Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hearts and Minds

we have a real treat for all of our regular Mayne Line Fashion readers. i've convinced WezdayDoll Yellowjacket, an artist of viceral imagery, to post her timeless canvases here. evocative, immersive, and transformational, her terse visionary posts should stop you, break you out of your mundane somnambulance and inspire you to explore and experiment within the rich tapestry that Second Life fashion can hold.

i hope i haven't hyped her too much and set the bar out of reach. i'm not sure if anyone has pulled this off before. maybe it's just me. you'll see with her first post tomorrow. it's my hope that Wezday's posts can become a regular feature. we're shooting for her to submit a post every week. maybe every two weeks. we'll see, as time goes by.

welcome Wezday.

Monday, July 28, 2008


we are making some much needed changes to the layout of BEHOLD. swing by and have a look. i've added a few vendor stalls along the western border that i'd like new designers to check out. if you're getting your designing feet wet and think you'd like to set out some of your stuff, take a chance.

i love to "build". learning how to adorn the infinite 3D shapes with Photoshop's flat 2D images just seems so daunting. of course, my frenetic and exitable life does not lend itself to maintaining this learning aspect to such a high degree as our most exhalted designers. for that, i'd have to be anti social to get anything done. hmmm. have we come to a crossroads here? i'd rather be dancing, yeah.

nonetheless, as you see spread out in front of me, these frighteningly beautiful bracelets (a set includes both left and right) can be stolen for the paltry sum of 10L$. the FAT pack, including all four colours displayed for your amusement and edification is a mere 25L$. i'll probably be adding more colours since i've learned to save the layered .psd file somewhere on my hard drive. now all i have to do is find it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Feel the Heat

Nadja Baxter's Lingerie & Beachwear Expo got me thinking. and, no; i don't mean lusting over the slutwear the boys seem eager for us to wear. i was thinking more along the lines of revealing some flesh in a much more mature forum. what better a place than a public beach.

if you haven't experienced Bora Bora Isles you are missing a real treat. they've got rideable demos of windsurfers, surfboards, jetskis, kiteboards, rafts, you name it. wanna ride a killer whale, come on over. park yourself on the loungers and make some friends. maybe someone would take you home where you might get to remove your hot sweaty Savonah Madona suit.

watch youtube's high resolution vid

Pose: Myllie Writer, Persona, Coy
Hair: Tami McCoy,
Hair Styles By Tami, Misfit Too
Glasses: Ledje Gorky,
Frameworks, heart shaped glasses
Shoes: JB Gazov,
J's, J's Real Toe Gather Wedge Sandals
Suit: Savonah Madonna,
Lingerie & Beachwear Expo, Rasta Sheer
Location: Mathieu Basiat,
Bora Bora Isles

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Live Music and Fashion Event

Hecate Cortes, a good friend i've known for some time, just sent me this notice about her new club on the Yule sim. she puts lots of time and energy into all the events i've been privileged to experience. she's getting real strong support from some high profile sim owners, designers, and agencies, as she should. i hope you'll be able to swing by and take in some of the live music events, including a not to be missed fashion show with Ravenwear and CB Designs, as listed below in her notecard.

Pagan Unity
Seasons Alter

proudly present


Welcome to Inner Goddess, a club like no other. Here in this Magickal Tree romance fills the air. When this Romance is seen then Magic is all around and the tree springs to life. This Mighty and Ancient Tree welcomes each of you, and even extends her branches for you to sit upon. Sit and relax as she offers you some herbal tea while you are entertained. Of course, you are welcome to take the hand of your partner and dance.

This enchanting place was built by my dear sister Nadine Defiant. She is truly gifted by the Goddess. It's built with Romance in mind, so please turn your environmental lighting to midnight to fully enjoy the rich pallete of events we have planned for you today.

Love and Light
Hecate Cortes

Amberdragon Designs: (Nadine's Store)
Wiccan Shoppe & Garden Center
Jewelry & Garden Center

12 noon to 2pm SLT
July 17th

DJ Andreas Defiant will be doing a Goth event. Come listen to the tunes and sexy voice of this fantastic DJ.

2pm SLT
July 17th

Carmen Roeth. Fantastic Live Singer

Cherrypop Bling of CB Designs
Raven Lament of Ravenwear.
Avenue Models: Models wil be showcasing outfits from both of these Fantastic Designers. If you have any questions on the outfits the models wearing the piece would be glad to respond. Information on the Avenue Modeling Agency can be fielded in the same manner. Don't be shy, Avenue Models are chosen for their personable nature as well as their beautiful looks.
HodgePodge Variety Magazine

3pm SLT:
July 17th
Band: TheDeadlyDarkIronic
Tribute to Evanescence.
Experience the atmospheric, spine tingling, gothic melodies of Evanescence live.
TDDI present to you a live concert from Evanescence...

