Monday, October 13, 2008

Slim, Trim, & Full of Notions

that's Valery Benelli yer ogling at. isn't she lovely? i spied her right away wandering through *BEHOLD* while putting up some new fences (with glow!) out back. i really love working in 3D. it is so brain bogglingly incomprehensively obscenely difficult that i'm drawn to unwravel it all. building, scripting, posing, all facets of the creative means available. like a moth to a flame or a kitty to everything. i'm intoit.

so..., i've been getting behind on my reviewing. Julia Merosi, Ms Coen's accessorizer, sent me her latest finery. her continuous stretching of the design boundaries continues to fill the cup. from her belts, then bracelets, then necklaces (micro sculpties), now a remarkable and stunning scarf, hat, and gloves set. you just have to see the natural sparkling affect these embedded diamonds cause upon the eye! so chique!

on sale now for 490L$


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