Saturday, November 1, 2008

*BEHOLD* Contest Winner -Roenik Newell

Picture taken at Serenite

Roenik captured the dark and sultry medieval atmosphere of Keith Extraordinaire's fantastical SIM with her photo submissions. she embedded two shots in her notecard, i added her closeup into the larger shot for the pic above. if you explore the mystery and magic of SL's fantasy realm, especially where Roenik took her shots, you just might find Robin Sojourner's animated Athame display.

thanks for all the participant entries. Roenik, enjoy your 1000L$, it's a pleasure acknowledging your art. i'll post the next *BEHOLD* Contest theme next week. happy Samhain everyone!

oh, btw, check out Roenik's flickr pages to see more of Roenik's inworld shots.

Hair: Nash (black) by Muism
Ears: Mystic Ear: Elfin/Drow by
Skin: [Fayray] Lf0 - Glitter Goth by Shani Fayray (Search on creator comes up empty)
Alady blue fantasy eyes
Eye Shine: True Eyes - Shine by
The Body Politik
Lashes: Flutter Lashes by
Lip Ring: ITF - single lip center by Lyric Meiji
Cloak: Highwayman's Cloak by
Coat/Pants: DE 1846 by
DE Designs
Sash: Leghang_feather (brown) by
Belt: Brown strung leather belt by
Shiny Things
Boots: Buckled ankle boots by
Shiny Things


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