Monday, January 21, 2008

The Universe Is Changing

i've not heard enough about Frolic Mills' Miss SL Universe pageant on the fashion blogs. seems everyone who is anyone in the fashion industry was there. i wasn't. draw your own conclusions. i've not heard any reports about it other than from Mui Mukerji (who was a contestant and won Miss Congeniality). i'm not sure if Frolic's a threat to the rest of the established world order or what. nonetheless, i was really impressed with Frolic's over the top build (Patch Thibaud's), his judges (dane zander, alliez mysterio, scope cleaver, callie cline, nyla cheeky, una ewing, and anita cassini), and last but the far greatest achievement i have yet to see in handling the impossibile lag at these events: a LIVE VIDEO FEED from SLCN.TV!

now i don't know what connections Frolic has. his parcel's on the official Galveston Texas Tourism & Marketing private sims (Galveston Island and Galveston Isle). these estates have garnered an American Business Award (the Stevie) in Multimedia Public Information category. seems Galveston.com & Company, the creators behind the Galveston website and inworld build, have their finger on the pulse of how Second Life can function when your sim integrates real and web based resources. i highly recommend checking them out, take in the Trolley ride (watch yer nose on their big red waypoints if yer walking, they're not phantom) and light a candle in the Sacred Heart Church for me. and please, no sitting on the bible.

i picked up the retail box for the SLCN.TV's viewers from the Miss SL Universe's tv viewing section underneath Patch's immaculate runway venue. the viewer's are crafted by Johnny Austin (Joysco Studio). inside the box are his wall mount and free standing viewers. they are both modifiable so you can size them to any size that fits your decor. i have one positioned in my retail space and will be building out an audience seating arrangement soon.

the console buttons at the bottom of the sets are channels offering live, music, shopping, sports, community, business, and lifestyle switches. this could keep the men happy while we're pulling and tugging at our clothes ladies. think about picking one up for your residence. stay away from contributing to the lag! watch your next event from the comfort of your home. if you can't leave your prims to a minimum (or off altogether) yer lagging the performers and contestants. let these beautiful women do their walk in conditions that show them at their best. the world deserves no less. share.

special thanks to Duckyfresh Watanabe and Carter Giacobini for their entertaining and stimulating commentary.

Willamina Fitzgerald (SL Universe 2008 Miss Brasil)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bax Coen: Destroyer of Suburbia

THE Bax Coen, premiere sexiest boot maker in the world, Queen of prim wrangling; has just bestowed upon me a Bax Boots' Vendor which she's gratiously placed within the confines of my humble shop Behold. full story. end of report. how much more do you want to know? to the Goddess i do sell. is it proper to prostrate oneself in these matters of convocation? or one knee? i feel so blessed. had i virtually knelt before her and received the touch of her sword upon my shoulders it would have been befitting of my awe. i'm not making this up. when you get your first BAX Boots, you'll know. trust me.

i still can't believe it. i keep staring at the picture of her leopard skinned texture. i mean, i got it seriously bad. or good, depending on your point of view. i did a fitting for my one and only the other day which took quite a while. she's on a laptop of all things. in the interminable time waiting for her to move the calf pieces outwards (full well written fitting instructions included) i imagined putting my hands firmly around one of her slim ankles, holding the lovely brushed suede fur in my hands. my face moving closer and closer till my lips touched the metal capped toe and my tongue, my tongue, i .... well, you get the picture. you'll see.

they are all prim design, even down to the flexi leather dangly straps drooping from her cinched round overtheknee flaps, colour changing metal logo emblem finishing the side. don't worry, the flaps are of a generous material wrapping your deliciously curvaceous knees revealing a rear gap which frames the sweet behind-the-knee "melt & be loved" erogenous zone. i can't stop. she's that good! i HAD to kiss them okay? yes i'm speed dialing for a dry cleaner as we speak. that lipstick's never gonna come out. i know i know. i don't care. the hem of your garments. we'll worry about all that After. my god. After! uncontrollable, untamed, wild! you will never take these boots off without many hours of therapy.

they are sold in three separately wearable designs (four if you count the delightuful purse). inside the trademark Bax box you receive from the vendor sale sits a wealth of joy. the foot form will fit under long pant legs, the calf length boot has covered straps tied at the back with their dangling flexi bits flowing down the back. completing the package is the killer drop dead overtheknee trademark BAX Boot. WARNING: these luxuriously sensual boots, ooozing with gloriously feminine sexuality, should only be used with extreme caution.

you will most assuredly be dragging home your prey with these boots ladies. it is from affirmed and first hand knowledge. if the pack isn't stacking up just the way you want, these boots will bring out the men from the boys. they could change your life. from plain ole suburban Jane the professional shopper to the glistening taut and sweaty muscled Jane of the jungle. these are not tamed kitties girls. these are wild jungle cats that will need a strong and confident woman to bring them to heel. use them wisely.

Dark Mocha
Red Cat
Purple Leo
Gold Brocade
Cherry Brocade
Black Suede
Sand Suede
Silver Brocade
Denim Charm
Chocolate Suede
Sugar Red Suede
Royal Blue Suede
Black Lizard
Pink Tiger

My prayers go out to you in your Hunt. God forgive them they know not what they do....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Modavia Supermodels 60s Celebration

you heard it here first. the beautiful models for Dea Mills' new fashion designer's directory (to be launched in March '08) are tagged with the name that truly suits them best. audacity? arrogance? egotism? i think clarity of vision is more likely the reasoning i would attribute for this bold and brash group tag Dea and partner HarMonica Aabye have given to their chosen few. after some intensive emotionally revealing grilling with Dea (no not all emotions are bad kids) i feel her kinship, honour, and integrity to develop her people into real supermodels is at the heart of her well balanced male/female team. these brilliant examples of grace, poise, and beauty will be showcasing Modavia's directory of designers wares in the near future. something we can all look forward to seeing.

i was fortunate to be invited to attend a celebration for the models, photos on my flickr site, at a party held at Stacey Foxley's Treasure Island club. the theme: the 60s. the time of love, peace, carnaby street, mary quant, the beatles, hippies, women's liberation, and; it gave us the first supermodel: twiggy.

we all gathered at Modavia Inc's office tower complex (top photo) where each of the models were shown their own suites. two towers of expansive glass etched with stunning photos of each of the incredible models from Modavia's book. i'm talking about the best almost-real-life glossy images here folks, they are that mind blowing. offering these flattering and generous incentives to the models is proof positive of the heart felt and energetic outpouring of love Dea has committed to her people. yeah, she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

as a return for the gift of being invited (and maybe an apology for all of my comments taken out of context as we rocked out to the 60's groove thang) i rail-roaded Poptart Lilliehook (the night's best outfit contest winner) to pose for me at my studio. Pop's done a few shows and each one, as you can imagine, takes an extraordinary talent for working with the varied personalities in the industry. if it's not the pressure of runway show lags not rezzing your attachments, it's the issues designers and managers bring to the fray. all elements within the environment which are fraught with edge teetering failures. calm under pressure? call ModaVia.

i know you'll appreciate the Modavia Supermodel's at the party choosing to give Poptart the award for the best 60's costume. she was my pick among all the other girls. if i had an alternative choice it would have been everyone who found those gorgeous hot pants in their inventory. it's not haute couture nor am i Dea Mills (it's her work on her etched glass towers) but i think my photos show some of the fun and exitement all the models feel in stepping into their new shoes for Dea and HarMonica. a great time was had by all. thanks everyone. much love. peace out.

click photo for full sized image

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