Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i have set out a few camping pads on my land. they are located on the southern most extent of Behold's parcel borders. they will be set for members of my BEHOLD Updates group only (soon as i can decipher the code that ensures just such a plan). as they are right now anyone can use them. i'll put out a prim that will automate the group joining function by touch but until then just look up BEHOLD Updates group and join for free. it is my fondest hope that the exchange with my Sweatshop girls (as it seems so far) will be cooperatively beneficial.

within the present batch of Behold lovers drawn to my sweatshop's pose positions (i'm having some trouble with Qavimator on my new system but should have some more positions later) anne Binstok was good enough to let me take some shots of her in her new outfit.

i have a few more high rez shots of anne but those will have to wait for Behold's new mag to come out. stay tuned to this channel for that. as you can see by the shots i chose, for someone so young (4/18/08) she is a stunner! all thanks go to camping Lindens being well spent at Emaleigh Guyot's Adora Shapes and Skins.

outfit: Hard Rocker (male)
price: 300L$
artist: Looloo Beck

hair: Bewitched: Diva2
price: 195L$, 4 colour pack
artist: Sheltered Heart

boots: Storm Schmooz: Maitresse Profond
price: 500L$
artist: Storm Schmooz

Monday, April 28, 2008

Foundation, Strength, and Duty

it's here. it's here now. the constellation of Taurus the bull is being illuminated. and you can wear a representation of its moment around your neck. don't cause a stampede, we're open 24/7. i'm not sure how long the stock can be corralled so get there early. come to this very spot at Behold and grab one.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Sun Also Rises

the Sun is tracking through the constellation of Taurus of late. and, with that, it's time to release the newest version of my Sun Sign necklaces.

this one has refined Longitude/Latitude coordinates and the celestial sphere wrapping our little blue marble Earth has nicer stars on it. i found a Photoshop video tutorial to enhance the earlier version. i'm not quite done placing all of the stars in their patterns as of yet but once i'm done, you'll be the first to know. keep your eyes on the blog.

if anyone's interested in the starburst affect i used for the ecliptic's graphics here's how you do it.

start with transparent background
make a vertical gradient (white to transparent, white at the top)
apply the filters:
Filter > Distort > Wave (square type)
Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates (rectangular to Polar)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ribbon Whips

just put out some neat little whirligigs. they're being displayed on the gold dance floor next to Lilyana's ::eLDee:: wall. i'm selling them on SLX too. get one colour (there's 6 altogether) for 20L. get all six for 100L. if you ever needed something to jazz up your dance floor or party celebrations these are it. your search is over.

you might have to turn on your View > Highlight Transparent to grab each separate whirlygig should you indulge yourself enough to have one for your very own. i've got the "fat pack" out here. so many choices. what to buy, what to buy?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yeah, What She Said

Bettina Tizzy mentioned going to the Mexico Sims over on her Not Possible in Real Life blogpost. i'd recommend everyone partaking of the fountain ms Tizzy's drinking from. wonderous and awe inspiring visions do spring from those inspirationally crafted stories she posts to the NPIRL blog. i've taken up much puppy dog adoration for the hint of sparkly light she will bestow upon us next. it's a pleasure to be so reminded of the delights second life has for a transcendance from the mundane.

as gifted or as flawed i am for allowing the immersive experience to wash over me entirely, i did find the space, from the very point of my landing, wholly engrossing to all of my senses. you can't make the part more real after donning their multiprim Mayan resident outfits.

they have a sign in the entrance area that provides some conservatively derived sound setting suggestions. as the aural experience is so integrated with the terrain i'd suggest you max out all your settings. you will be amazed that that talented of an artist would dare provide his magic to the likes of us jealous gods down here. blessings son.

of course, with every taste of heaven there must be a touch of hell. evil lurks in the dark wet jungle as personified by this huge snake raising from the indigenous grasses. can't tell you what type of snake exactly, the best i could do was cottonmouth (not just cause it's on my mind, dentists can be so cruel) but i'm not fulfilled enough to know more of the Mayan culture. i'm sure there is a demon strain down there. a couple of their heads adorn the top of my head dress. heehee. good snake. behave.

all in all, i'd have to give this site a four out of five for immersion. i've only been there twice, once alone and once with Play Fair. she found a breathtaking pond surrounded by densely forested mountains raining down a multitude of waterfalls. all from dizzying heights. we eventually fell into the frothing whirling pool. where the hang gliding came into the picture i'll have to tell ya about later. i intend on exploring more. there's such a depth of wonder® to enliven the mind.


