Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sin Skin's Skin Sale

Sin Skin's just put all their skins on sale for 199L$! if you couldn't get in past the landing point before, try now, Launa Fauna cleared the banlines. oh, did i mention? ALL SKINS 199???!!! i'm wearing the Sol Skin (silver, smoke, mature) which is only one of the four skins in this pack.

i've not worn Sin Skins before so i don't know if they all include eyebrows, lashes, and tintable pubic hair like the one i'm wearing, but if they do, i think i've found a new home.

Landmark Here

Friday, March 28, 2008

Analog Dog Sale

just got a notice from Queue Marlowe in her Analog Dog Hair group about her selling two of her older styles (Ana & Claire) for 1L$. this weekend only. knowing what lags can do to the best of us, i've given you the location (south wall top tier) so you can swoop in and grab em.

i wanted to shoot some shots of them on me but static images just can't do justice to the feel and dynamics built into these works of art. you really have to wear them and move about in them to get a sense of their dramatic effects. which, of course, Queue is all about. oh no, not in a bad way. now, who would turn your mind to negativity in a world with people like Queue Marlowe in it? don't give them another thought. have fun. show your enjoyment with Queue's hair. she's such a doll. love her, love the art, love the game. play on.

Sea Mark

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lilyana Dryke's Sweat Shops

Lilyana Dryke's label eLDee is beginning to be run like some giant corporate machine. unfeeling, uncaring, and motivated only by avarice. her appointed management team is pushing out Lilyana's designs like it's nobody's business. all the floor workers her firm has indentured to produce her increasingly prolific output are going crazy nuts trying to keep up with the volume. and ya think anyone gets paid? ha.

the contracted migrant workers, housed as they are in some foreign sim far away from any domestic laws preventing the deplorable conditions they are forced to endure, are working their fingers to the bones. sometimes these mal-nourished impoverished workers drop from exhaustion. the supervisors wheel them out into the street, tipping them into the rain soaked gutter where they are washed away never to be heard from again.

remaining within the cold hard concrete walls of her design house's many warehouses dotting the map are children with no home, no family, no hope. of course, they know very little about eLDee's corporate plans. the house, readying to reveal Lilyana's new Spring line at two runway shows is far from their ability to comprehend. merely to not be whipped for any mistakes is all the motivation they desire for their puny lives in the grand scheme of sl fashion.

gorgeous and glamourous models are secretly escorted to the harshly lit and dour surroundings that these peons of sl fashion work in to craft Lilyana's newest creations. fitting the hand woven intricately patterned fabric upon their curvacious amazonian frames is fraught with worry. a pin prick has cost many a waif her life. they may be skilled, gained over many sleepless nights toiling away under the dim lights, but they're expendable. the voluptuous models, each with their own team of security enforcers, are harsh mistresses. once they have given up their shape to the pattern makers, they are whisked away into the darkness of the night from whence they came.

if any of the migrant labourers were able to leave their sewing stations, perhaps collude and congregate amongst themselves, it could ruin the secrecy necessary to protect eLDee's position in the grand scheme of the sl fashion pyramid. Lilyana's crack team of corporate handlers have detailed plans scribed into their leather bound daytimers. the human cost to achieve their ends is a negotiable commodity. any backlash from survivors who manage to escape is easily managed. denial, deception, and distraction are the name of the game. anyone with the audacity to make waves is immediately dispatched into a hell of exceptional dimension. few ever come back.

finished designs made manifest from Ms Dryke's voluminous sketch pad are guarded zealously. the line must come out regardless of the human sacrifices. her newest weekly release, an herculean task considering the Spring line's priority, is a piece far exceeding anyone's singular ability. while there's no proof to date we feel she may have incorporated a number of new designers to work behind the grand facade known as eLDee. just how she is able to avoid any public outcry is a matter for further study. one to which this author is bound to continue with dogged pursuit of the truth.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The New Isle of Lesbos Mall

from Rusch Raymaker, IOL Publicist

THE NEW ISLE OF LESBOS MALL - "Every Woman's Desire"

The ISLE OF LESBOS (IOL), the premier destination for lesbian and bisexual women, has unveiled the newly refurbished ISLE OF LESBOS Mall to much bated anticipation. Both the isle and mall is owned and created by Janeforyou Barbara, the Empress of Lesbos, who is a well known and respected figure and a highly successful business woman in Second Life.