Haunting, beautiful, and bitter sweet with the odd kick ass riff.

7pm SLT
July 17th
Band: Space Junky:

"RL band SpaceJunky are launching their new RL CD "Resident Alien" in SL by touring and doing shows with RL band members roleplaying a simulated concert performance to their original music from the CD. Complete with custom instruments, animations, sound and particle effects they put on a great show for a good nights entertainment. Cosmic love never felt this good."

Support their music with the purchase of their CD.

Bastchild Lotus of Lapointe and Bastchild Designs: fantasic place to shop.
Celeron Voom of Urban Trash. Fantastic up and coming designs.
Isle of Lesbos, Mall & Club open to all
Isle of Lesbos 500 (Women Only)

Places to see while you are here:

Pagan Unity: A beautiful sim that offers cabins for rent, spiritual encounters, weddings, classes and gatherings.

Unity Temple: a beautiful place to meditate. We offer weddings and spiritual counselling. Please IM Hecate Cortes to book.

There are so many wonderful and beautiful places on Seasons Alter and Yule sims. Lots to do and plenty of shops to explore. Allow us to reconnect you to your spiritual path. All faiths are welcome.

********* Vendor stalls for rent *********

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shopping Tao

i needed an outfit to wear with the newest and most innovative fashion design to hit the grid since Windlight: Mr JB Gasov and his Prim Toed sandalista revolution. too much hyperbole? i think not. if yer still on the outside looking in you'll have to trust me. JB Gasov,s prim toes will begin to propagate throughout the grid's shoe designers within a very short time.

whether they can pull off such a coup depends on their technical and artistic ability. the combination of shaping them, texturizing them, and scripting them will separate the masters from the dabblers and Lively exploiters.

the "idea" of Prim Toes isn't new. The account Iris Bourdeille put out a prim toed sandal design one month after her birth way back in the summer of 2007. Elusyve Jewell did a review on them for the Fashion SOS blog. from what Elusyve's post reported, Iris's skin tone matching proved to be wanting. JB Gasov,s implementation has perfected the manner by which any skin tone can be matched.

if you can't see it or get it to work for you, you don't have the eye or equipment to sufficiently resolve the colour fidelity inherant in the tinting script. i won't go into the technical difficulties you might face, suffice it to say: your colour discernment or ability to resolve subtle differences in colour depends a great deal on your pocket book. we is after all, here in our little Linden world, on the graphical cutting edge. don't be graphically challenged.

outside of all that adoration for the progenitor of this outfit, i thought a nice flirty knee length skirt would suit JB's sandals. i didn't think too much about the top, i'm sure if i found the skirt the designer would have a matching top. maybe strapless, i'd see when or if i found what matched my mind's eye. well, i musta spent two days browsing the malls. yeah, i'm stubbornly not brand name centric.

another irritating fact when looking for my skirt is that the majority of dresses out there are either minis or full length ball gowns. aside from the retro crowd (who didn't have enough subdued earth tones) i came up with nuthin. i finally had to resort to asking one of my stylist friends to find me something. within minutes we had Nyte Caligari's Gleam dress. it was exactly what i had imagined. aside from the alpha sorting glitch issue (i'll post about that later) the length, texure, and flexi features were ideal. to have the top be a boatneck was the cherry on top of the sundae. i had just the bangle set in inventory to match. despite their being "autumn" colours, they suited the sandy coloured theme perfectly.

i wasn't going to let finding the accessories be such an arduous chore as the dress. i was browsing Elexor Matador's EMJ store when he popped in. seeing that he'd know more about what he had for sale than i had the time to look i asked him for some help. it didn't take more than a minute for him to pull out the perfect necklace and earring set. he wouldn't take anything for it. we had a nice chat. he showed me the newest displays on the second floor he was rolling out. i gave him some marketing ideas which i'm sure must have made him cringe. all in all he seemed to be very charming and articulate.

my last purchase for the outfit was to get another colour for the hair i had from a House of Heart treasure hunt. i swapped out the freebie platinum for the nugget et voila! one sexy summery sunny outfit to show off my new prim toes. if you get sick of seeing me in it, wait for the fall when i go shopping again.

- Sheltered Heart, Bewitched Hair, Ginnifer (nugget), 195L$ 4 colours/pack
- Elexor Matador,
EMJ, EMJ Sand Stone necklace/earrings
- Noelle Eilde, Argyle,
autumn brown bangles (l&r), 20L$
- Nyte Caligari, Nyte'N'Day,
Gleam (brown), 215L$ (includes Intelliscripted skirt)
- JB Gazov, J's,
J's Real Toe Tassle Wedge Sandals (beige), 400L$

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prim Toe Innovation!

