Thursday, November 13, 2008

[rQ] Hair to Die For

i don't think i can keep this designer a secret to the feed any longer. i've seen her hair cropping up in a few blogs with a frequency which, quite frankly, frightens me. i had thought it would be I, and I alone who would bring her name and vision to the world of SL fashion. we needn't mention Bellatrix Mai, who seems to have a special relationship with the artist-who-is-our-Queen. shouldn't MY vision of beauty be of primary importance to all of you? yes, yes, i am learning how to share.

what we have here, in this world of fantasy and beauty, with such graciously applied expertise in execution, is a graphic artistry which reaches towards a level of perfection that has no equal. Ruth Quan, as you may come to know her should you dare, is one such artist within our multi cultural world who plays the game the way we all should. more i can not say. suffice it to say you will need to immerse yourself in a "living story" of imagination and creativity which may be unknown and mysterious to a lack of grounding in anything but hypnotic shopping somnambulism.

of course, for the more timid of our kind you can merely purchase your hair at her publicly accessible parcel and be on your way. you don't have to talk with anyone, heaven forbid there might be any interaction along the way. we won't have any of that polite civility! imagine. humanity ... at a distance ... in a box ... controlled ... familiar ... SAFE. and yet, i digress from my purpose.

those choosing to forgo their social pleasures/pains for a moment will do wonders for their souls when they acquire ms Quan's creations. these pictures i've crafted here really don't do them justice. the vendors at the store, all done by Ruth, are, in them selves, works of art. slipping on her DEMOS will, if you have a heart at all, move you as deliciously as her hair is designed to do. she's got plenty of colours, both solids and tints. her vendor boards are easy peasy to choose from. and, if you have any custom colours you'd like, just IM her, she's really a darling to chat with.

of course, if Ruth was merely a fashion designer she'd not make my list for Pleasing Perfection. she's got silks and primmy gadgety things hanging around her shop too. i never got to inspect them since i was very much taken away by her hair. i'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to know she's designing and building an entire SIM at present so bear that in mind if you need any alterations. you'll be hearing more about her from me. if this brings her into the light of fashionista hellfire, i'm sure others will too. till then, enjoy her gifts.

oh, btw, the shots above are fed through my flickr account. the settings in my blogger don't allow for any photos uploaded through their system to be larger than 400 pixels wide. bringing them in from my flickr store seems to open up a whole new world of outlandish graphical wonder. lalalalalalala.


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