Tuesday, November 18, 2008

JB Gazov,s Pearlescent Puppies

it's been a while since JB Gazov and his newest sculpties have met with my criteria of perfection. he's had a few releases since my discovery of his real toe phenomenon way back in July. if you belong to his group, you would have received all his newest demos, as have i. unfortunately, i've not been happy with any of them up to now. i don't know, maybe i'm pouty he's not put me on his beta testing team. :-(

of course, personal policy being what it is, i won't critique anyone's product unless i'm in direct one to one communication with the artist. no, i don't have to sleep with them, although that will launch you to the top of the list. thank god there are so few male designers in women's fashion. i might never get out of the shower, yech....

since i don't have any type of relationship with JB, my professional perspective on his shoes has lead me to trying on the demos, zooming in, finding flaws unbecoming of his prior magnificence, and turning back to what i was doing, shaking my head. i know he needs me, we just don't talk anymore. has his fame prevented him from utilizing the platform for anything more than selling his wares to all the adoring masses we bloggers have brought to him? i'll leave a light on just in case.

as it is with the vagaries of the SL platform (stablility be damned - let's change everything in the background - see if they can keep up with us), i'm impressed Mr Gazov hasn't killed himself. his perseverence has lead finally to bringing us the joy of his newest open toed sandal. a comfortable platform, a most delicious pearlescent texture, and the cutest little flexi bow for the anklet straps. there are six colours (pearl gold, pearl white, pearl beige (illustrated), pearl silver, pearl pink, and wisteria). each for 380L$, or 1.45US$ at current exchange rates, 1400L$ for the fat pack. quite the discount should you go that route.

this time around, the straps have a sizing script (looks like Wietse Cassini's from Scripts-r-Us fame) for easy menu resizing. as with his other shoes, the toe colours, polish, and strap options (3 styles on these) are scripted too. since my new Doofus Mayo skin's a wee dark i had to bump my toe colours up from the default setting 11 times darker. in other words stab the menu's "Dark" button eleven times.

i thought, horrors of horrors that i'd not be able to match my skin tone but with a few ups on the blue (+3) of the RGB spectrum i nailed it. you'll have to fiddle around with yours to get them just right. they won't be as perfect as your skin textures, we're only changing the tint not the actual toe texture, but from what i see, and i zoom to a microscopic detail level, they're adequate for all viewing and photographic conditions. they are copiable so you can match them to any skins you have and save them away however you might organize yer inventory...if you do, hahahaha.


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