Monday, June 30, 2008

Marketing 101

i'm not always happy with the results of my shopping these days. i scan the Fashion feed on a regular basis, waiting for that eye popping, tire screaching, have-to-have outfit. i've never been disappointed with any of the hairs i've seen. there seems to be a defacto standard in the hair field that DEMOS are a must. skin creators and shoe makers seem to have the same understanding that you can't purchase an item (especially if they are expensively priced) without having the customer try them on.

i'm not economically challenged but i'm not rich either. i've been burned often enough by simply following the blogger's rave, TPing to the designer's store, viewing the "air brushed" display image and pulling the Buy trigger. don't get me wrong, enhancing our inworld reality with professionally applied filters and affects are quite appealing to me. but, there's an element of deception inherent in prettying them up to the point where i'm not getting what i thought i might. i don't want to try something on, fidget and fuss on it forever, then wind up throwing it out cause it's sub par or it just won't work.

so..., i thought i'd try a little experiment for my latest review. if the resolution for the embedded video below is not keen enough for you, go to the same Youtube video on their site for a higher resolution, higher bitrate version. i recommend going full screen. i'm just now fiddling with the bitrates and sizes and all so bare with me. you should be able to see a reasonable facsimile of the actual outfit, as fitted and worn in all its glorious 3D dynamics of inworld movement. next best thing to being there. and no lag! i hope you enjoy it.

the .wmv files i have on my hard drive are quite a bit clearer but they are also massive in size. i might have to host the high rez/massive sized vids on a suitable file hosting site for download, let me know if you'd be interested. btw, should you wish to view a higher resolution video on any Youtube video, just append &fmt=6 to the end of the URL and see if you can see the difference.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


amongst all the other work getting done on BEHOLD i decided my new shape (yeah, i wear these suckers) would be a welcome addition to the world at large. it's out on the shop here. i've included the "nobutt" version in this pack for prim skirt fitting. both these shapes are mod/copy.

POSE: Myllie Writer
BOOTS: Bax Coen
HAIR: Calico Ingmann
SKIN: Tuli Asturias

Friday, June 20, 2008

Myllie Moves Me

i don't much care for AOs but i really like Myllie Writer and i absolutely love her poses. put up against any poses out there, even against the staples from ancient times (when the world was small and we all loved one another ... i'm speculating here) she's simply head and shoulders above us. maybe the tools used back in the day didn't allow for such finesse as she is able to craft in modern times. Qavimator, even in its present state of non-development, can create, given patience and a considerably skilled artistic talent, the beautifully sensuous and feminine forms Myllie has mastered.

and now she's animating!

she's got a new AO pack complete with ZHAO-II HUD at her store now. it's a snap to use and the HUD's non obtrusive. just make sure you don't knock off any of your other HUD attachments. it defaults to the bottom right corner. if you want to buy the individual animations for your own AO they are sold individually. there's a demo stand you can use to view the various animations in the full pack.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


midnight, seal, elven, emerald, royal, onyx, amethyst, crimson

forget about all the anti-social and negative drama foisted upon us from the spoiled brat with a cloistered moralistic purpose to make for her life. wouldn't you rather get exited when you see a fabulously ornate gown you could wear? the real drama comes when i see my love popping on Sherona DeGroot's Wicked gown. not that her naked Minnu skinned body is unattractive, that's another story best reserved for a more adult audience, each item of the ensemble she put on resolved to faint inducing realization.

it's always nice chatting with Sherona. of course, when she drops some gowns on me, my evil greedy aspect (i keep her well hidden) can't get enough. i'd love nothing better than to influence people's purchases with my style choices. unfortunately the photos here only illustrate a small aspect of the dynamic features built into the textures and flexi features Sherona knows so well. of course, that problem will soon be solved. till then, you will just have to go to Sherona's Innovations shop and get yourself a sample to wear.

moondance, dreamscape, ballad, essence, seduction

Secret Garden

nocturne, crimson, noir, seal, green, blue

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Competitors!

