Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lives of Beauty

my passion for all things beautiful cannot be jarred, even now since the real world has managed to grip its slimy tendrils most severely round my slender neck. i won't be affected by the lame meat body social games within my new workplace environment. the impediment to my art, creativity, hell my exploration within this beautiful world we live in won't be, can't be, substantially or negatively impacted.

the real world can be a beautiful place too. i just don't seem to have EnCore's wardrobe as of yet. of course, if i net out positive (first pay Thursday) it might lead to some eye candy like Ginny Talamasca's babydoll in the above image. might take a while to grow out Arden Breyer's Ami hair but i'm committed. hmmm, just like ms winehouse. i think that oughta get me some attention in my cubicle. i'm sure there's a corporate policy on overtly erotic posturing though. who knows, if i'm not disciplined, i might start a new pop trend.

the pose chair in the above shot (do click it to open up to a larger image) is called Boudoir Chair. it's made by premiere photographer Pier Tempel. it's filled with poses from his equally skilled partner Evangeline Cortes. if you haven't tried it out, it's at LostAngel Poses along with a couch and "puff". i was lucky enough to use the one Wezday put out for Karel Matahari's review shot. the furniture has a menu driven script crafted by Piero Padar which allows you to alter your position along the three axes. the couch and chair have ten of Evangeline's extremely well done poses while the puff has four.

now that Cherie Parker's made me famous for my poses, i best get to crafting up some funky shit. just browsing some fashion mags has given me some ideas. while i bend those you can come by BEHOLD and see what other poses i have that you might get a kick out of.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

eLDee Does Punk

punk, grunge, neko even; the style, as is illustrated by the outfit in the photo above, is a statement of fierce independance to any rules, authority, or foolish attempts at conformity. Lilyana Dryke, not lacking innovation and texturing excellence, has challenged her comfort zone and gone to the edge.

while carrying over her superb feel for wrapping feminine curves with her tank textures (the subtlety of her edges and form of her creases can't be surpassed) she throws out the stops with her wild randomly tossed together rag prims. brilliant creative artistry unleashed. however she gets these ideas, saints preserve it.

these moments of artistic genius are complimented fully with the sculptie work integrated into her prim belt. i didn't care for the belt's texture, but her satchel is spot on. if anyone's tried to make a sculpty, let alone texture it, you can appreciate the work put into it to give you the look and feel of genuine snake skin.

Skirt, Top, & Belt: ::eLDee::, Culpa
Myllie Writer, Crossed Arm pose
Tatts: Leti Hax, MM401 Leti's Tattoo & Piercing St Maur (31, 233, 85
Boots: Kimiko Waco, PROZAK Leather Kicks
Hair: DigiKatt Shaw, Sabrina
Accessories: *BEHOLD*, Spiked Bangles

i'd give you the rest of the outfits details (landmarks) but i've got to get to work in the morning (yeah, rl work) so i'll let you Search where you can find them. sleep comes all too soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Above: Fire

Leo children, those arrogant, irascible fun loving devils (okay, i'm jealous) are lead by the over arching Sun. in the new Leo Sun Sign necklace (pictured above) i've embodied their bold attention grabbing nature with the addition of a dramatic opaque sphere (with a touch of shine) atop the spinning Earth. the Earth, dangling as it is on a chain serves as the stage for all their impish antics. come to BEHOLD and get your regal edition.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You've Been Warned

Lilyana Dryke's new designs have caused my dive into the dark and dank destructive depths of punk glory. i'm putting an outfit together using her cutting edge Culpa dress. i'll show you the entire outfit later. part of the feeling gathered while putting all the gear together with Lily's Culpa as the base lead to my designing the bangles you see above.

i made some armbands too, but they're not packaged yet. (such a grueling chore.) nonetheless, if you've been looking to scare people with your fierce aggression, come to BEHOLD and grab come dark metal bangles. slap animation to come. (have to make the bloody spikes real now don't we?)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Whole Woman

i've put another BEHOLD Fashion Review video together featuring Myllie Writer's little black dress Odelia. you can either watch the embedded version here or go get the high rez version on Youtube. if yer like me, as soon as you saw Odelia scrolling through the Fashion feed a while back you had to have it. i was a bit concerned about the transparency in the flexis, a problem i had alluded to in an earlier post, but with these textures i would forgive her almost anything.

the hem edge's bold graphic designs and pastel colour choices are of an exceptional quality i've come to expect from Myllie. you will not find any better casual every day wear for the modern woman. it's refreshing to find her concentrating on innovating with her clothing line. it's great to see her brand Persona known as being able to dress the whole woman; eyes, nails, jewelry, poses, clothing. and none of them are amateurish stabs. when Myllie puts her hand to it, she excels. what's next? shoes? hats? skins!? i'm looking forward to more.

Odelia is available in 3 edge styles (butterfly, flower, and leaves) and 3 colours for each. the fat pack is 710L$. you can find them in her main store on Levant.

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