Saturday, April 12, 2008


new version of necklace for Aries Sun on sale at Behold.

looks like the whole SIM's going astrological/astronomical. i've got a giant sized Earth sphere overtop my shop. just put the Moon in the mix the other day. the next door neighbour's got a giant sculpty crescent moon aglowing o'er their medieval castle. another's got the Earth rotating around the Sun just to the south of us. it could be a sign! follow the stars, you'll find out more about yourself and others through them than the TV news.

oh, just discovered that the Search for Behold gives a landmark into the subterranean caverns beneath the shop floor. i've got a teleport prim there you can click to bring you back topside. if anyone knows how to change the Search thingy let me know. until then you might do some exploring of the Behold underworld. really, the spider can't hurt you, it's the kryponite i'm worried about.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aries Sun Bracelet

you deserve more of me. i so appreciate my new customers and friends who've just discovered my little store. i'm half way busting out full of pride to know you and how much you love me. i've always wanted to be as loved as i am now. i'm tearing up. tissue please.

ever since that first day i ran away from the orphanage. i need more love than most. you can understand that can't you? haha.

i'm having the time of my life now a days and hope i can better my last design as much as you all deserve. as a benefit from my dreamily meandering mindset i have twisted a unique primish masterpiece. sliding your cam into this baby's gonna reveal what little talent i actually have. who was it that said it's the journey not the destination? crock a *** if i ever heard it.

i have bloody gashes from all the head scratching this thing caused me. i'm still boggled by the teeny little ramz head coming from a 450x450 pixel original. i added another 450 on each side so the repeat wouldn't crowd the span so much. i think there's something like 40 or 50 ramz headz end to end on this one. now if you thought about that for a while (bring up yer spreadsheet) you'd see how phenomenal the graphics are in here. that's 54,000 pixels spanning the prim who's dimensions inworld are designated in thousandths of meters. just what kind of fidelity (pixel to pixel) from the original is there on that prim? wrapping these 3D vector prims with 2D bitmap textures is going to take me some time to get my head around. i'm sure glad i never had, wanted, or got any real math skills past grade four.

i may have to fire up Illustrator, see how she paints models in that, or is that only 2D? hmmm. please god, no complicated 3D illustration program. then i have the aha moment. this IS a 3D illustration program!

i'm gonna go get a drink. see ya later. the bracelet's in the store now. looking forward to meeting you all at BeHold.

I Give You

the Aries Sun necklace.

you wanna hear the rest of the story?

blood, sweat, and tears. more i should not say. suffice it to say that it was a grueling slugfest wrangling the wee prims to fit into the piece. nonetheless, i'm semi happy with the results indicative of my rapid advancement in occular acuity. if nothing else, it will serve as an historical piece i can look back at and exclaim my horror that i was ever that bold to put out something so primitive.

as it is now you can zoom in real close on the pendant and see the astrological constellations along the ecliptic with their subsequently inscribed common names on the outer most sphere. inside this celestial sphere revolves the blue marble we call Earth. for this particular necklace (i intend to roll out designs for each of the sun signs of the zodiac) i have the constellation Aries foremost. Of course, since it is, and i am, number one. enjoy the sproing.

only available at BEHOLD. all others daring similar designs will be either prosecuted by the full extent of my overwhelmingly powerful reach or embraced most graciously in our sharing of bodily fluids.

there are two locations for the Aries Sun pack within the wide expanse of pinkdomness that is Behold. i've a large mock up on the sales counter for you to be transfixed hypnotically. as well, i might add, there is a pose position that you can jump on to see the necklace suitably positioned on your lovely avi's neck. just hit the "View Necklace" prim and be amazed. put your Cam view in your avi before you do (hit Esc a few times) cause i've scripted the pose to grab your cam to center the necklace in your viewer.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ms & Mr SL Ebony 2008

Miss SL Ebony 2008 is not your usual beauty pageant. Launched in order to promote black culture and cultural diversity in SL, this is the first beauty competition ever planned in the metaverse for avatars concerned by the cultural diversity and who are owning and wearing tan, dark tan, black and ebony skintones. Hosted at Ebony City, the official headquarters of Miss and Mister SL Ebony 2008, the competition will be judged by the powerhouses of the SL Black community.

