Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Age Genius

you are transported to a wonderous place of splendid whimsy and creative mastery. the landing platform provides you an entrance to a magical and transformative experience the likes of which you have never seen before. suggestive of a nautical fantasy (ala Jules Vernes's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) you see before you a massive air ship (most probably capable of undersea voyage as well) filled with incredible spinning and whirring devices. i caution you here. an errant click to a seemingly benign and lifeless object may have significance outside of its normally assumed function. this is, in deed, a magical and mysterious place.

i clicked on the platform that i landed upon, and was transported to the platform below. the rusted riveted girders bely their industrial mooring strength. a sense of danger palpably rises. overhead spins the "power generator". you can easily stop the rotating rings encircling the elemental orb within, but not its internal motive forces. for that you would need harken the master himself, EmCee Widget.

clicking the wooden platform returns you to the higher docking level. trying to determine the origin of the particles that flit about you while you stand there transfixed with a sense of wonder mixed with caution is pointless. i do believe the maker wishes to prompt you towards the confines of his air ship. but what is this behind us? an escape from our adventure?

unfortunately, the mini zeppelin we find, while steam activated and fully capable of flight, needs to be purchased to elicit an escape. the compelling mother ship awaits.

should the wooden ramp and heavily cuprous laden windows (a relatively recent invention of the Victorian times depicted) be closed, it's a simple matter of clicking them to open them for your passage. the glass door has a menu driven button, if you can find it. is there safety inside? we shall see.

...to be continued.

Conservatory of the Aether can be purchased through OnRez.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Refined Elegance

Windsong (blackberry), Pearls (Caroline Apollo)

there's no dispute, Sherona DeGroot's gowns have class. they evoke an aura of elegance as soon as you try them on. forget all your worries, troubles and woes. slap on one of Sherona's gowns on ya bad self and you will surely have an air of refinement and taste. the theatre, the opera, the ball await your grand entrance. heads will turn, eyes will stare. hushed whispers reveal the assembly's admiration: "She's wearing Innovations couture." "It's a DeGroot original." "I must ask her to dance."

i've not been to Ms DeGroot's Innovations island store to give it a serious look since her and Fatal Raine put the finishing touches to it for their grand opening. of course i've been there a number of times to catch what's new. i just so happened to pop in today to catch Sherona's daily 1000L$ Gift Card giveaway. it's on till Sunday so hurry over and click the sign at the entrance to enter. there are going to be live models from Sophisticated Models showing off her newest gowns (7-9slt) too. that's the Windsong gown i have on for the top photo and below.

Sherona's European heritage comes out in full bloom with her gorgeously sculpted (can you say that about non sculpty prims?) hand held flower bouquet and crown. you can find it on the store's New board just to the left of the entrance. here's a landmark to the exact location if yer in a hurry, and who isn't these days.

the hair for all these shots is Sherona's too. i was quite pleased to see a complete section devoted to her hair dos with counters filled with Zarah Dawn's Adorned Fine Jewelry hair adornments. i can see the ladies of medieval courts swooning over these. i really like the knots and braiding of Sherona's hair. she's got some old world dos my school marm would delight in but some of her more contemporary styles like her Yasmine and Abbey are both sophisticated and casual (Abbey having loose strands falling to the shoulders from the bun). i'm wearing Stella in the top photo and Abbey with the flowers.

Dexter Bachman has some jewelry just outside of the hair section just outside Sherona's men's clothing department. she's got polo shirts and turtlenecks to business suits and tuxedos. all as lovingly crafted and textured as only Sherona herself could achieve. Altroth DeGroot, a long time friend of hers who has some furniture in the old Innovations location across the courtyard, supplies some prim accessories such as briefcases and shoes.

it's really hard to fault Innovations. Sherona has outfits for all occasions. i really like her Professional Wear dresses in her casual/professional section. Isabella Maginot compliments the department with some goth and lolita looks. oh did i forget to mention Sherona does the most gorgeous wedding gowns you are ever likely to encounter? not to worry, Lyssa Sapeur has everything covered with her maternity wear.

if you can't find something you like at Innovations you are dead. oh, and she's got that covered too. something for everyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

