


it's all Gorgeous (Gogo) Yongho's fault. if she wasn't so perfect i wouldna stopped and oggled her latest post on Chardonnay skins. that sexy pose of hers down near the bottom of the page was just too good to let go. i think my attempt is quite nice too. so nice i've put it into my AO's "flying down" slot. it's out for sale now from my animation vendors. 20L$ m/c/xt.

btw, that shirt is a gift from Blaze Columbia's subscribe-o-matic.


thought i'd try something different. the pose is embedded inside the book package. wear the object from your inventory and the books appear with your avis arms holding them to her chest. simple matter of putting natalia zelmanov's script inside the object you want your avi to interface/pose with.

i'm still working on the textures for it but you can have the pose alone while i perfect the books. demo here (thanks Alessa, it's working now, forgot to reset the vendor). i'm working on a few other projects where my building and scripting come into play. my photoshoot ladder, on display here, rezzes a video camera when you fire the pose on Sit. this ladder's also up on SLX.

Friday, October 3, 2008

We Have a Winner

(Photographed at Rustica)

Eleanor Balbozar wins 1000L$ in the first *BEHOLD* photo/reporting contest.

Outfit Details:
Magika - 80- Black
Bounce - Animated Neko Ears - Black
Hexed - Leather Buckled Collar - Kitty
Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Laqroki - Tasha 02 Portrait skin [tan]
Self Expressions - Sleepless Night
D2TK Silver Birthstone Armbands
Paradisis - Girl - Gloves - Black
*FO* Chunky Boots in Black

i was very much impressed with the work Eleanor Balbozar did on her submission. she was the only one who followed the contest's criteria to the letter. the ONLY one! i am very happy to send her her 1000L$ prize. very well done. not only is your look gorgeous, your literate comprehension and organized communications detailing the look was exemplary. congratulations and thank you. wow! if you ever want to launch yourself into a fashion blogging career we've got a place for you here. you can take a look at more of Eleanor's photo stylings on her flickr account.

now, i do understand, after mulling over the rules for the contest, they may have been too difficult or the prize of 1000L$ might have been too small an incentive to compete. many of you who are not into the blogging/reviewing game aren't aware of the hyper coordinated necessities of communicating your look to an audience. detailing the various items we wear on any given day is hard work. ya gotta wonder about the current batch of fashion bloggers. what's their motivation? is their incentive strictly commercial? self promotional?

i can only speculate for the rest of you. my own deviant needs to produce my fashion posts is to educate, illustrate, and inform the shopping public from an independant perspective. i'm happy to see the constant stream of new bloggers being added to the feed. i find myself tiring of the same ole same ole bloggers. while their posts are graphically attractive they are fairly concentrated stylistically. the paths to "making it" for designers is well established. over exposure can't hurt. but hey, someone's got to be supporting the up and comers. i'd like nothing better to introduce them to you here. we have a vast and diverse fashion community.

i really don't have the time these days to develop new designer relationships. my input, here on the blog and personally with the designers i blog is becoming less and less. that's not to say i'm going anywhere. i still have my own designs to bring to the world. if anyone wants to help this ole girl support and motivate the little known and undeveloped designers not yet incorporated into the systematic churn let me know. this blog's no institution; but it does, in a small way, serve its purpose. maybe it can serve yours too. let me know. love? ... or money? you decide. it's your world.

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