-Vixen Fairplay (Lead officer of Black Men and Women of SL group)
-Shaka Saintlouis (Designer of Shakture)
-Storm Babeli (Designer of Purple Rose Jewelry, Designer of the winner crown)
-Kwamey Pinion (Designer of SOREAL)
-Indyra Seigo (Designer of Indyra Original)
-Patty Cortes (CEO of Ebony Limited and owner of Ebony City)

* SPONSORS : JCNY, Vitamin Ci, Kid Asia, Urban Diva Store, Otto&Floyd, Ramos Design, ADIMU, Indyra Original, SOREAL, Shakture, Purple Rose Jewelry, CCDesignz, FreeSoul Design... Our very generous sponsors are offering over 25,000L$ of gifts to the finalists of Miss SL Ebony 2008.

* OFFICIAL WEBSITE : Miss and Misters SL Ebony 2008
* Websites officially related to the event : Ebony Style (find more links on the official websites)

* SL Groups officially related to the event : Miss SL Ebony 2008, Mister SL Ebony 2008, The Ebony Limited Beauty Pageants, Ebony City, Ebony Style Magazine, Ebony Elite Modeling Agency


*SL Groups :
Thank you for the support of the SL groups such as Little Africa (Tura Sirbu), Second Life Africa (Alanagh Recreant), Club Insatiable (Keely Lawson and Nikra Perse), Black Business Owner of SecondLife (Diamond Meness), Africa Unite (Okoba Barbosa) and of course a big thank you to BMW - Black Men and Women of SL (Vixen Fairplay). All these groups have been there since the very beginning for the promotion of the event.
* Special thank you to Rubina Stanwell who started the official blog of Ebony Style Magazine, a very helpful and network diva.
* Miss SL Ebony 2008 sponsors
* Ebony City shoppers and citizens
* Miss SL Ebony 2008 judges
* People who support this event and make of this project a concrete action.

(*) Miss and Mister SL Ebony 2008 is presented by Ebony Limited, a company dedicated to the promotion of black culture and to showcase ebony beauty throughout positive actions and events in the metaverse.

Public Relation : Patty Cortes
Contact : pattycortesinvestments@hotmail.com

Photo Credits:Naturelle Santos, model, Pictures by Cicciuzzo Gausman, design by Loglady Loon

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Customer Appreciation Day

hey, i have to thank everyone for dropping by Behold the other day. it was even nicer to see some of you support the small cadre of designers we have ensconced within our little piece of heaven. i would have liked to have chatted with all of you that came by but since that's relatively impossible since i have to curl up into the bat cave every now and then perhaps i could give you all a guided tour of the highlights here on this channel of communication.

it's really a narrow strip of land only 31 meters wide. the landing point is on the first 512 parcel i ever got. way back when it went for 9000L for a 512 square. those were heady days. this was back in the day when free accounts and the world press started knocking us all down. ah, nostalgia. of course, since then i've expanded my little hole in the ground north and south so that it encompasses a contiguous 4096 square meters. i've got another few parcels i use as sandboxes so my primmage tops at 1992. as it is right now, i have a few (okay a lot) of unfinished projects for the space but there seems to be plenty of ideas that well up. mustn't remain fixed to any particular vision for more than a nanosecond.

from the landing point, depending on just which direction you fall in from out of the sky, the first saleable piece i have out for viewing is a jewelry set (necklace and earrings) directly East. this is one of the few sets that i have out in all its glorious prim splendour. it's only 5 prims for the necklace and 3 for each of the earrings. i like the opposite rotations for the two pendants (one inside the other). kinda reminds me of the spinning whirling universe. the earrings have two reducing spirals, the larger diameters connected in the center encircling a representation of some ancient monetary unit of exchange.