EmCee Widget

check this out!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Glamour Photography

our world is populated with beautiful women. and, it may appear from the accompanying photoshoot with Lilyana Dryke (renowned the world over for her eLDee clothing line), that i am one of them. no really, don't get turned off, it's not me talking (okay, a smidgeon). the truth of the matter is that i really can be made beautiful. and so can you. see how You come into the picture? i'm gonna get all sophisticated here and assume you knew my submission had you in mind all along.

i don't think there's any higher human endeavour than to be beautiful. sure, there's global warming, wars, famine, and the like; blah, blah, blah. but, people, it's your essense we're talking about here. each and every one of you. that inner you, the core of your self. express it through the medium of Second Life.

now we're not going to dress that inner girl in rags. turn away from the hate, jealousy, and pain others would have you Believe you are. represent that bright shining beam of lovelight you Know you are.


okay, take me for example. i'm no different from the majority of women in here. sure, i have this really unhealthy attraction to my sensuality. i delight in its expression and long for its pleasureful intercourse. now don't get me wrong. your misunderstanding of your self has long been bombarded with all manner of beastly misdirected and misemotional concerns. our inner beauty's representation, our true nature, hell, i'm gonna step out on a limb here and say our spiritual being, is being plotted against.

your sexuality, your sensuous desires, your inner most heartfelt dreamlike being can find a home here in Second Life. i know, it reads like i'm selling you something. i suppose i am. just what that is i've yet to impart. whenever you feel the hook, let me know.

in the mean time, take a look at the photo up top. the shot's main focus should be the gigantic shoe (Onyx LeShelle's Slinky Stiletto) behind the twins. i got a pair the other day after an extremely funky session trying to create a sheer top with clean and crisp opaque seams. yeah, i'm gonna be a famous clothing designer one day, if my eyes will ever go back to normal.

anywho, the point of all this is that the model on the left has been lovingly massaged in the devil's workshop Photoshop while the one on the right remained essentially untouched. i have a love/hate relationship with Photoshop. i was able to subdue my frustrations since the greater work of composing was done by the expert pixel manipulations of Lilyana.

The Beautiful Lilyana Drykecollaborating on making the image as stunning as we could entailed the use of sharing humongously large files. anyone needing to do the same should try the Megaupload site. thanks to Shoshana Epsilon for pointing this site out. it has a free membership registration and allows upload, storage, and downloading of up to 500Mb file sizes. it has a handy feature that systemizes an email notice to the recipient once the upload's complete. there are plenty more features, take a look.

so, once i got Lilyana's bitmap, i did a bit of smudging, pulling and pushing flesh where it should and shouldn't be, resulting in this unreal and wholly sensuous form. yeah i know, the price of beauty. but why should i have to tweak the frame in post processing? can't we have a JIRA Movement begging, pleading (suggesting) our monstrous anomalies jutting out from our ankles be addressed? the elastic nature of these polys with a zero based foot result in these comical/horrific horse ankles. it's either fix it at the source or we all go blind Photoshopping. where do you stand?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

PhotoShop Heaven

i'm toying around with photoshop of late. seems some of these 100Mb files can be injurious to your hard drive if you apply too many filters. hell, rendering them has given me more time than i thought i had. here's my latest on Onyx LeShelle's new ChiChi pumps. i've not processed the shoes, they remain as bad as my 1.18.2 viewer and 9600 ATI card can paint. i don't mean the shoes are bad, they're really quite delicious. i mean the way my viewer renders them. the fact that they are sculpties makes it even more frustrating. i waited and waited for them to completely form. i was expecting to get the immaculately defined shoes Onyx put in her blog. alas. the world we live in is not actually like those images in the glossy magazines. who'd a figured that? don't know if my quad core nvidia would render them any better. we shall see. more more, always more!

if you want to play around with my attempt at a glitz and glamour shot go to my flickr site for a larger file. i shot this layout (uncropped) at 6000x4000. as it is here on blogger it's a 1086 x 1000 upload but it's a jpg compression, m'excuse. the flickr file's an uncompressed 1714 x 1808 .bmp and runs about 9Mb. if anyone can put a real water reflection in there, maybe smooth out the toes' definitions, i'll pay you real lindens. IM me inworld. i'll get the .psp files to you if you need em.