Is there any choice?
Click to show High Resolution Photo
the title doesn't mean the Billie "innovation" type scam. i mean absolute brilliance in all facets of our technology. JB Gazov and his prim toed sandals are PERFECT. anyone telling you anything else is [add offensive emo here]. click on the above photos for super zoom goodness.

you are looking at a revolutionary milestone. not only are the prims formed perfectly, they are textured perfectly. the embedded script paints on a selection of perfect glossy polishes (one with jewels), toe rings, and any tone of skin can be matched with a few button stabs. i've tried them in all default light conditions and environmental conditions, i've spilled my way bright video lights on them and noticed no affect. if you need any help adjusting to the Future, just IM me. i'd be happy to help.

*disclaimer: i have absolutely no commercial interest or association with this brilliant artist. YET! one can only hope. i'm sure not going to overwhelm him with my magnificence seeing that i'm merely a puny human. check out his other transformer statues, here and here. *choose the "Show on Map" button to have the beacon show you where the coordinates are.
EnCore standing on JB Gazov's transformer

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cowgirls Never Get the Blues

i got me horse. AKK Ranch has barrel races and jumping. there's plenty of trails to let loose. all i have to do is hold on for dear life. honing my survival skills whilst riding a ton of muscle brings me back to what real life's all about. better than hog wrastling any time.

of course, if i'm gonna be sitting pretty on "Pinkie" (she's a demo i used for the shoot, and yes, i call all my horses Pinkie, drives the guys nuts) i have to look the part. i started with the hat i got for the group Ms Arashi put together: "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues". we share an admiration of Tom Robbins' prosaic manner of descriptive banality. get on board, she sends out passages of Tom's seminal book. if yer a fan, you'll love getting your head randomly jarred into a this fantastic realm.

as to the hat, it's risey Arai's ten gallon hat. you can get yer own at Sey for an obscene price. i mean like it's way underpriced for the sculptie and texturing goodness. must be some clever oriental means of overwhelming us with perfection. i nearly fainted when i saw it. that really doesn't happen all that often, i promise. i'm sure it's the heroin.

the bracelets (two to the pack, one silver, one gold) are risey's too. equally affordable to us ordinary working girls on a budget. i chose the ones that matched the emblem on the hat. there's more goodness there i'd like to blog. risey, if yer reading this, get in touch with me. check out the rest of the shop for where the future is going.

i found the boots, while searching for classic cowgirl boots using Search. seems like the market's cornered. i kept running into the same designer's stuff throughout the results listing. i thought about the issues they'd cause on my jeans (aside from their clunkiness). my next TP brought me to Delian Mayo's expansive furniture/shoe/gadget store. she's got giant models of her shoes spread out throughout the shoe section suitably high on the pedestals they belong to be upon. having my dolly gazing up at those monsters was a treat. i'm not sure if she's put the mod script into her inventory, she was gracious enough to let me have a mod version to assuage my "super picky" self. if they're still no mod, just ask her to mod them for ya.

the outfit's center piece, the beer soaked T-shirt, goes to show my Coyote Ugly morals. while not highlighted, and hardly given a passing thought on my part, it does get a lot of attention. it's from an oldbie, Fleabite Beach. i've had it in my inventory for just such an outfit. not sure if you can find it anywhere anymore. i'll have to thank Fleabite personally. funny thing, just seen her get a mention on Hamlet Au's site recently. finishing off the gear are jeans from crucial Armitage (sweet heart jeans boot cut), hair is Stumblina's Romance flexi (is anyone still making non-flexi hair these days?), and tatts are BellaDonna Cordero, the designer for Brooklyn Designs. now where's that dancing on the bar animation, yeehaw!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bax Coen's Love Train

that train a goodness just can't be stopped. she keeps rolling out new brand goodness with a steady and calculated hand on the tiller. soon we'll all be on board. if you haven't seen her new belt line (designed by Julia Merosi and lovingly wrapped with our Lady's Own Textures) i've put another Behold Fashion Review together to end your worries. if the embedded vid here doesn't resolve well enough go to Youtube's high resolution file.

oh, btw, the 19 belts (with pouch) are FULLY and seemingly infinitely customizable by an easy to use script Menu provided graciously by Our Lady Bax. these belts can not help but match your every whim. get em at Julia Merosi's (fat pack), individually, or at Jiminy.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quiet Revolution

there's a quiet revolution in design underway. i've been told frequently, without giving it much credence, that the Japanese designers coming into the world (not to discount the luminaries such as June Dion and Ameshin Yossarian) are bringing graphic abilities, prim innovation (ala sculpties), and scripting excellence that far surpasses anything previously seen.