i'm going to be putting an astrological necklace out next. same principles as this one cept the outermost sphere will have a celestial texture on it. yeah, star stuff baby.

it has a nice little case (click the lid to open and close it). if you wouldn't mind, could you keep it open for those who might not be so inclined to click and explore all manner of interesting finds of the universe within the Behold land? you are a darling.

anywho, i'll have more stuffs to bring to your attention laterz. i'm thinking of just how i might give you all a gift for coming. of course, i don't want you to come, grab, and never come again so i'll put my thinking hat on so you'll just have to come often and stay long. maybe a treasure hunt. i'll let you know what i come up with.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Copyright Theft Solved

a lovely young lady wandered through my Behold space today. she had on the loveliest of hair. almost as though she had just come out of the shower, fluffed it up a bit under the blower with her hands, still all tangly, but sufficiently dry to take on the day with the little rug monsters. dreamily she walked about the place, taking in Lilyana Dryke's sexy and colourful new spring fashions, Myllie Writer's classic young stylings. she even had some time to dream of someday owning an EnCore Mayne original framed art piece. of course, there were chores to do, the sitter had to be paid, the van wasn't going to be fixed till Tuesday, etcetera, etcetera. but man did she look good walking that sexy walk round my place.

it's not every day i get to communicate with all my patrons. today, seeing that my camera snapping script needed attending, the only other hint of her essence was her beautifully tossled hair. when my work was done i visited the shop she had purchased it from. on further inspection i noted an unusual manner the designer had chosen to protect their gifts from mean and nefarious types.

if you've ever had to mod a hair, skirt, shoe, or any other attachment for that matter, these designs are modifiable. in permitting that function, these designs are ripe for a scripted "replication". copying scripts (not intrinsically evil, as some might suggest) can circumvent a designer's original intention and produce a full permission linked piece identical to the owner's purchased set. these copying scripts aid the building community and their use is prevalent and of great benefit. of course, some people have abused these scripts to recreate objects for resale.

to allow us consumers to mod designs to suit our shape the design community has released their designs with mod permissions. because of the concerns over an increasing number of quick fix artists reselling duplicated designs there has to be a response from the designers. one way is for a designer to produce no mod designs. doing this will impact the consumer. but, as you'll see, there's quite a clever means that handles the designer and consumer's needs all in one.

so, if we aren't able to mod our prims, how are we going to be able to fit them to our shapes? we have to be able to stretch, size, and move all the various elements. least, if yer like me, you have to pull, poke, and twist your designs ad infinitum till yer happy with them. tell me how we do that if we have to live with NO MOD prims?

as you'll see if you open up the top photo into a detailed view the hair i'm demoing is too small for my head (or my head is too big for the hair, take your pick). usually i'd just edit, stretch, and position the hair. but this hair is no mod. well, as the handy dandy script instructions reveal, just click on the hair and follow the embedded script's menu choices.

et, voila. this scripted change was the "Scale 10%" button (there are increments up and down of 1%). no more scalp showing. my lovely locks are all perfectly and proportionately positioned (well, i had to move the full prims a bit, there's still the ability to position with the arrows in edit). but, essentially, anything you want to do with the hair that you used to do manually is all scripted through an easy to understand and use menu. what could be simpler?

if you want to edit down to the individual prim (some hairs have hundreds of prims) you can do that too. just choose in the main menu, after selecting the strand you want to edit, and only that piece will fall under the spell of the magical scripter's hand. simple point and click. if you go the wrong way or the piece won't conform to your vision, there is a Revert button that can bring you back to your last edit or the store's original sizing. pretty nifty huh? can you see the future?

i'm not sure how many other people have begun marketing this scripted system but if you need one it seems the peeps at DragonFly Designs have you in mind. just give them a ding and begin to incorporate these scripts into all of your designs. the added work might be a chore, but in the end, we'll all rest easy knowing we have the technology for peace of mind against copyright infringment.

go see their demos at DamselFly Hair Salon

the hair i described on my visitor is Dakota and here's its exact location. the photo here is Hibiscus, and yes it's flexi. sultry, sexy, and sassy do any better? roar!

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