Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Fashion Resource

looks like we have a new fashionista resource being brought to the world: not sure how long it's been up but there's a few members in their group (1312 at time of post) that might know more about it than i do. i'm always the last to know.

check out their website at: Fashion-R-Us Online. looks like they're providing opportunities for designers who won't or can't pay the FashCon dues. Honey Fairweather and Sasun Steinbeck should be commended for their service. their organization is an example of the best; rife with elements denoting real intelligent design. i don't use it but there are people who swear by it. wished they had a way of not piling up the constant posts while offline. maybe an extra button to Stop/Start notices at receipt point.

of course, FashCon's new scripted kiosk system costs 1000L$. i think Fashion-r-us is free or 200L$. it was a while since i went over to their site, you'll have to check her site for any details. the Fashion-R-Us people don't require the designer to use a kiosk. the public can join the Fashion-R-Us group for free. only hitch is they started out "open enrollment" but now it's through invite or recommendation. i'm assuming if you don't know anyone in the group just pick one from the group names and IM them for a recommendation. what and how many notices are sent a day/week is unknown. could lead to some new finds.

good luck to you Rosablanka Allen (founder of the service).


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