oh, btw, nice shoes, but on my viewer with my card, and my ankles; i'll pass. please, don't get the lynch mob out. i've blogged some of Onyx's boots before. i absolutely love her Bloom boots. as it is i'm still looking forward to more from her and will support her with my linden dollars. however i put her output to use is another matter. now there's two things i can look forward to never having. her talent in sculpting and her photoshop artistry. damn. where are all these graphic artists coming from?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fame and Fortune

well it looks like the rest of the world has caught up with Lilyana Dryke. the flood of popular attention seemed to have started with Ana Lutetia's review. then i see Bethany Heart wearing Lilyana's November baby doll on an episode about the Loft on SLCN's That's S'Life. guess Lilyana's vacation back home has done wonders to open up the heart and let all the love we have for her in. it's really uplifting to have so many find her abilities blooming.

of course, with the onslaught of mass appeal some management issues will arise. harumph, i've had to update my landmark for her store. same island (Sapphire), same mall she's just moved across the street into a larger location. she's got her newest releases there and a Subscribe-O-Matic to stay updated on news, updates, and sales.

some people didn't like the scripted Hmmm skirt. while you could simply turn off the script or delete it from the contents Lilyana's updated the packs with an unscripted skirt. as she indicates on her blog if you would like this version come by her store or IM her so she can send you one.

glad to have you back girl. don't forget all the little people when yer hob knobbing with the rich and famous.

Friday, February 1, 2008


as soon as i saw Wagner Au hype the new sculpted scripted boobs over on his website i thought they had to be the same boobs i saw on a patron at Neferia Abel's place a while back. you have to look at the photo with the text. gradually move your eyes back over here. yeah, good. let's continue.

i'd heard of this particular set of knockers over at the sluniverse forum. now i don't want you thinking that that's the only thing i'm picking up on. i'm sure they have other posts, just can't remember them all at the moment, this post is on boobies. i can focus.

as is my way, i chatted up the young dear. i managed to diplomatically ask if one could make them slightly smaller? she proceeded to show me that indeed they could be sized downwards. so much so that her normal system boobs showed through. she gave me a landmark but when i got there it was only a bdsm venue with no prim boobs to be seen. i did pick up a few master control cuffs but that's another story. nonetheless, that was quite some time ago and i never thought any more about them till Mr Wagner's post.

well it looks like Raven Ivanova's sculptie and scripted prim boobs don't start out so humongously grotesque as our "showgirl" above. of course, just for fun i ran my stretches out past my house's exterior walls just to see what the cat would do. please, if you find one flying over my property tell a linden, i don't want it back. fortunately (depending on your perspective) there were a sum total of 5 sets of boobs in Raven's 500L pack. plenty more to futz about with.

the menu, only operable on one set of the twins for some unknown reason, comes up on clicking your tits. being eager to try them out (the store was in a mature area. where better?) i immediately gawked at them piercing through my bra, shirt, and jacket layer clothing. the Big Bounce, Small Bounce, and Jiggle didn't seem to work. the Dance options did but the animations within the boobs function quite dramatically. standing still! so much so that without putting on the supplied nude shirt (which hides your system nipples) yer bouncing around like a bitch who's puppies have gone astray.

it's suggested in the instructions that you should downsize your own shape's breasts. size, buoyancy, and cleavage. i set mine all to 0, put on the nude shirt and went from wild (Dance1) to mild (Dance3). while the largest movements were still quite odd, they weren't overly comical whilst dancing. still, trying to get a click on my dancing avi to turn them off or switch to a milder form of movement seemed next to impossible. i did manage, but it was too late since i had spun my self around a number of times and the lighting contrasts of the prims against the supplied skin gave me quite a fright. she does provide a rather strong "chest light" but i wasn't happy lighting up the room that much.

now here's the kicker. i fiddled with downsizing the enormous starting size to ones more of my regular size. i pride myself in my detailed prim manipulations. these puppies i just could not adequately give enough time to wrastle them into place. just too many startling defects. so i gave up, yeah.

so i put my old shape back on and my breasts remain 0,0,0. hmmm. tried popping them out in appearance mode. nope. how bout an earlier shape? whoa. still triple 0. jesus, i'm gonna be stuck like this? and then i zoom out a bit and when i flip back and forth between these other shapes i see these huge ghosted boob prims shooting out of my chest as my avi switches shapes. whoa. take a look at the vid. no kidding, it's like catching a sasquatch on film. i'm all exited but scared too. i relog. same thing! my god, my god, what have i done? what have They done? think i'll give Raven an IM tomorrow.

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