by now everyone knows Bax Coen has brought her new ankle boots into the world. the wait has been well worth while. she's crafted another hit smash by which others can only enviously compare their own skills. this time around she's chosen to make laced up ankle boots. Bax's earlier over-the-knee boots are still the standard against which to compare, bar none. so too now, these new ankle boots are going to go up on the unreachable pedestal. Tesla Miles, Damon Gorilla, and Jackal Ennui are not going to be sleeping easy any time soon.

what with all the variations incorporated in her modifiable script, Bax's ankle boots might be the only ankle boot you'll ever need. they come in two base colours, red and black. the suede fabric, deliciously textured as only Bax can, simulates a slight touch of wear, hence the subtle shading on the creases. but she doesn't leave us wanting. the shine to her patented metal tipped toe (changeable from silver to gold by the menu) holds just the right amount of light reflection. her slim (okay, suicidal) stiletto heels, classic logo emblem, and now eyelets and laces are all similarily and expertly wrapped with just the right textures to heighten the lifelike feel. and they're all prims. no sculpties. the perfect prim blending leaves no apparent seams from one prim to the next in these very complex and sensuous footsie forms.

and if that weren't enough, Bax has added a script that makes sizing and modding as easy as 1-2-3. the multitude of options for creative customizing are replete with considerable freedom to make your boots unique to your individual style, all controlled by the touch to the right boot. the menu allows precise changes to be made to all facets of the construction. put all those potential changes together and you can match them to any outfit you have.

there's a lot to admire in these boots. from the sheen of the leather soles (complete with Bax's distinctive logo and real looking 0 size imprint on the sole) to the lovingly feminine lace adorning the tops of the ankle portion of the boot. my only concern, should your AO not be able to override certain stances, is the ankle bit seems to move the alignment of the laces off the foot's line. outside of that peculiarity of having the lower leg attached ankle section move independant of the foot, these boots are the penultimate example of the best sculpted prims and technically adept scripting i've found so far.

you can find them at her vendor at my shop, BEHOLD, the main store at Jiminy, or a number of other satelite locations dotting the map. the main store at Jiminy has been redone and looks like a lovely spot to tarry with friends over a cup of tea. she's still got that Bits and Bobs animation where you can "Worship" your boots too.

oh, and she's been collaborating with Julia Merosi. Julia has some bangles displayed at Jiminy you might want to take a look at. they are made with the same textures found in Bax's knee high boots. if you have Bax's cat skin boots you absolutely Must get Julia's bracelets. the display at Jiminy doesn't really do them justice but if you go to her JMC & Friends shop you'll see the bracelets and boots together. she's going to be putting out more accessories for Bax such as purses and belts too. check her store, she's got plenty of nice stuff there.

so, now that my mayne quad computer's back in action (i paid someone to put it together! i know, i know. the shame is pitiful) i've been able to put a vid together. the following should give a good illustration as to just how sexy the Bax boots are when they're taken out on their walkies. if that doesn't knock your socks off, there are Demos at every Bax location. 3D forever.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Follow the Wind

the sun can't be stopped. its path through the elliptical orbit (at least as observed from here on mother Earth) is relentless. it shouldn't matter that my computer spits up motherboards, power sources, and hard drives on a regular basis. these are mere inconveniences. the fact that it brings me to my knees with the torrents of tears stemmed by a slight remembrance of dignity shouldn't matter. there's a new astro necklace i should enhance, embrace, and annihilate (oops). i mean entice out of the studio.

surmounting all these problems would be enough to kill any ordinary woman. attached as i am to the survival ego self you'll have to forgive me this bluster. once again, i have surpassed all expectations, there being none shouldn't concern anyone. i'm feeling happy. you can't imagine the sheer number of elements which unwravelled. who the hell's responsible? me? now just wait a minute. can't i blame someone for me? my mom's gonna hear about this!

no matter. the hospital bills have to be paid, the landlord's knocking at the door with his hand out, the pressure's debilitating. and still, a new design from that calm and detached selfless giving Core doth issueth thereby and thereforth verily.

you can pick up the newest sweet *BEHOLD* Gemini Necklace at the retail section of BEHOLD. enjoy the fruits of the ruinous random flurry of confusion. we can only hope i don't break anything else before the Earth is finally brought to her knees and we can all go home. aohm....

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