Sunday, May 4, 2008

Take My Body

uhuh. i've got some of my shapes out at BEHOLD now. and no, i'm not going to give you a free look at my perfectly sculpted forms right here on this blog. shame on you for even thinking that i would. i suppose i could tease you and tell you to wait for the full nude spread in my new magazine (timed to coincide exactly with Kristianne Matfield's ASpiRE! mag) but that would be a clear case of marketing genius. of which i am not.

i don't have the heart to lie and deceive you my dear readers. isn't that what marketing is all about anyway? i'm not here for that. i'll leave that up to the testesterone driven competive nature of the blog marketeers; a devolving mass of infighting, scandalizing, backstabbing bitches if i ever did see. (oops. did i just say that? heavens! maybe a holiday's in order. haha. one can't escape the truth. i shall soldier on. love you, love you, love you)

anywho, i really would like to belabour the point but i feel the Fashion Planet Feed should be to show new product releases. so, next time yer in the shop, grab one of those radioactive white hot glowing pyramids (as illustrated in the above photo) and have a peek. they are all 30L$ a pop. yes, that's right, i'm not here to make a living off the nameless faceless multitude ripe for plunder. my game includes relating to you on equal footing.

the "mini me" avatar shape is being sold at a slight premium since i had to do some dramatic editing on her. she goes for 40L$. i've preserved all my other features and proportions, just shrunk her height from my normal 100 Amazonian self to zero. a few tweaks here and there and she's the life of the party. yeah, she gets lots of attention.

all are being sold with copy, no mod, no transfer permissions. enjoy. peace.

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