Reputed to be a haven for women where they can enjoy socialising, partying, and relaxing in a safe and comfortable environment, the ISLE OF LESBOS enjoys a daily traffic of up to 50,000 women. With a proffering of romantic spots and dance areas by luscious beaches amidst serene forests and rolling hills where you can enjoy a variety of activities such as hang gliding, horse riding, quiet walks, ..., it's no wonder the ISLE OF LESBOS remains one of the top favourite haunts for women.

To meet the desires of every woman's shopping needs, the new ISLE OF LESBOS Mall, built by Uccello Poultry (IOL Secretary) and Threshin Barrett (Co Manager of IOL), spreads over 90,000 sq m offering 240 different vendors for an exciting range of fashion wear, accessories, furnitures, building items, skins, shapes, hair, sex items, art, textures, and gadgets. Watch out for freebies and gifts around the mall during the opening for the first month.

One of the new fashion lines to watch out for is W.I.T.C.H. (which stands for Woman In Total Control of Herself). it's a line that is exclusive to the ISLE OF LESBOS Mall. W.I.T.C.H features an exciting intricate line of sexy corsets that threads goth, warrior, and rock inspirations as well as fun fashionable tops. Original and custom designed by Hecate Cortes and co-owned by Janeforyou Barbara. Watch out for the premier of this line on the runway at the next fashion show at the ISLE OF LESBOS where free W.I.T.C.H. logo t-shirts will be given out.

ISLE OF LESBOS is also on the search for female models that will best embody the spirit of the Isle. Women of all diversities are welcome to join in this contest to be the pioneer group of IOL Models that will win a modeling contract, a free photo, gift certificates, and a video portfolio done by IOL Studio. The IOL Models will be modelling on the runway at the Isle for all the various fashion designers of the Mall as well as guest designers. Interested applicants should contact Itzi Bailey, IOL Models CEO.

The monthly fashion shows will be produced and choreographed by IOL Show Producer & Publicist, Rusch Raymaker, the Founder of AVENUE Models who brought to you the scintillating runway shows for Nuclear Boutique and Shakture Couture's Christmas Show.

Paving the way in making customised video productions for all who would like to make a special video dedication for that special someone or occasion, IOL Studio promises quality productions at affordable prices to capture those magic moments. What's special about these videos produced by IOL Studio is that besides song clips, both voice dedications and text can be added for a personal touch. IOL Studio offers the option of posting your video on youtube on request. This video service along with professional photography is brought to you by Janeforyou Barbara's partner in SL, Brooklyn Rickena also known as the Goddess of Lesbos, who manages and runs the studio with business partner and co-producer Hecate Cortes.

The Isle of Lesbos....meeting every woman's desire.

Isle of Lesbos Mall

Isle of Lesbos

For media enquiries, interviews, and tours please contact Rusch Raymaker.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black Tie Affair

from Kromus Korobase

Good Day ..... Good Morning .... Good Afternoon or Good Evening .....
What ever time it is for you now in the world. I hope it is treating you well.

Speaking of times and especially GOOOOOOOOOD ones .....
Costa Rica, Azu and Kromus (A & K) would love to personally invite you to the hottest party in Second Life that you have attended in a long time and will for a while.

We invite you to the newly built SIM, a Second Life Model of the CDP International Airport found in the beautiful beach sands, luscious priceless landscape, and breathtaking blue waters of Costa Rica for ........

~* The Black Tie Affair *~
A Four Hour ElectroHouse/Progressive House and Trance Party,
One Night Only @
the newly built Costa Rica Airport
the sexy sounds and vibes of
DJ Azu and DJ Kromus !!

Date: Saturday March 8th
Time: 4:00 pm SLT til 8pm (or later depending on the mood and motivation for an after party)
Attire: Sexy Formal Wear

There will be prizes given away and good tunes delivered by the capable hands of 2 of Second Life's HOTTEST DJ's.

CDP International Airport

Spring Time Sensuality

i just can't keep up with the fabulous Ms Dryke. as soon as she's released a hit you'd think she'd rest on her laurels. maybe spend her fortune in bubble baths, manicures, and spa massages. well, that just doesn't seem like the path to fame, fortune, and adulation she's blazing. how she combines the hard work and dedication with her natural facility for creative innovation is beyond me. she's a tour de force. her eye for bold flowery prints and impeccable taste in colour choices has sparked a lot of interest.

this hot little number called Fleur (shown above) is part of her new Spring line. it's been flying off the racks of her eLDee store front for a little less than a week now. of course you can also find it at my humble little Behold outlet too. it's already been blogged a couple of times. if i didn't have myself so spread out all over everywhere i might have been the first. i'm just glad that i have a chance to open the doors for her as she rides that long black limosine to her next interview, press release, or PR event.