on my bored and blog exasperated hunting sprees inworld, i decided to pay more attention to this segment of women's fashion. armed with a handful of landmarks i TPd into a world which brought the gaga, wide eyed enthusiasm back into my vision. and now it seems that Premiere Modeling Management (PMM) has seen the light too.

i've checked out the venue, actually saw the models in rehearsals (shhh) and i have to say PMM's promotional show (Sat, 5 July, 4pm SLT) concentrating on a select group of Japanese designers is a great idea. bridging the gap (mostly one of language; even now that babel fish has the capability, it leaves a lot to be desired) is key to embracing our Japanese neighbours. once you see their styles, i'm sure you'll afford them the extra effort it takes to make them welcome.

+++ Kay Fairey's notecard +++

Premiere Modeling Management presents:
PASSION FOR FASHION - the Splendour of Japanese Fashion

Premiere Modeling Management invites you to experience the splendour of Japanese designers!!

You will be awed by the attention to detail given and the unique designs of these very talented creators from Japan, many of them still not as widely known in this part of the SL world. A must show to see for all fashionistas who are on a look out for new hot designers!

July 5th (Sat), 4pm SLT at the Pavillion Events Center, Antero Shores (226, 56, 24)
Hosted by DJ Aeshchylus Shepherd

Sponsored by "Styles of edo", sponsor of Premiere Modeling Management

Mami Jewell of "azul" - Exquisite designs with attention to detail
mirai Jun of "!_Ce_Cubic effect" - Urban and Knitwear
Orange Meili of "Discord" - Unique and grunge fashion
Hays Uriza of "Haysuriza Footwear"
Youki Rau of "ottico" glasses and sunglasses

Friday, July 4, 2008

Jane For Us

janeforyou Barbara just added a new island to her Isle of Lesbos island complex. i just came back from the opening fashion show highlighting Brooklyn Designs. not that you have to be gay to enjoy yourself there (it sure would do wonders for the soul). anywho, the large central main building, surrounded by the new residential rentals, is where janeforyou has set up Brooklyn Designs' brand.

the rooftop was the setting for the scontrix Snook catwalk production, Shaki Boa did the voice announcing. i don't speak Italian, but i sure do love to hear it spoken. Shaki mixed her announcing between English and Italian with ease. if i had my double cheek kiss animation ready this was the time to use it.

i only got to see half the designs as the system decided i was too heavily resource laden to enjoy the catwalk uninterupted by a crash and a five minute time out. could hitting on the models be a crashable offense to the Linden gods?

from what i did see, BellaDonna Cordero has cut some really sexy numbers and wrapped them all deliciously, allowing for her relatively young age and my lack of super zoom inspection view. it's been a while since my computer upgrade and i still haven't learned to take in all the exiting elements. hell, if i can't get the models to stand still and let me look at the seams, what's the point?

if i had to put the theme for Brooklyn Designs into one word, i'd have to say S-E-X-Y. the designs at the show (all for sale at the island's Brooklyn Designs' shop) have a daring level of exposed flesh. front, back, and sides! i'd say only those with a sufficiently bold personality with an equally beautiful Amazonian model's body could wear them. the more casual designs, found on the third floor, have some tatts of noteworthy rawr value.

i would have liked to have been able to show you some designs in 3D (ala my innovative video review process) but our being there was all spur of the moment and i know how frantic shows can be to the principles involved. hopefully, once we all come down from the celebrations, you'll see more of BellaDonna's stuff here. all in all it was a really well put together show with plenty of eye and ear candy. loved the fireworks and managed to make a few new friends.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Emotional Moods Met

the solar sphere appears to be sweeping the constellation of the Crab. from cusp to cusp, all those born under the Cancer sun are resilient and emotionally driven. some might even say they're moody. i'd say they're intuitive to the point of destraction from Earth bound sensibilities. of course, that's the best of their attributes. who wants to hear the worst? enhance your beautiful self my lovelies. avoid those deep and sullen depths. you are a sponge of psychic vibes.

come to BEHOLD and grab yer necklace to fit your lovely swanlike and kissable neck. i've added a multitude of teeny primmy things that may drape the piece deliciously over your bare naked shoulders. should it not quite fit your particular vision of shapeliness i've embedded Wietse Cassini's resizing script within it. his easy to follow menu (instruction notecard included) should have your bejeweled necklace shimmering in no time. all for a ridiculously low priced sum of 100L$. please, come exploit this opportunity before i come to my senses. yes, i have Cancer as my ascendant sign. muah ha ha. i am a firm believer that one can represent all. NOT!

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