if you haven't gotten Fleur yet (it comes in earth, berry, and ocean tones) i would suggest, even under the scrutiny of my critical eye, that it meets a standard of texturing excellence that our top designers would welcome. her application of subtle fabric fold and crease elements fall precisely as if she were pinching it between her fingers. the satin ribbons forming the way sexy neckline and under cup band contain a wealth of detail. what am i wearing? a piece of art? indeed!

the mini skirt is built up of layers of flexi prims with varying levels of opacity. the outer layers are semi sheer. all hand laid. no automated primskirt builder for Lilyana. the movement placed into the flexi prim features are gloriously soft and feminine. the crowning achievement of this design, both natural and outstanding (if that's at all possible) and Lilyana continues to amaze me with each design she releases, is the flouncy shoulder ruffles. they, like the skirt prims, are fully modifiable. i stretched mine out a touch from the original size. it's a feature that begs to be more prominent. they move deliciously with the smallest of swaying of your avi. enjoy the enchanting and gentle spring time breezes with Lilyana's Fleur.

Hair: Queue Marlowe (analog dog)
Skin: Tuli Asturias (tuli)
Jewelry: EmCee Widget (MC Designs)

Lilyana's Subscibe-O-Matic eLDee group

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Eye Contact

eye glasses are a much overlooked fashion accessory. i'm not talking fashion magazines or runway shows. i'm talking you and me, the ordinary people who don't compete in the brutal fashion industry marketplace. let the divas dig their eyes out with forks vying for your attention, it's all a lovely spectator sport anyway. the reality, for the large majority of us consumers, is that there are really new and innovative designs being created daily; and, Maris Kanto, a relatively unscathed new comer, has made some really remarkable glasses.

i'm sorry to say i've neglected this accessorizing opportunity myself. until Maris handed me a review pack, i'd toyed with some prescription glasses, some funky 60s shades, odds and sods. really nothing considered to be high fashion or of any mass appeal. well that all changed with these glasses. if you like what you see in the above photo that's only four of over thirty high fashion designer styles Maris has lovingly crafted.

now yer probably saying to yourself, they're a heavy prim count. nobody could make glasses so life like without going the multi prim route. oh no dear reader. these are simply the best texture wrapped prims i've ever seen. and, Maris didn't stop there. not only did he construct these high fashion lenses to suit the jet setting crowd, he's scripted them to encompass a wide array of features accessible from a drop down menu.

with a simple click anywhere on the glasses you can change:
- Lens Color
- See Through (Transparency)
- Reflection
- Head/Nose (Position)
- Bling
- Size
- Sight
- Autosmile
- Emotions

the last three elements are additional functions separate from the normal eyeglass type features. the Sight is an avi radar, Autosmile is an avi smile expression, and the Emotions is an ingenious senser that animates the appropriate facial expression on the avi from emoticons typed in the environment of the wearer. so, if you are peppering your chat with happy faces or lol's you'll be smiling; or, frowning when sad emotes are typed. it's all explained in the well written documentation notecard. it works as it's written.

of course, you can wear them without all the fancy stuff. some of us who have these separate devices in HUDs or attachments might be able to save some attachment points as they are incorporated into a single point for the glasses. Maris is prolific and a talented. i can't imagine what else he'll invent to add to the functionality of these already extremely aesthetic shades. he's easy to talk with and very professional in responding to his customer base. look up his group (Kalnins Optics) and get on board for new releases and updates. check out his store at Kalnins and scoop some up. all of his style's have demos.

i'm sure if you wear nothing else, and i mean nothing else, people will be zooming in on your glasses. go figure. you'll never leave home without them.

Photo Credits:
Top Left
Kalnins Finx
skin: Laura Leandros (Glitterati), tone4, day/matte
hair: Zyra Falcone (Panache), WhiteLies Faith Midnyte, coppertone red

Top Right
Kalnins Sixth Remake
skin: Laura Leandros (Glitterati), tone7, night/matte/liner
hair: Mallory Cowan (RaC), champagne -black

Bottom Left
Kalnins Rudens
skin: Laura Leandros (Glitterati), tone8, day/matte
Laydi Bailly (Hairapy), Couer -Deep Red

Bottom Right
Kalnins Crystal VIP Edition
skin: Eloh Eliot (another skin place), lust
hair: Sarabi Spatula (Wilted Rose) Anamaria auburn

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